Listen to an interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Obama, that aired on Israeli National TV…

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love her!!!”

(Psalm 122:6)

Now that Prime Minister Netanyahu has returned to Israel after meeting with President Obama, hope has been renewed for better relations between the two old allies.

President Obama has appeared across Israel on a major TV interview in an effort to reassure Israeli citizens. But the fact remains: major tension still exists over the issue of settlements in Israel and what the response should be to the threat of Iran completing their nuclear weapons program. ~ Dr. Michael Evans (Your Ambassador to Jerusalem)

The above interview between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Obama was aired today (on Friday) over Israel’s television, on Channel 2.

I truly feel that our nation is in serious trouble today, and that we as a nation are treading on very thin ice for a lot of different reasons; and I also feel (as I’ve said many times before) that we are also at a very definite crossroads too, as a nation; and that what we do now, and decisions that we make as a nation, will determine whether or not we shall even exists as a free nation in the future.

As a case in point, we have a man who now sits in the White House, who himself has failed to even produce or show evidence that he is in fact a U.S. Citizen; and the more we go down this road, with all the stonewalling by this man and his administration on this issue, those allegations appear to be true.

He also claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and says he is a Christian; however from all the evidence and the fruit that we can observe from his life and by what he says, the evidence would certainly indicate otherwise. And as if that were not bad enough, he has also been recorded as saying he is of the Muslim faith… but truly he cannot be both a Muslim and a Christian, and that’s for sure!

In fact from all of his rhetoric and posturing, the evidence would certainly seem to indicate that truly he in fact a Muslim; and has only cloaked himself as a Christian for political expediency. Obviously, he never would have been elected to office otherwise, if he were an admitted Muslim.

He also claims to be a friend of Israel; and yet he has verbally and politically sided with Israel’s enemies; and is even today exerting pressure on Israel, as have also the last several administrations before him (in both Republican and Democrat alike), going all the way back to the Ronald Reagan Administration, trying to pressure Israel to give away more land for peace… and this goes against a direct warning and commandment from God (in Joel 3:2) for nations not to do this, lest they be Judged by God.

Not only that, but we are also living in a time when our nation is fighting for its very life and survival; and is experiencing the worse financial recession and crisis since the Great Depression.

And in spite of that, we have an administration in Washington DC today that is going against our U.S. Constitution, and is implementing both policies and laws, many of which by the way were first signed into law through Executive Orders by Former President Bush, that are in direct conflict with our U.S. Constitution; and therefore they are illegal… and yet nobody, including our U.S. Supreme Court is saying anything or doing anything to stop it!

It certainly appears on the surface anyway that our nation has all but lost its moral compass, and is on its way down, headed towards our own demise, as a Republic anyway.

This also once happen before as well to a once great empire, called the Roman Empire; and their downfall, as it would appear ours will be also if we don’t change directions and repent, was more attributed to their own internal immorality, as a people; and the internal greed and corruption of its politicians. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

Is history repeating itself here in America? Well that is the 64 thousand dollar question… isn’t it? I can only say that it certainly appears that way!

All I can say is, we need to pray folks, and we need to both “watch and pray;” and by that I means we can’t afford to be so naïve and blasé about what’s going on in our country and in the politics of our country.

Folks, if we are going to change, and see our nation turn back to God, it will only be the Believers in our country, the Christians (according to what the Bible says in 2 Chronicles 7:14), who have access to God through prayer, who are the ones to effect such a change; and to that end Christians have to be more proactive at all levels… including politics!

Our problem today is that our government is only an extension and reflection of the people who elected them, and so my concern is that the majority of our citizens today are also without a moral compass; and are ignorant of what is going on.

A lot of that I think it is because of the fact that our media is lying to us; and is purposefully supporting a whole different agenda, as is this current administration; and most of the general public are fast asleep, and are none the wiser… and we just can’t afford this folks!

We have to do better than this, if we are to survive, and reestablish our Constitutional Republic, and preserve our Liberty; because not only are we repeating history, if we don’t change our ways; but to add insult to injury, we are actually making the very same mistakes as did another nation in recent history, in that we are experiencing the same problems and are making the exact same mistakes as did the people in pre-Nazi Germany, in the 30’s, that gave way to the Nazis and to Hitler!

The handwriting is on the wall folks, and the question is, does anyone else notice… and does anyone care?

On that note, I will just end with this admonition, let us all continue to pray for a major Spiritual Awakening and Revival in our land, because seriously without our having that intervention from God, we are NOT going to make it!!!


Skip Barland


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