THIS IS GOOD NEWS… U.S. grants asylum to born-again ‘Son of Hamas’

Mosab Hassan Yousef (center) waits to go into his deportation hearing with former Israeli security-service agent Gonen Ben-Itzhak, (center left), at the immigration detention center in San Diego on Wednesday. Mr. Yousef won a ruling in his favor. (Associated Press)

The Following URGENT PRAYER ALERT came through earlier today:

Urgent Alert: Deportation Hearing Happening Now for Mosab Yousef—Who Left Hamas and became a Christian and Sought Asylum in the US

Aimee Herd (June 30, 2010)

Deportation to Palestine is a death sentence for this young Christian man, who was a valuable advocate for Israel.

BCN wanted to alert our readers of this hearing, happening now in California. Mosab Yousef, who wrote the book Son of Hamas, is trying not to be sent back to the Palestinians where his life would be in grave danger.

After leaving Hamas when he became a Christian Believer, he spent time helping Israel fight against the terrorist organization his own father co-founded. Now, the current administration in Washington sees Yousef as a “threat” and is acting to deport him; that hearing going on today.

As you read the information from Mosab’s website below, please be praying for God’s favor and protection on this very brave individual who is a defender of the faith, and a defender of Israel.

From Mosab Yousef’s website:

Mosab lives in San Diego, California and is seeking asylum in the United States. He is a Palestinian man who was an agent for Israel’s Mossad for about seven years, after spending ten years in an Israeli prison. Mosab’s father is a co-founder of Hamas in Palestine, which is designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano believes Mosab Yousef is a national security threat, and wants to send him back to Palestine. According to Yousef, writing on his publisher’s blog, he is now Homeland Security File# A 088 271 051. He is scheduled to appear before Immigration Judge Rico J. Bartolomei at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Court in San Diego today, June 30th, 2010.

Time is of the essence if we want to make a difference for Mosab.

Mosab met a tourist in Israel, was given a Bible, studied both the Bible and the Koran side-by-side, and eventually became a Christian. He is the author of the book Son of Hamas, and is often known as “Son of Hamas.”
Yousef has been out of the service of Israel’s intelligence agency, Shin Bet, also known as Israel Security Agency (ISA), for about four years. His Shin Bet “handler” vouches for the work he did to protect Israel.

According to “The Handler,” known as “Captain Loai” and “G:”

For almost seven years, the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef – one of the founders of Hamas and one of the Islamist organization’s leaders in the West Bank—supplied G. with accurate information on developments involving the top brass of Hamas, plans for suicide-bomber attacks and the whereabouts of wanted individuals. Together, G. and Yousef prevented dozens of terrorist attacks and thwarted plans to assassinate leading Israeli figures, such as President Shimon Peres and Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

Yousef’s code name in Israeli Intelligence was The Green Prince. When he arrived in America, he went to Homeland Security, identified himself and asked for political asylum. Over a period of months, Mosab documented his story with Homeland Security. The result is the deportation hearing on June 30, 2010.

Source: Mosab Yousef’s website

According to AP reports, an immigration judge today ruled that Mr. Yousef is eligible for asylum if he passes a routine background check. Though the government attorney Kerri Calcador gave no explanation for the government’s change of heart, I believe it was in answer to everyone’s prayers!

Brian P. Hale, a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said, “During a hearing this morning, DHS attorneys recommended to the court that Mr. Yousef be granted the requested relief.”

Mr. Yousef is tied to Hamas through his relationship with his father, Sheik Hassan Yousef, one of the founders of the organization. The elder Yousef is now in an Israeli prison and has denounced his son for his conversion to Christianity and his admission that he spied for Israel’s domestic intelligence service, the Shin Bet.

Round one is over, and let’s pray that this decision stands, and that there are no further problems.

Thank God… so far so good!

Let’s just keep praying for this brother, not only for his citizenship; but also for his safety.


Skip Barland

From: WorldNetDaily []
Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 3:28 PM
To: Skip Barland
Subject: U.S. grants asylum to born-again ‘Son of Hamas’

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

U.S. grants asylum to born-again ‘Son of Hamas’
Homeland Security wanted to deport ex-Muslim who spied for Israel

By Art Moore

An immigration judge in San Diego ruled today the son of a Hamas founder who converted to Christianity and spied for Israel will be granted political asylum after the Department of Homeland Security dropped its objections.

As WND reported, Mosab Hassan Yousef had been denied his February 2009 request for asylum because the DHS interpreted his work as a counterterror agent with Israel’s Shin Bet security agency as engagement in terrorist activity, making him a threat to U.S. security.

Judge Rico Bartolomei ruled Yousef will be granted political asylum Aug. 26 after he is fingerprinted and passes a routine background check. Yousef says he wants to become a U.S. citizen.

From the world of radical Islam to the world of the radically transformed. Order your copy of “Son of Hamas” from the WND Superstore now!

Yousef told WND and other reporters in a conference call after the hearing that he was surprised when DHS lawyers informed the judge there were “developments” in the case and they were removing their objections to his application for asylum.

“I think the judge was surprised, and everybody there was surprised,” Yousef said.

The government lawyers, however, offered no explanation for their change of mind. But Yousef acknowledged the support of members of Congress, the Israeli Knesset, Christian and Jewish groups, and individuals who contacted DHS officials on his behalf.

Yousef, who publicized the deportation threat in a blog post last month, said the U.S. government’s belief he posed a security threat as a terrorist was based on a complete misinterpretation of passages of his best-selling book, “Son of Hamas”.

He told reporters today’s decision, for him, was “a small but very important step in a long journey.”

“The biggest victory will be when we start to see the new generation of the Middle East changing,” he said. “When we start to see our world a safer place. When we’ll be able to change the ideology that supports fanatics, fundamentalists and terrorists.”

Earlier this week, nearly two dozen Congress members appealed to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in a letter, arguing Yousef would be in “grave danger” if he were sent back to the Middle East.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey wrote in a letter released by Yousef’s attorney that deporting Yousef would deter others from serving as spies.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that such an action would set us back years in the war on terrorism,” Woolsey wrote. “Mosab’s deportation would be such an inhumane act it would constitute a blight on American history.”

As WND reported, Yousef worked alongside his father, Sheik Hassan Yousef, in the West Bank city of al-Ghaniya near Ramallah while secretly embracing Christian faith and serving with Shin Bet. Yousef was recruited by the agency in 1996 at the age of 18 while at an Israeli detention facility.

Since publicly declaring his faith in August 2008, he has been condemned by an al-Qaida-affiliated group and disowned by his family.

Yousef has explained his job as a Shin Bet agent required him to pose as a terrorist and participate in “terrorist meetings” with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, his father and other Hamas leaders.

“I passed on to the Shin Bet all the information I gathered during those meetings and saved the lives of many people – including many Americans,” he explained in his May blog post.

Yousef said at the time that the FBI told Homeland Security he was not a threat and advised the agency to drop the case.

“But Homeland Security shut its eyes and stopped up its ears and told the FBI, ‘You have nothing to do with this. It is our job,'” Yousef said.

The agency’s performance, he asserted in his Internet posting last month, “should worry the American people.”

“If Homeland Security cannot understand a simple story like mine, how can they be trusted with bigger issues?” he asked. “They seem to know only how to blindly follow rules and procedures. But to work intelligence, you have to be very creative. You have to accept exceptions. You need to be able to think beyond facts and circumstances.”

Today, Yousef said in a statement that his “faith in America is restored.”

“I am very grateful to the Department of Homeland Security for carefully reviewing my case and choosing to withdraw it’s opposition to granting me asylum,” he said.

Asked by a reporter whether the upcoming Independence Day holiday will be significant for him now that he has a pathway to citizenship, Yousef replied, “I became American when I started to fight for liberty and freedom.

“At that moment, I shared the common ground that gathers every free man and woman in this country,” he said. “I celebrated always the Fourth of July. I think independence is a great thing, but what I think is greater is the liberty that is in the heart of every individual in this country. I think this is a great country; it’s a great nation, and I will be proud to be called American.”

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