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Meet Gerard Le Feuvre

The man and his music

From Haven Today: Gerard Le Feuvre

Gerard Le Feuvre was born to become a Lord, as his father before him had been on the Channel Island of Jersey. As one of the privileged few, he had no desire to know his heavenly Father until one day, walking in a forest in Finland, he heard a voice speak to him and say, “Come to me.”

Without a doubt he knew . . . it was Jesus.

Already a world-class cellist, Gerard Le Feuvre found that his music had suddenly changed. Instead of technical brilliance, his music now moved listeners to tears . . . and he only had one explanation – now he was playing for his Lord, THE Lord of Lords. Soon after, he founded The Kings Chamber Orchestra in London which today plays for the glory of God.

Listen to the Haven Today Program, an interview with Gerard and more of his music:


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