Jesus warned: “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!!!”

Can you believe anything he says?

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Below is my response to a forwarded message that I received today, from a friend and sister in the Lord, along with some very nice pictures of Barack Obama’s children.

I maintained that the reason why Bill Clinton was so dangerous, was because in the eyes of many Americans, they were so enthralled with his looks and his obvious charisma and charm, that they failed to note, or think important, the many flaws that are in his character; with the result that he was caught lying on national TV, under oath no less, and the American people still gave him a pass, for having sex with a White House intern, inside the Oval Office; and when he was caught in his lie, the comment was made by many Americans that “Character was not important.”

I have always said that it is pure insanity and very ignorant for anyone to judge another person over something as unimportant and inconsequential, which they have no control over, such as to the amount of pigmentation in a person’s skin; but certainly as Christians we are always to judge people by the color of their character… are we not? That’s why my Bible says… and also by their fruit!

It is very disturbing, to me, that so many in our country are saying otherwise; and to me, it is really a sad commentary on where the minds of so many Americans are today.

Well the same kind of thing that was going on with former President Bill Clinton is also going on today with Barack Obama, in my opinion, because as happened with Bill Clinton, people are so caught up with his looks, his personality, and his charisma, that they are forgetting his character, and the really dishonest and dangerous changes he is making to our country, and how he is unraveling and undermining our U.S. Constitution in the process.

Barack Obama, in my opinion, is very dangerous, and he is every bit as effective at lying as was Bill Clinton; with the added feature of having the additional pigmentation in his skin; though his bloodline and ethnicity have been proven not to be NOT Black at all, but he is of Arabic descent; as that was his father’s bloodline and nationality.

A white person, I don’t think, would ever get away with half the things this man is doing, and saying; but in the interest of not appearing as racists, and also wanting to celebrate the fact that he is the first so called “Black” President, but as I pointed out before that too is another lie, there are so many people who are reluctant to say anything negative about the man.

With all of that said, nevertheless, I am quite sure that he is doing an excellent job, at least in the minds of his handlers, who I maintain are the Globalist International Bankers.

I also maintain that all of these aforementioned qualities, his personality, his charisma, and his supposed ethnicity, even though it is a lie, nevertheless, these are the very reasons why he was chosen for this position… and he is very dangerous, because again in my opinion, Barack Obama is every bit a Trojan Horse, to our nation! And he is doing his job very well!

It seems to me that the Bible says that the Antichrist will also be charismatic, and well liked, and that will be his power to fool so many people!

All I can say is, Christians… do not be fooled!!!

Anyway, this is my soapbox and opinion for today; why don’t you read on and let me know what your views are?


Skip Barland

—-Forwarded Message—-

From: Skip Barland []
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 4:32 PM
To: Ruth
Subject: RE: Waiting for Daddy to come home

Hi Ruth,
Thank you for sharing these pictures with me. It is an important reminder, I think, for us to pray for the man; but also, I think it is also important that we shouldn’t be fooled by appearances.
I do realize that Obama has a beautiful family, and I too pray for his children; as I pray also for all our children.

I know you are originally from another country, and were not originally born and raised here in the states, and whereas I’m not sure how long you have lived here in American; I have to say this, that what this man is doing to this country is very harmful; in that he is undoing everything we fought two world worlds, and a cold war, with the former Soviet Union, to preserve, and that is our individual liberty and our freedom.

Socialism, or Communism (by whatever name you call it) is demonic, and the reason it is demonic is because it denies the individual his or her basic freedoms, among which is the freedom to worship God, as we choose; and instead it puts the state in the position of being all knowing, and omnipotent… and how dumb is that?

Have you ever read our U.S. Constitution? It is the highest law of our land, and the problem I have with this man, as I am having with most of our politicians today, is that they are no longer abiding by what it says.

That alone, according to our Constitution, disqualifies them from holding public office… as they swore they would uphold and defend our Constitution.

I pray for Obama, and I truly hope, for his children’s, and really for all of our children’s sake, that he gets saved; but I cannot ever support his policies, and nor do I agree with what he is doing to our country.

In fact, I’ll be honest with you, until he proves differently, and is willing to publishes his long form birth certificate, which has the name of the hospital he was born in, the doctor who delivered him, and the names of witnesses who were present at his birth… as I might add, I and every other citizen have had to show, on any number of occasion, then as far a I’m concerned, the man isn’t even a citizen, let along be natural born; and he is therefore not even qualified to be president.

Now I ask you, if this weren’t true, and if he were born here, why would he not want to show it? Why all the stonewalling and why all the legal battles? The answer to me is obvious… it’s because he doesn’t have a real birth certificate.

You can believe what you want, Ruth, and I respect your right to do so; but I would not be fooled by anything this man says. His whole political career has been one lie after another. Also, based on his words and actions (which I have sent you before) I don’t for a moment believe that he is a Christian, as he claims to be; but rather I believe he is Islamic, and is posing as a Christian, for obvious reasons.

Check these sites out, and you decide… are these the words of someone who is serving Jesus Christ?

  • Obama Suggests Jesus Christ Not the Only Way to Heaven
  • Listen to Obama as he mocks the Bible
    – clearly, from what he is saying in this video, he does not know the God of the Bible, and nor does he know or understand what the Bible truly teaches, on the subjects he is speaking about.

    Obama also says we are no longer a Christian nation, and though I’d hate to agree with him; but I’d have to say certainly a nation that has authorized the extermination of over 50 million unborn babies cannot be a Christian nation; but certainly that is both our heritage and our history, and it is my prayer that we can be a Christian nation again; but for that to happen we are going to have to see some radical changes in our country; changes that I don’t believe will happen without God’s intervention, and our having a Spiritual Awakening.

    I’d also have to say that to the extent Christians have abdicated their responsibility, and have allowed this secular humanistic mindset, as expressed through this man, and those like him, to take over the reins of power in our country, that truly Obama is a reflection of the mindset of the people who elected him to office; and this is a very serious and poor commentary on the a good many of our citizens, that they could not see through this man, and all of his lies.

    I would add also, as the Bible said would happen in the last days, that people would be very religious, but that they would show by their actions and their fruit, that their hearts are far from God, and that also they would deny the Power… in other words, having not established a relationship with God, for them, Obama says is the case, all roads lead to heaven, with or without Christ!
    I maintain you cannot be a Christian and believe, nor say these things!

  • Listen to Obama as he admits his Muslim heritage and faith
    – remember
    how he refused to celebrate our National Day of Prayer, last year, because he said he didn’t want to offend the Muslim community; and then later in the year he participates in the Muslim day of prayer, without hesitation… not concerned at all, I guess, that he in doing so is offending the Christian community.
  • In Obama’s own words, he admits that he is a Socialist

Jesus said clearly that we have to be very wise and discerning in the last days, as he said there would be many people who would come in His name, who would represent themselves as Christians, but are not; but rather they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. We have a lot of people, I think, who meet this description in politics, as well as in the church… and I maintain that Obama is one of them.

I think clearly, Obama is such a person, as even his followers have said as much, as it was heard over MSNBC, when Newsweek’s Evan Thomas announced over nationwide TV that Obama is like a god; and some of his followers have even called him the messiah.

What about teaching our children to sing praises to his name, as is happening in our schools; with them even using versus from old hymns to do so?

Listen to these young Black kids give their praises to Obama, and again I have to say there is no place for this nonsense in our public schools.

Stalin and Hitler did these same things, in their efforts to win the minds of the youth, in their time; and clearly Obama is today doing the same.

What Obama doesn’t know about Christianity is extraordinary, and when he says things like Jesus is not the only way; and that atheists and even Muslims, as long as they are good people, can get into heaven, there is just no way that a Christians would ever say these things!

I have to say also, that I was also fooled by former President Bush too, as I voted for him both times he ran for office.

He also claims to be a Christian and yet has expressed these same views, just as does Obama as: Listen to George W. Bush’s views about the Bible and faith in Christ.

All I can say is, may God help us, in this country, to wake up? I don’t know exactly where you are with this man, but I would urge caution. I have to say for my part, and respectfully so, as I don’t want to offend you, or anybody else, at least on this one point, I think we both are in agreement, that we both want to see the man saved; but beyond that, I also have to say, I want him out of the White House!

Bless you,

Skip Barland

—-Original Message—-

From: ruth
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 12:12 PM
Subject: FW: Fwd(2): FW: Waiting for Daddy to come home


Sweet pictures


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