Fasten your seatbelts… for there is a reckoning a coming!!!

What happened on 9/11 was just a shot across our bow, and we’ve already forgotten it.

There is another shaking and reckoning a coming…

not to destroy us, but to bring us to repentance!

This email (below) was forwarded to me today by a retired Marine Major.

There are also two YouTube segments that contain some pretty upsetting information about what is currently happening in the Gulf of Mexico, regarding the oil spill.

Once again, why isn’t this being reported over the major news networks?

What we don’t know, here in American, and what is not being reported, and told to us, is literally killing us… and it is killing our nation too!

What is happening here in our nation today, and in our government, is absolutely criminal, and there’s just no other way to describe it; but yet again, as I have said so many times before, what else did we (as Christians) expect would happen?

What is it that we expected would happen, once the Church had abdicated their position, those many years ago, as gatekeepers of our nation’s spiritual health and welfare; and we left that job to the ungodly, including both atheists and agnostics, who then took over our public education systems, across our nation, who took God our of our public schools, and taught our children to hate our country; and these same people today also make up the bulk of the leadership we find at all levels of our government.

Even nature hates a vacuum, and once we abdicated, Satan was right there to fill the void!

Well duhhh… what else did we think would happen?

It is any wonder that with many of these people, most of them anyway, who hold positions of power in Washington, that their first priority is their own personal greed and lust for more power and wealth?

Hey, most of us would be right there with them, if it weren’t for us having an encounter with the Living God, and our being born-again!

The Bible says clearly that it is the love of money that is the root of all evil; and Jesus also warned us that you cannot serve both God and Mammon (which is the name of a demon spirit, by the way); for He said you would cleave to one, and you will hate the other.

Folks, look around you… isn’t that exactly what’s going on?

As this person points out in her letter, it is the Believers in Jesus Christ, who are called the “haters of mankind,” and the reason we are called that is because we are trying to warn people about what is coming; and of their need to get right with God.

The same thing that happened with the Jews, and you can put this in the bank, that somewhere down the road the same thing will also happen to the Believers in Jesus Christ, and we will suffer the same fate as our brothers the Jews have for so long… and I am sure also that they will be right there beside us, in this coming persecution as well, as the world still hates them too.

Hey, but wasn’t all of this prophesied long ago, by our Lord, that it would be this way; and isn’t all of this a sure sign that we are living in the last days?

Isn’t it obvious that these are the last days, with the frequency of such diabolical evil, that’s not just in our government, but it can be seen all around the world, and in the earth in general, with all these earth shattering events that we see happening every day, all around us?

Isn’t this a sure sign that we are truly living in the Last Days… that time which Jesus called the “Time of Sorrows?”

I believe it is; but also I believe this too… we haven’t seen anything yet… because it’s just beginning!

One thing is for sure, whereas the church in the West is definitely in the minority, number wise, as it relates to the total Christian population around the world… with the bulk of our brothers and sisters today being in Communist China.

Nevertheless, with the numbers that would be added to those already huge numbers in China, from those other Third World countries around the world, we here in the West are definitely in the minority!

This is how far we have fallen, from where we once were, because it was mostly from the Western nations that the missionaries came, predominately from both Great Britain and the United States.

It was because of us that the Gospel message was sent to all those Third World countries; but the tables have so turned now, to where God has been sending back people from these places to be missionaries to us.

This message of a coming adjustment and correction from God is something that I am hearing today from many different places; and I also believe that it is very close at hand.

Now mind you, what is about to happen won’t be for our destruction, although their will unavoidably be great suffering and great loss of life, that will accompany these events; but nevertheless, it will be for our correction… to get our attention, and hopefully to cause many to repent, and return in faith to God.

These events that we are about to experience in the earth, and here in the United States, will also NOT be the Great Tribulation, that is also coming as well; but that will be the wrath of God being poured out upon the earth, and it is my considered opinion, along with most others, that Christians will no longer be here, when that happens.

With that said however, nevertheless, I believe what we are about to experience in the earth, and here in the United States in particular, that it will be the most severe this world has seen thus far; but nevertheless it will fall far short of the severity of those events we can read about in the Book of Revelation, that will happen during the Great Tribulations period… which will happen in that last half of that seven year period, that is predicted, which the Bible says will usurer in the return of our Lord to earth.

I believe that what is about to befall this earth will include all the things Jesus predicted would happen, but in much greater severity and intensity than we have seen thus far.

Jesus said there would be many wars and rumors of more wars, and for us not to be troubled when we see these things happen; for these things must first happen, before He returns to earth.

He also said that nation would rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and that there would be many famines, and pestilences (diseases), and many earthquakes in various places (and some unusual places); but that all of this is but the beginning of sorrows!

We are here folks, and I believe that we are about to experience some very severe shaking, in earthquakes and other natural disasters; but also I believe we will see something that will devastate our oceans, and maybe what we see happening in the gulf is the beginning of that, or maybe just a foreshadow of it; but also I believe we are going to experience an attack on our shores again, from an outside enemy.

Although 9/11 was an attack, most Americans, and also this current Administration have long since shoved that event behind them, and at least this current administration has a totally different agenda now, that together with their true Puppet Masters, of those who pull their strings, if they are allowed to succeed, it will lead us, along with the rest of the world into this “New World Order,” the same one that was once predicted (in 1991) by former President George H.W. Bush, were he said that it was inevitable, that this would happen.

One way or another, God is going to build His church, and it will not be a weak kneed church either; but a church that will be charging the gates of Hell, of Satan and all his demons… not cowering in fear, looking for a back door of escape.

We have a ways to go for that to happen here in the United States; although that is most definitely the state of the church in much of the rest of the world, in these Third World countries, where they have been persecuted for years… and they are light years ahead of us in both maturity and commitment.

Has anybody heard the term “Unequally Yoked?” Will that is exactly the case of the church today, under the thumb of this growing anti-God and anti-Christian establishment.

I believe the majority of our citizens are just uninformed, others are naive and are just buying what they are being told; but I think pretty much everybody is virtually unaware of the severity of what is transpiring here, and the wicked plans that these people have not only for us, but for the entire world.

The Bible talks about it all, however, and tells us the details.

Wake up America… that’s all I can say! Wake up and pray.


Skip Barland

From: Ed
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 10:19 AM
To: Skip Barland
Subject: FW: How outrageous!! I am speechless!!

—-Original Message—-

Dear Family and Friends,

Please take the time to read and watch Part 1 and Part 2.  This will tell you what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico.

This is so outrageous and the grieving of it makes me literally heart sick.  As I see this Administration and Congress sit back and allow or even orchestrated this utter mega disaster, and then sit back and do nothing except exacerbate it and make it a worse, as the oil and dispersant kills and destroys from the fish, and plants to man………I am speechless!

Surely our Lord is drawing this age to a close.  We see Him no longer intervening in the affairs of those who are destroying our nation and people and very life ecosystem of our country.  The pay day for all the wickedness that this nation has done, and which the people even multiply daily is beginning to happen.  As the New World Order dismantles our very world, it is time to realize that the only house that will stand through all this utter destruction roaring down on us like a freight train, is the house built of the Rock of Christ Jesus and His Salvation.

Time is so, so, so short.  Little do we realize the horrors that lay ahead of us in this world as the final plans have been laid for the New World Order’s Antichrist to arise to rule the world for the time set by God and set by Him alone according to the Word of God.

Soon countless billions will die quickly, and be swept into eternity with 99% totally unready to meet their Maker, and therefore will be condemned to a horrible hell of all eternity.  And our pulpits are totally silent concerning this.  As the darkness encloses us, it is life as usual in the churches, and not a word of warning issues from the mouth of the preachers.  They are as ignorant as the ones who sit in their pews!

And we are treated as ones who have no love if we dare to warn and warn the people of the truth.  If we give the truth to our family, friends, fellow Christians, and they react negatively to the Word we give, we are considered as unloving nuts.

So, most sit with their families, friends and co-workers totally silent not willing to take the persecution that is sure to follow when they give the Truth.  And in most Churches not even one forth of the whole Gospel is preached.

That is why the Christians sit in the pews dead, and unresponsive, going forth to live lives as the foolish virgins in the Bible.  And when the sound of the Trumpet comes, they will not even hear and will be left behind when the remnant are caught up to meet the Lord in the air…….and the few real Watchmen on the Wall are finally gone to never cry the hated warnings again to such ones who close their ears to the dire warnings.

If only the cold preachers and dead Christians could spend 60 seconds in the utter horrors of a literal hell, I wonder what their warnings would be when they came back?  What would they say then, and what Gospel would they preach?!

Your Watchman watching faithfully in the Spirit on the Wall and sounding the warnings loud and clear.



Below is some info on You Tube about the Gulf Disaster that you need to look at.

Part I :

Part II :


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