Learning about the Matrix of Life… and joining in on the Great Adventure!!!

that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved!

(John 3:16)

Why me Lord?

Because God loves you…

Listen to this testimony of someone I think you will recognize. If you have yet to commit your life to Christ, it’s my prayer that this would be your experience as well:

Do you all remember the movie The Matrix (click link to hear); and how the world that they lived in was not at all what it appeared to be?

Well there is more truth than fiction to that supposition than most realize; and that is true in both the natural realm and also the spiritual.

Even science today will tell you that what you think is solid and physical matter, in reality there is more air and space than there is mass; and that is true in everything you see all around you.

Not only that, but as you go to the most powerful telescopes that we have, and you look out into space; you seen nothing but order and beauty that is just beyond description; and if you go to the most powerful microscope and look inward at the world of molecules and atoms you will find more of the same, only more so, and in spades!

Now the Bible has something to say along these lines as well, and basically it says the same thing, in that it is the unseen world of the Spiritual that is more real than the physical one that we live in, and can see, feel and touch.

In fact the Spiritual world is where the physical world came from… in that all of those little molecules and atoms, electons, neutrons, and protons, and even smaller particles that all are the building blocks of our physical world, they ALL came into existence at the sound of God’s spoken voice!

In fact God is Himself a Spirit, and as Jesus said if you want to commune with Him, you can ONLY do so in Spirit and in Truth!

Understand this, that it is the spiritual world that gave existence to the physical one, and not the other way around; and so if you want to be REAL, then you have to first look to the spirit world, from whence we ALL have come from… and one day we ALL will return!

There are many Christians, who have a form of belief in these things, in a religious sense; but who nevertheless don’t truly grasp the spiritual reality that exists, and only live in the natural and physical dimension.

Sure they have a belief in God, but as the Bible said would be the case in the Last Days, they deny the POWER, and that speaks of the Spiritual… and more specifically they deny the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit; and believe that such things are not for today.

Not only that, but they don’t believe in the Devil either, even though the Bible teaches about him.

These Christians should know better because not only did our Lord teach and speak about Him, there are many other places in the Bible where numerous references are made to his existence; but for whatever reason many Christians do not take any of that seriously.

Such as it is, that is just exactly as the enemy, who is Satan, wants it to be; because those who are of that mindset and opinion are but putty in his hands, and are ripe for deception.

But that being what it is, typically he won’t bother with you as long as you are not a threat to his agenda, and are minding your own business.

In fact if you are proactive in supporting his causes and his agendas, he may even elevate you and prosper you, for a time that is; but that won’t last.

He’ll play along with you just as long as you are being useful to his cause; but make no mistake he is not called the “Father of liars” for nothing… and unless you wake up to that reality before your days on earth are over, you will be in for a very rude surprise!

There are still others, and many Christians also who fall into this camp as well, who although they believe in Satan’s existence; they have nevertheless minimize his influence and have relegated him to some little imp that runs around in a long cape and tights.

Someone once said that life is not a bowl of cherries, and boy is that an understatement!

Certainly life is not a game, and I believe that most people will testify to that fact, owed to all the hassles they are having to contend with, especially in these days and times. And just so you don’t miss my point and think I’m offering you a way out to an easy life, well I’m not!

In fact, let’s get that straight right now, because if you thought your life was hard before you committed your life to Christ, was born-again, and joined God’s team, and God’s family, then let me tell you right now… that you haven’t seen nor experienced anything yet!

Once you become a part of God’s Team, believe me, all hell will be unleashed on you to try and discourage you, and get you to quit; but God will use these hassles, these trials and tribulations to strengthen you and make you strong; to train you and make you fit for His service.

Christianity is not for weaklings, and certainly it is not of the variety you will find practiced in most churches today, with all the religious stuff you will find there.

If you want to know what it truly means to be a follower of Christ, and join the Greatest Adventure of a life time, then you have to turn to your Bible to find out… not to man, nor to man’s denominations, or religion!

Christianity is about denying yourself, meaning your will, your wants, and your ambitious desires, however good and noble you may think they are; and it means laying down your life completely, in order that you may follow Christ!

How do you do that? Again you have to go to the Operations Manual (the Bible) and find out.

I can tell you this, it is much too important a matter to leave to happenstance, and trust what some church denomination or others have told you. God has left us a road map and instructions on how to find our way; but if you don’t read the Manual, how will you know?

After all, this is your life, and you and no one else is responsible for it… and God will hold each of us accountable for how we lived our life, while in this world, and what we did with this matter regarding His Son!

This is not a game folks, and it won’t be easy; but I’m talking to people who want to have their lives challenged to the max; and be tested in every way imaginable; who are willing to cast the total of their life and all their circumstances on the promises of God’s word, and stand there in faith!

This is a life where you are always being tested, trained and condition, for the work God has predestined for your life; it’s a life that is all about endless study and mediation in the Manual (the Bible); and our learning how to listen to, and obey the Holy Spirit.

This is NOT a religion either… as religion is for weaklings… but rather this is about life, as it was meant to be lived!

Are you interested, do you want more information, then check it out for yourself, and come on board.

As an introduction, here is a website that may be helpful (http://needhim.org/); beyond that you are going to have to start reading your Bible every day; and find yourself a Bible believing church that’s filled with crazy people like me, who love the Lord and are all about doing His business in this earth, which is about winning souls for Christ; and also you need to find a place who believes totally in the operation and manifestations of the Spirit, in all signs, wonders, and miracles, just as you read happened in the Bible.

God has NOT changed, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!!!

So come along and join the adventure… won’t you?


Skip Barland


This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

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