Obama Reveals He May Be a One-Term President…

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Obama Reveals He May Be a One-Term President…

About the author: Jonathan Alter

Jonathan Alter is a senior editor at Newsweek, where, since 1991, he has written an acclaimed column on politics, history, media, and society at large. He is also an analyst and contributing correspondent for NBC News.

I have to say that after having listened to this interview, with the author of this book about Obama, I was convicted; and I believe I was convicted by my Lord.

As much as I absolutely despise what Barack Obama is doing to our country, God nevertheless has a different view of the man… as he also had with us, prior to our conversion… as we all, I am sure, can thank God that He did!!!

The truth is, Barack Hussein Obama is no worse a sinner than anyone else; and except for God’s grace and love, which he has bestowed upon each of us, who are His, and who have been born-again, then we all would be up the creek without a paddle today, and without hope.

I think we all would do well to remember, putting the man’s politics aside for a moment, that Barack Obama is no different from any other lost soul, in that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, until such time as he is open to learn and receive the Truth; and hopefully have an encounter with His Creator, and come to know His Savior.

Like so many people today, Barack Obama talks about Jesus, but from his actions and words it’s easy to see that he really doesn’t know him yet.

The thought occurs to me that perhaps this is because of the church he attended for all those years, with his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.

It is also very plain to see that this man also has some serious issues himself, and even as a pastor, he doesn’t know Jesus either… if we are to do as the Bibles says, and judge by his fruit, and by what he says.

There’s just too much hate and unforgiveness there.

Consider for a moment, Obama’s father was an avowed Muslin, and apparently also he was an alcoholic; his mother was an atheist; and if Jeremiah Wright was Barack Obama’s mentor, then is there any wonder why he is so confused?

Bottom-line, as was recently prophesied by Kim Clemente, regarding the possible salvation of Barack Obama, which we already know, from the Bible, that this is God’s will… that no man should perish; and even as we study our Bibles, we can see that this was also demonstrated for us, when the Apostle Paul tried to reach King Agrippa.

Acts 26:28-29

Then Agrippa said to Paul, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian.”
And Paul said, “I would to God that not only you, but also all who hear me today, might become both almost and altogether such as I am, except for these chains.”

Likewise, I am also reminded that we are first to be Ambassadors for Christ, and as such we all are here to represent God’s interest, and not our own!

Yes, we can expose the man’s politics and misrepresentations and lies, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, because as Christians we are here to represent TRUTH, and we are not at all here to assist the enemy in his agenda; but even with all that aside, as Jesus said to the woman who was caught in the act of adultery, in the face of her accusers He said: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Our mission, as laid out for us in the Bible, is first to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven, and to disciple all nations.

The Great Commission is that we are to reach as many people, as God will bring across our paths, with this message of salvation through the Cross of Calvary, and the propitious sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, without which no man can be saved!

Politics aside… as Christians, the biggest defeat we can give Satan, here, with respect to this man, Barack Obama, is to see him be born-again, and watch the same transformation take place in his life, that has also happened in each one of our lives.

As difficult, and maybe even as impossible, and unlikely as that may seem, that this would happen… aren’t we told in the Bible that our God is able to do far beyond anything we can image?

For as he is now, so once were we… and like him, we just didn’t know what we didn’t know, and fortunately, for us, we became teachable and began to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit… and our lives were changed!

Let us pray the same thing happens here, with Barack Obama.

On these issues of politics and the welfare of our country, and our efforts to restore our Constitutional Republic… that is one thing; and on these issues of truth and righteousness, I don’t think we can do no other, without compromising our faith, other than to continue to speak the truth and be a light in this dark world… and that I believe is as it should be!

But along with that, nevertheless, let us also realize that there are souls at stake here, and let us also remember that these men and women are not our enemies, but rather it is the one who is behind them who is our enemy… who is pulling their strings!

Not only that, but chances are, if it hadn’t been for our conversion, and God’s grace and love in our own lives,  many of us might be right there along side of them, along with most the rest of the world, doing the very same dumb things… and probably worst!

As far as these people are concerned, we need to remember that they are men and women that God loves, and that Jesus died for!

Think about this for a moment, whoever thought that King Nebuchadnezzar would be saved; or that the Pharaoh, who knew Joseph, would come and give homage and bow before God?

Folks, as I understand my Bible, as God’s covenant children, it is our assignment to be God’s hands and arms extended, in this world, that if at all possible, we are to reach out to these these people, just as Paul did with King Agrippa, and that includes Barack Obama!

We need to at least be praying for him, and also for his staff too; because from what I can see, and from what we can see happening in our country, they are all deceived and lost, as far as I can tell. So let us pray that they can see the Light; and that we can see our nation healed!

In the end, as it is with all men, the final decision is theirs; but we can possible help to tip the scales a bit, in God’s favor, if we would but pray for them.

This is just something for us all to think about.

I’m going to continue to hammer Obama on the issues; but I’m also going to be praying for him, and believing God for that miracle too, that he can become a part of God’s family, and be born-again as well!

How many of you will join me? Selah


Skip Barland

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Alter: Obama Reveals He May Be One-Term President

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 08:07 PM

By: Jim Meyers

President Obama has failed in one of the most important jobs a president faces: persuading the country to follow him, says Newsweek Senior Editor Jonathan Alter, author of a new book about Obama’s first year in office.

In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV, Alter also says Obama will move to the right if Democrats lose big in the midterm elections. Alter predicts he could face a primary challenge from both the left and the right in 2012, and suggests the possibility that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Biden could switch places in a second term – although Alter reveals that Obama feels he could be a one-term president.

Alter’s newly released book, “The Promise: President Obama, Year One,” has garnered major media attention for its riveting insider’s perspective on what happened during Obama’s first year.

Editor’s Note: Buy Jonathan Alter’s new book, Click Here Now.

Asked whether Obama has followed his campaign promise to govern in a bipartisan manner, Alter responds: “No, he hasn’t. That was something he just could not make good on in the presidency, that idea of being more bipartisan.

Story continues below.

(Click here and hear an interview with Jonathan Alter)

“He tried to put some Republicans in the Cabinet. He does have Bob Gates, who is a Republican and has been in Republican administrations, as his most influential member of the Cabinet, Secretary of Defense.

“But it is quite true that he has not governed in a bipartisan way, and I think there’s enough blame for this to go around.”

Alter discloses in his book that, “in the first week of his presidency, Obama went up to Capitol Hill and met with the Republican caucus on the House side — no Democrats — and he wanted their input on the stimulus.

“He had already agreed to more than $300 billion in tax cuts, but he wanted to see if he could get some agreement from the Republicans on spending increases. [House Minority Leader] John Boehner told all the Republicans before the meeting, none of us are voting for Obama’s stimulus plan,” Alter tells Newsmax.TV.

“So in a sense, Obama was extending his hand to at least try to be bipartisan, and it was just brushed away by the Republicans. It was in their political interest, as we are now finding out, not to cooperate.

“After that, I think a lot of Obama’s efforts at bipartisanship were kind of phony. He just wanted credit for looking bipartisan, and at that point pretty early in his presidency had given up on real bipartisanship.”

No president’s approval ratings have ever tumbled as quickly as Obama’s in such a short period of time, Alter acknowledges, but he refers to a new NBC News poll showing “that Obama’s personal favorable ratings are higher at this point in his term than either Reagan or Clinton.

“One thing that is clear, though, is that the public doesn’t really approve of his program. They kind of like him personally. They don’t like the direction right now that he’s taking the country.

“He has failed in his first year in one of the most important jobs that any president has, which is to persuade the country to follow him.”

Alter’s book, released this week, makes reference to Obama’s temper. He was asked whether the president has a short fuse.

“He does not lose his cool, but in some ways it’s scarier — kind of this icy stare,” Alter says.

“He gets very upset about leaks. Instead of talking about what he should be talking about that day, he’s obsessing on these leaks.”

Comparing Bill Clinton and Obama on their handling of the presidency, Alter notes that, on healthcare, Clinton failed to pass reform legislation while Obama succeeded, “immaterial of whether one feels it’s a stinking bill or something that’s good for the country.

“Just on the success or failure level, he’s achieved more than Clinton at this point. But it’s early yet. He has a hundred ways to fail. And Clinton had some real successes later on in his term.

“We’ll see what happens to Obama. He told me he could be a one-term president.”

After losing Congress in 1994, Clinton moved to the right and center and signed such legislation as welfare reform. Asked whether Obama might do the same if Democrats take a big hit in November, Alter responds: “I think he will. He’s a pragmatist. I don’t see him as a real ideologue. He’s an idealist in some ways, but he wants to do what works. He’s not really into tilting at windmills.”

Alter was also asked, if Obama’s approval numbers continue to erode, could he face a primary challenge from someone like Hillary Clinton or Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, who has said he is not seeking re-election this year.

“Hillary Clinton, I would say absolutely not,” Alter declares.

“There would have to be something that they were divided on that was much more profound on issue grounds.

“I think it would be more likely that she and [Joe] Biden would trade places — maybe she becomes vice president if Obama is re-elected, to tee her up for 2016.

“Could Evan Bayh or someone else decide to challenge Obama from the right? Absolutely. I don’t think it’s likely, but it’s actually possible. There’s a lot of history of that in American politics.

“And it’s even possible, if he moves right after the midterms, you could see a very liberal challenge to him from the left that would complicate his political existence.”

Could that challenge come from Howard Dean? Alter said: “I would not rule that out.”

Editor’s Note: Buy Jonathan Alter’s new book, Click Here Now.

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