America, let’s take back our country!

America is fed up!!!

America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians!

(click above link to see video)

This video was forwarded to me this morning by David; and it is an open letter written to the Democratic Politicians.

There is also another encouraging movement that has gotten my attention, of late, which I believe is an absolute necessity if we ever are to take our country back. It’s called: “The Restore America Plan” (click link to see video).

It is a grassroots movement where all 50 states of the Union, have already reorganized as a Constitutional Republic, and are taking our country back to the original plan, as it was originally intended by our founding fathers, where once again the U.S. Constitution is the highest law of the land!

We have a very serious situation in our country, and it is because of this that everything is upside down.

No longer is our country operating as a Constitutional Republic; that was changed over 100 years ago, when the District of Columbia was established.

After the Civil War, our nation was bankrupt; and in order to avoid defaulting, these certain stipulations and requirements were put in place at the demand of the international bankers.

In 1913, after the Federal Reserve Act was passed, these stipulations where made permanent.

The result of all of this has caused our entire Banking system, our monetary policies, and our U.S Dollar, to all be under the control of private businessmen, 70% of whom are foreign nationals.

These private businessmen operate without oversight, and are accountable to no one, but to themselves.

Actually, they are the sole owners of the Federal Reserve itself, which is not at all Federal; but it is rather a privately held corporation!

If you’d like to know how it operates, here is a very good video for you to watch; that I think will answer most of your questions:

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

Today we are operating under something called the “United States Corporation;” and our so called representatives are serving, not as Public Servants; but rather they are officers of the Corporation.

That is why our politicians are no longer responding to the will of the people; and are instead implementing policies and are passing legislation which will only serve to further weaken our economy, as the laws of economics have not been repealed; and as much as they would like you to believe differently, contrary to what the current administration has been telling you, you still can’t get multiplication through division, as Obama continues to spreads the wealth around.

All of this will only serve to bankrupt our nation, and force us into a position where we can either submit to the demands of these very same International Bankers, and accept their currency and New World Order, or our money will be worthless!

We cannot just go back to putting another Republican Administration back in power either, let us not make that mistake again!

We need to get away from this idea that we can only have a Two-Party system; because both Democratic and Republican parties, when it comes to the Globalist agenda, patrician politics and differences aside, both parties are on the same page… and in fact are two sides of the same coin.

Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, it makes no difference, because on the subject of the establishment of a “New World Order” (click link to see video), they are ALL on the same page.

Not only that, but these same bankers today have not only corrupted our two-party political system; but they have also dominated and have controlled our News Media, and also our entertainment industry, as well, for years!

Speaking of the media, I had this article forwarded to me today, from a Canadian Newspaper, regarding the Obama’s eligibility issue, and I thought you might find it interesting:

Folks, please note that the Bible already has predicted these things would happen; and we are today seeing Bible prophecy unfold right before our eyes.

Where will the United States be in all of this, in this New World Order?

I think that depends on the Christians, and whether we implement 2 Chronicles 7:14 or not.

I don’t think it is written in stone that the United States has to be on the side of the Antichrist; and it is my hope and prayer that we wake up in time to take back our country!

Wake up America… and let every Christian be praying!


Skip Barland


This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

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