Here’s an awesome testimony of God’s healing power today…

Listen as Rolland Baker shares his testimony about how he was healed!

Rolland and Heidi Baker Iris Ministries
Pemba, Mozambique 21 June 2009

I am surrounded by the rolling green hills of western Germany. Rich groves of shade trees line the winding country lane on which I am taking my daily prayer walk. The day is beautiful, filled with blue sky and brilliant clouds. Cows graze lazily behind fences. An occasional farm tractor rumbles by. Hay is stacked high in the fields. Rabbits scurry under bushes. Grass is growing tall along the path, and I brush it aside as I walk. I’m a mile outside the little village where I am staying, enjoying my private time with Jesus…

Through the love and power of God I am coming back to the world of missionary ministry, in answer to the prayers of many. I am writing this to thank all of you who love me and have been praying for me with all your hearts. I am excited to tell you that you have not poured yourselves out in vain! I have been in a battle that has lasted almost two years. In July of 2007 I experienced a nervous breakdown that resulted in a lot of mental and emotional stress. Doctors prescribed medications that only partially helped and had negative side effects. I had a nervous tension that was oppressive and extremely unpleasant. As time went on my memory slipped more and more until I had signs of serious dementia.

Heidi was patient and loving, promising to take care of me, but was extremely concerned and beginning to prepare for the worst. I had a choice between giving in to despair, or inheriting God’s promises through faith and patience. There is only up and down, and I chose up. You my friends did not give up on me, but prayers began to rise up to heaven all over the world on my behalf. I was invited here in Germany a little over a month ago by a beautiful couple we have known for years, Wayne and Irene Negrini. They heard about my condition, and were determined to help me through their long experience with medical and natural remedies.

They run a red-hot, fervent Christian ministry called “Community without Walls” in English. They have loved on me and extended themselves to me financially and time-wise in an amazingly unique way. They also run a small hotel, restaurant and “Wellness Center” with saunas, a weight room, massage rooms, alkali scrub tables, all in a beautifully, meticulously built center — mostly the result of voluntary labor. And so I accepted their invitation and have been staying with them in their guest house. I have gotten a tremendous amount of treatment — they’ve spared nothing to get my body and me healthy again.

This has involved a sophisticated series of injections designed to build up depleted organs, like the adrenal glands (mine were down and out). Then I’ve had a lot of IV infusions designed to do many things, clean out brain capillaries, wake up my nervous system that gives me sleep and rest, give massive doses of needed vitamins and other things my body was very low on. And then I also got medications of all kinds for various purposes, restoring needed chemicals in the body and brain. It has been an all-out effort on the part of my hosts to do everything possible for me.

Doctors donated their time. Materials such as IV needles, bandages, misc. things, were donated. Nurses spent hours with me for free. All this past month Wayne and Irene and the staff here have also been praying for me, counseling me and interceding for me intensely. And I’ve been receiving email from so many of you, telling me of your heart and your prayers for me. The bottom line is that now I am thinking clearly and normally, which is huge. I do not have dementia. The road has been long and difficult, but I am greatly blessed and encouraged.

Thank you for not giving up on me, and for persevering with me through everything. I cannot thank you enough! I have a ways to go to settle my nervous condition down, but I am confident in the Lord of victory. Bless you for continuing to pray! My expenses here have still been considerable, so I want to thank from my heart those of you who are contributing to the mercy fund that was opened on my behalf. The beauty of the body of Christ is great, and I am blessed and moved by you and your sensitivity. Jesus knows what I need, and how to deliver it.

The ministry in Mozambique continues to thrive and grow. The presence of God is strong. Visiting teams are going out to the villages, seeing the blind and deaf healed. Our mission school is in session, and students are in training for a life of mission ministry. The children in our care are worshiping Jesus and praying their hearts out for people and the needs of our work. Churches are being added to our Iris family all the time. Our staff is busy, full of good works and the love of God. We are expanding in many other countries as well. All this requires a large financial budget, and again we owe you a huge debt of love for supporting us so faithfully, even in a depressed economy.

You are making possible our life work, and your continued sensitivity is a sign and a wonder to us. Bless you for fleshing out your spiritual life with concrete financial support. Thank you, thank you! Jesus knows what we need, and you are listening. That’s my news. I look forward to writing you again soon with more encouraging reports on all that Jesus is doing in our lives, and especially in my own life and body. May Jesus be with you in return in every way. May faith and patience be yours in abundance! Your replies to this newsletter at will reach me, or you can write me directly at


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6 thoughts on “Here’s an awesome testimony of God’s healing power today…”

  1. PTL… It never ceases to amaze me when I hear testimonies like this! It is an encouragement to us ALL to believe God for our own miracles; and for God to make a way in each of our lives, where there seems to be no way and all seems lost.

    God never fails; and as Jesus said, “All things are possible, if ONLY we can believe!”

  2. My wife’s grandmother is battling with dimentia. The Nurse Practioner has just informed us that she needs hospice. How do we learn about the treatment that led to your healing?

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