And any President, Senator, Congressman, or Judge who aren’t going to go along with the program had better start packing now; and don’t let the door hit you in the butt!!!

We the people of these United States, from all fifty states of the union, have just about had it with you people; and all of you potentate dictator wannabes in DC had better start packing your bags now!!!

This is still America, and though many of you bums, who have forgotten that fact, and have also failed to honor your oath of office to preserve, defend and protect our U.S Constitution, because obviously you have demonstrated by your actions that you have no honor, we are putting ALL of you on notice now that your days are numbered… and if I have my way, my vote will be to have all of you brought up on charges for treason, in that you have betrayed our country; you have betrayed our constitution, and you have also betrayed what we stand for as a nation, not to mention all the lives that were sacrificed to defend our Liberty!

I’m here to tell you that these good people who have died in defense of our liberty, and are defending it today, it is not so that the likes of you can trample our flag and betray our country!

As a Christian I have prayed for you, and I have prayed that you would do the right thing.

I also have prayed for God to either change your little pea picking hearts; or that He remove you from office… and it looks to me like the latter is what is about to happen!

So be it… and it can’t happen too soon, for my taste!

I guess that about says it… and if you ask me sometime, I’ll tell you how I really feel. 🙂

May God bless America, the land that I love…


Skip Barland


This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

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