Take a look at the new name they chose for the New World Trade Center…

Pictured above is ground zero, at the construction site of the World Trade Center… Remember how I’ve talked before about the handwriting on the wall… well now you can see it literally!

Now in the video below the media tells you what they want you to believe; but I think certainly Satan is showing us his hand:

I just got this from my friend Kelby.

How much more proof do you need folks? I mean, I think this is pretty obvious!

Based on history, and how Satan has moved in the past, in pre-Nazi Germany and other places, I believe the plan will be to overload the American people with so much stress and problems, until there is mass civil unrest, frustration, and panic… and I believe all of this is part of Satan’s strategy.

Mismanaged or not, if things go according to Satan’s plans, I believe we can expect this administration to take advantage of all the increasing public unrest, as people are being pressed in on all sides by the economy, inflation, lack of jobs, and now we have this oil spill crisis in the Gulf, and it looks like that one may be getting a lot worse, before it gets better; and I also believe we can expect there will be a few more, possibly even more serious problems yet to come, that we don’t know about.

What I think is going on, this administration, on orders from his handlers, is just waiting for the public unrest to escalate to the point of panic, and civil unrest, just so that they can declare Marshall Law, just as they did in pre-Nazi Germany, and then our government will strip us of the rest of our Constitutional rights.

All that will prevent this from happening, in my honest opinion, is for us, who are called by His name, to pray that God will hear from heaven, and heal our land; and for that to happen we will need a mighty move of God, and a Spiritual Awakening, and also a Revival to boot!

God please forgive us of our obtuse stupidity, and our having drifted far from your ways and your laws… and for our having served other gods.

Hear our prayers, O Lord, and heal our land. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Skip Barland

—-Forwarded Message—-

From: Ted
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2010 1:28 PM

Friends & Family,

As you may or may not know, I was in NY Sun – Wed this week on business; and, while I was there I took the opportunity to take another look at the clean up and reconstruction progress of Ground Zero, as I have done on numerous trips to NY over the past several years. Unfortunately, they have done a good job of preventing anyone from being able to see whats going on from a street level view (unlike my previous visits) and was unable to get a good look into the MASSIVE hole that was left after the destruction of the Twin Towers.

However, after exhausting myself walking around the entire Ground Zero construction site (in hopes to find at least a single point of view), I happened to notice this banner promoting what the City has named the “new” One World Trade Center, and is under construction now. As for those of us who read, have read, heard and know God’s Word—you’ll quickly realize the significance of the Revelation revealed in this picture. Prophecy of a one world government/system/currency is found in both the book of Daniel and Revelation.

So, in addition to this startling find, there was literally THOUSANDS of people walking hurriedly in all directions in front the banners location, making the possibility of capturing this photograph without at least a dozen or more people in it, nearly impossible. So, for me to have captured a clear photo, with only two people in it (one of which was an Orthodox Jew with his back to this Revelation), would be considered impossible without making the crowds of people stop and wait while I took the picture. And, I can assure you, it would have taken a police force to accomplish that, as there is/was no less then a couple thousand people walking a warp speed in either direction at this time of day.

Anyhow, I feel privileged to have witnessed this and thought I should share.

Just more proof that God’s word is alive and true!

Best Regards,


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