The Dark Night of the Soul… a time common to ALL Christians!

The Dark Night of the Soul…

a common place for all Christians in these days!

Below is something I think will bless you

This is the history behind the Devotional Classic,

Two Listeners:

The Story of the book – A. J. Russell

Here’s the story behind the book:

This devotional classic is the result of two anonymous authors, two ladies, who experienced and lived through the German Blitzkrieg, aerial bombing runs over England during World War II.

As the story goes it all started after one of the “Listeners” was first exposed to a copy of A.J. Russell’s book, For Sinners Only.

She was so impressed with it that she wrote down more than 100 names of people to whom she wanted to send it, and later went on to record the following:

“A few months later I read it again. It was then that there came a persistent desire to try to see whether I could get guidance such as A.J. Russell reported, through sharing a quiet time with the friend with whom I was then living.

She was a deeply spiritual woman with unwavering faith in the goodness of God and a devout believer in prayer…. We sat down, pencils and paper in hand and waited…. My results were entirely negative…. But with my friend a very wonderful thing happened. From the first, beautiful messages were given to her by our Lord Himself, and every day from then these messages have never failed us.”

This story of how the Two Listeners devotional classic was written I think is important because that same God in equally available to speak to each of us in our problems too, that is if we know how to listen.

Today’s message (below) I think certainly goes along with the times in which we are living in today!

I think for a lot of people today, they do feel as though they have been through a fiery furnace, and are being tested… and folks, from what the Bible says is going to happen in the last day, we can expect that things will get a lot worse!

Jesus called these times that we are in “The Time of Sorrows,” and that is exactly as it is; but from God’s perspective this is not at all about defeat and depression, rather this is a time which God has intended for the church to experience its greatest hour.

These trials and tribulation which are common to all mankind are allowed by God to train and to prepare His Children to fight spiritual battles; to teach us to live by faith in God’s Word; and to acquaint us with the strategies and battle plans of our enemy, who is the Devil.

And as I read the end of the Book… we win! Selah


Skip Barland

From: Two Listeners
Sent: Saturday, June 26, 2010 2:31 AM
Subject: GE – June 26 – Life’s Furnace

God At Eventide

Life’s Furnace

Life has its furnace for My children, into which they are plunged for the molding.

At their request I watch and watch until I can see them reflect My Glory. Then comes the further shaping into My Likeness. But the metal from which that Likeness is fashioned must be indeed pure.

So often My children are impatient for the molding, never thinking that the refining must come first.

To do My work there must be much refining.

blessings to you and yours this day and always …

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