In Luke 10:18 did Jesus reveal the name of the Antichrist? You decide…

Satan is banished from Heaven!

Jesus said to them:

I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven!

(Luke 10:18)

Aren’t these truly interesting times to be living in? Challenging as they are… they are still nevertheless very interesting!

I dare say that the Old Testament Saints would have given anything to be where we are today, to be living in these times that will see our Lord return to earth!

I want to thank Laurel for passing this video on to me. I’ve used it before, but I think it is well worth our viewing it again.

The Bible truly is an amazing book; as there are many secrets which God has hidden within its pages… for us to find.

Question: Could this be one of those secrets… and did Jesus truly revealing to us in Luke 10:18, as the above video would suggest, just who the Antichrist is, and what his name is?

I have often said that if Obama were not the Antichrist, then certainly as I understand how the Scriptures speak of him and describes him as a very charismatic and popular figure, who would woo many over by his personality and popularity alone, and then later by signs and wonders in the supernatural, that he is able to perform. Certainly based on the first description alone, this man Barack Hussein Obama qualifies.

Though he speaks of himself as being a Christian, his actions and words show us differently.

Case in point, as any Sunday school student knows, as this is Christianity 101, and known by ALL of us who are born-again Christians… Jesus Christ is the ONLY way and ONLY door into heaven; and yet Barack Obama and also former President George W. Bush are both on record as saying that Jesus is NOT the only way; but that all roads lead to heaven!

Folks that is Pantheism, it is not Christianity!

So I certainly would say that based on the charisma and popularity description alone, Obama already fulfills that part of the description; and as such at the very least, as I have said before, if he is not the Antichrist, then he is most certainly a prelude to him.

Is he really the one… I don’t know! But I certainly have my eye on him; and I think it is not by accident that the above verse of Scripture, as we read what it says in the original tongues, says what it does.

What am I saying?

I’m saying this… be wise as serpents… and don’t be deceived; because as we know from what Jesus has already said, much of the world in the last days will be deceived; and even Christians will be fooled, when the Antichrist appears.

Regardless let us remember whether this is true or not, regarding Obama, and also with regard to former President Bush… they are both only men; and as such, they are not our enemy.

We also need to remember this, that except for the grace of God, and the influence of the Bible in our own lives, we would be just as wrong and just as decieved… and also just as lost!

As for what we should be doing for both Obama and also former President Bush… just pray for them!

Pray for God’s mercy and grace to be upon our entire country, and on us all.

Pray that we as a nation would humble ourselves and repent; and that Christians would fall to their knees all across our land, and that we would turn from our wicked ways, and that we would seek after God’s face, and pray for God to heal our land and put our country back on the right path! Selah


Skip Barland


This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

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