Learning to take risks…

Let us not be afraid to take risks…

especially when we are doing so for the Lord!

I really like this article (see below), because I think it is very true.

When I first read it, what came to mind were several different things, not the least of which is I see this pattern all throughout scripture; and I see it also in the people of today, that God uses.

I think they are ALL risk takers, people who aren’t afraid of living there life on the edge.

Look at King David, the man of which the Bible says he was a man after God’s heart; look at him, at even such a young age, how he wasn’t the least bit afraid of facing a vicious lion, or knurly bear. He risked his life and slayed both, all in order to protect his flock of sheep.

God was later able to use those qualities for His service.

I can think of a few people today, who are exactly that way.

If they were in the world they would be called adrenaline junkies; and are for the most part, all very capable and intelligent people, who are always pushing the envelope, no matter what they do. Don’t you know that is exactly what God is looking for.

2 Chronicles 16:9

9 For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him…”

These stories are found all throughout the Bible; starting with Father Abraham. His story starts when God is asking him to take a huge risk; when he asked him to leave the safety and comfort of his home and family; and take Sarah along with his household, and go to a land they knew not!

To make matters worse, God wouldn’t even give him a travel itinerary, but merely instructed him to keep walking, and that He would tell him when he got there!  How well would we have done under those circumstances, if God had given us that assignment?

As a general rule today, and this is very common in our times, where people won’t even leave a job, until they already can be assured and have a guarantee that something has already been lined up ahead of time… and we call that just having common sense… but God looks for more!

If God says to do so, then we can step out into a void, and know that He will be there ahead of us, to support us, and make a way, when in the natural it looks impossible!

Another thing that comes to mind is this word “Meek” which was the word that Jesus used in the Sermon on the Mound, when He said: Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth.” (Matt 5:5)

We are very mistaken if we think this word means milk toasty and weak; quite the contrary!

It is taken from a word, in Greek, which also mean to tame wild horses. In other words, it implies high spirited energy that is under control, and has been channeled and directed.

Such are these people… who are God’s risk takers!

The point is, we too can have that label, if we would but be willing to launch our faith out beyond the safe harbors of our life; out into the deeper waters of faith.

As created being, who are made in the image and likeness of God, certainly we have not been made for safe harbors; no more than a battle frigate is made to remain close to shore.

It looks impressive to see it there, sure, and we can all admire its construction and beauty; but that is certainly NOT why it was created… and neither were we. Selah


Skip Barland

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Taking Risks
June 1, 2010
By Danny Cheney

Are you willing to take risks for God?

Many people will take plenty of risks in their lives for seemingly unimportant reasons, but are afraid to do something big for God.

Why are we so afraid of doing something big?

Because if it doesn’t work, we feel like we fail big!

God, however, is looking for risk takers, people who are not afraid of failure.

A couple of years ago we had a Speed the Light fundraiser that was a big risk taker for us. Skydiving!

At 10,000 feet (nearly 2 miles) in the air, we were to jump out of a perfectly good airplane and parachute to the ground.

Just before the sky diving trip they made us all sign waivers that they were not responsible in the event of death.

In the video they showed us, it stated over and over that you could die from this.

What would make us go through with this adventure? It is exhilarating to

take a risk; and sure I was nervous, but this was for God. To raise money for His kingdom.

The moment came. The door of the plane opened. There was no turning back now. It was jump or jump.

Guess what I did? I JUMPED!

Free-falling at 120 mph for more than a minute was the most incredible experience of my life. I made it out alive. We landed safely, and I was ready to go again.

When you take risks for God, it might be scary, but it is the most exciting part of the Christian life.

Many Christians never discover the joy in risk taking; and they never go to the next level in their spiritual journey either, because they are always afraid of the unknown.

In obedience to God’s leading, Abraham went to a land he had never seen.

Noah built an ark on dry ground at God’s command, trusting God’s promise of a flood.

Moses went to deliver the Children of Israel even though he was a stuttering coward.

Each of these servants of God, and many others in Scripture, were willing to take a risk.

People might think you are nuts for doing something “crazy” for God, but obedience to God is vitally more important and immeasurably more rewarding.

Individual believers and even entire congregations can become spiritually stagnant when the safe and status quo are cherished realities.

We must break out of our comfort zones and do something “risky” for God.

“We’ve never done it that way before;” “we like it the way it is.” “I don’t think it will work;” or “we better not try.”

Do these excuses sound familiar?

We can stay the way we are. But if we do, we will never grow past where we are.

We will never go forward unless we are willing to take risks.

So let’s dare to be different and let’s dare to make a difference.

Danny and Sonya Cheney pastor Rogers First Assembly in Rogers, Ark.


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