God’s Prophetic Word for America today…

For the Lord says, sound the Shofar and warn my people!!!

Go, set a watchman, Let him declare what he sees!” (Isa 21:6)

For surely the Lord GOD does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.
(Amos 3:7)

Below is an Interview with Kim Clement, who in 1996 predicted the attack of 9/11; and again he gave a prophecy on Katrina, 5 weeks before it happened:

Listen again to another modern day prophet as he shares what God has shown him about America’s future:

Hank Kunneman is a proven Prophet, click here to hear what God is telling him about America’s future.

There is ALWAYS hope, and God’s promise always is that when the enemy comes in as a flood, that the Lord will raise up a standard against him; and that move will ALWAYS be a supernatural move of the Holy Spirit. Expect it America, for this is our only hope as a nation!

Below Chuck Pierce shares what God has shown him lately what is to happen, regarding the Gulf Region, and the ongoing crisis there.

As much as I hate what I see happening to our nation, and the malaise and blindness that seems to be so pronounced among our citizens, and the absolute corruption and debauchery of our politicians, we must nevertheless remember that ultimately God is in control, but it is for us, who are His covenant children in the earth, to believe, and have faith; and to pray and intercede for our nation.

God has his way of reaching into places no one else can go, and He has His ways of changing the hearts of men; or hardening them, as we can see in Scripture.

The message for today is that we here in America are at a crossroads; and that also applies for Obama.

Pray for this man that he will respond to the Lord, and that he be saved; or that God will remove him from office.

Pray also for the success of this effort to return American back to our Constitutional roots, and that we will be successful at reestablishing our Constitutional Republic; and pray most of all for a Spiritual Awakening and Revival to be sparked in our land. In Jesus’ name… Amen. Selah


Skip Barland

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Chuck Pierce:

The Next Move of God! Get Ready—the Pot is Boiling! The Gulf Region will See God’s GLORY!

I hope each of you is interacting with the “Issachar Devotions”. This is a special month for you to understand “God’s TIME and Calendar” in a new way! Many are beginning to understand the redemptive gifts that are activated within us when we are grafted into God’s covenant plan.

The Next Move of God!

Recently, the Spirit of the Lord spoke and said, “There is a DEEP MOVE of MY SPIRIT coming into the earth realm. The Glory of God fills the heavens. But if you will look at the Gulf region of America, you will see that the glory that would fill the earth like waters cover the sea is not moving. I am going to move in an incredible way. I will have a deep move. Get ready to ride the waves of the next move of God!

Below, Robert Heidler shares on the Next Move of God:

God is doing an incredible work in our day! He is restoring His Church to the purity and power the early Church experienced. He is reconnecting the Church to its covenant root, so the life-giving sap of that root (Romans 11) can flow into every branch, producing the great last-days revival.

The Spirit of God is moving! He desires to bring His Church into third-day resurrection power! But we’ll never appreciate what God is doing today unless we understand what happened to the early Church.

The early Church was the most powerful entity the earth had known. It spread all over the world and nothing could stop it. Persecution only purified it and made it grow faster! Yet in the fourth century, satan found a way to destroy the early Church.

By the end of the fifth century, the Church the apostles planted was dead! The Church became a powerful political organization, but lacked the life of God.

For 1000 years, very few in the Church even knew how to get saved! If we see how the early Church died, we will be able to appreciate and flow in the great work of restoration God is doing today!

The Spirit and the Bride: A History of the Moves of the Spirit!

We are on the verge of the next move of Holy Spirit in the earth. That is why it is crucial to understand the history of the moves of the Spirit so we can “SEE” the next move of God forming.

Jesus alluded to Himself as “The Bridegroom.” God is not a God who distinguishes our gifts and callings based upon gender!

Therefore, all males in the Kingdom of God must pursue the Bridegroom. All males and females together in the Kingdom make up what is called “His Bride.” Husbands learn how to love the Church by the way they love their bride.

I actually think married men learn how to love themselves based upon their understanding of their bride. To “pursue the Bridegroom” must be a phrase that is understood by male and female alike.

The Bride, of course, is the Church! The Church is a pure virgin that will pursue (2 Corinthians 11:1-2). These are those, who by faith through grace, have pursued Him to form a relationship and go with Him throughout the earth. This can be to people, nations, highways and byways, based upon us following Him, the One we love.

My whole testimony revolves around two statements, “I will restore what you have LOST” and “Follow ME and you will see revival and restoration!” These two statements have built my life pursuit of our Lord!

In Revelation 21:9 the Church is called “the Bride, the wife of the Lamb.” In the Old Testament, Jehovah and the Jewish nation were Husband and Bride. He was betrothed and married to His nation.

The prophet Hosea best revealed the relationship of a husband and unfaithful bride. As a whole, the nation of Israel rejected and was unfaithful to the One who formed them and developed His relationship with them, the people and the land.

As the Church pursues the Bridegroom and matures in this relationship, Israel will be restored by grace, forgiven, and reinstated as a nation to the firstborn, first-wife status that God intended in His origination.

This will give Israel a unique status among nations as God’s elect nation (Romans 11). This will bring them back to their call as “Bride.” All nations will then reconcile around this call and restored status.

We, the Church, the Body, the Bride of Christ, must pursue our Lover as He sends us to gather His inheritance among the nations (Psalm 2). We are being fragranced as a Bride through the baptizing work of the Holy Spirit. The Bridegroom rejoices over the Bride! We must not hesitate in our comfortable beds to open the door and leave our bedroom chamber to frolic after our Lord as He leaps from mountain to mountain, the cultures of our society.

The Word and the Spirit!

We are in a time to understand reality. Reality is when Spirit and Truth come together and we worship. To discern the world around us, we must understand both Spirit and Truth. The Woman at the Well experienced the reality of Jesus. You can also! Many people do not understand how revelation works. Without revelation, we perish or enter into humanistic thought processes.

Armed and Dangerous!

We are in a tremendous season of warfare. Warfare is conflict. Many of our books deal with spiritual warfare.

Things are getting darker and darker. Many do not understand spiritual warfare and the grace that we have been given to fight. Spiritual Warfare is wrestling and outwitting the enemy who would love to get an upper hand on you.

I See A Boiling Pot!

As I said last week, “I saw a boiling pot!” What does this mean to us? When I see something in the spiritual realm, my first step is to go the Word for an objective interpretation.

In Jeremiah 1:13, God showed the prophet a seething pot toward the north. Ezekiel 24:3 defines this boiling pot as an emblem of war. When this pot boils over, there are lands that will end in desolation. This verse reveals that from the north, evil comes. There was a steam that was rising representing an evil force in the atmosphere. This thick vapor would spread over the land.

I see war on the horizon. Many factions are in the midst of us, and war is being pieced together.

Someone asked me if I think we will be invaded in this land. I said to them, “We have so many factions vying for control that we must see that all the elements for a major conflict are already growing in our midst.”

There are religious factions warring against the next move of the Spirit of God.

There are doctrines of demons contending for the minds and time of God’s men and women. Leaders are being tested in their faithfulness toward the Lord and His ways of doing things. There are national representatives from other nations vying for information that will produce control. Mammon is influencing many against God’s purposes.

Another issue in the pot is the selfishness of many. God addressed all of Israel over the priests’ selfishness. Wars come from selfishness (James 1).

In the days of Hannah, God’s Kingdom needed a new representative. Eli and his sons had been tainted in leading the people toward the Lord.

The normal practice at Shiloh was for the priest to receive whichever part came up from the boiling pot on the end of the fork. Eli’s sons insisted on taking what they wanted, when they wanted it.

They selected the best parts for themselves. They preferred the meat being roasted rather than boiled. They refused to yield the fat for burning on the altar. God withdrew His presence. God is looking at our giving and what we are taking as well.

Hannah travailed to bring forth a new leader for a new season. God wants His presence to fill the atmosphere and His glory to cover the earth.

Jeremiah saw this boiling pot. The pot was a large kettle that was evidently sitting on a fire. A wind was blowing to keep the fire hot and the pot boiling.

In 1 Samuel 2:14, this word is also translated as “kettle”, and the word “cauldrons” is used in 2 Chronicles 35:13.

In Job 41:20, the smoke from the nostrils of the Leviathan pours out like smoke from a boiling “pot.” This causes me to see the Gulf beginning to boil and Leviathan creating stirring war over the issues that are loosed now in the earth.

Get ready—the pot is boiling! This nation is beginning to simmer. Watch around November for the pot to start boiling over.

Yes, we can pray… but in our prayers we must declare that the fire of conflict be turned down. Mammon is blowing a wind of confusion. Focus! Focus! We can gain momentum in these times that are heating up.

Watch Russia! Watch its influence in Syria and Iran. Watch as Russia attempts to align with Great Britain. Learn the concepts of war in a time of war.

Passover and Go Beyond!

We just celebrated the 4th of July. That is America’s Independence Day. Most nations have an Independence Day from someone or some type of captivity. The greatest Biblical basis for a nation being liberated was Passover. The nation of Israel, who had been submerged into the nation of Egypt, was liberated by the powerful acts of God through His servant, Moses. The Blood was the defining force of this liberation. The power of that Blood is available to each of us today through the Spirit of the One who gave His life as a sacrifice for us. Know His Blood! Know how to receive His Spirit! Know how to be liberated!

At Passover this year, we declared a shift in the timing of the Church that will bring us back into sync with the POWER of the BLOOD and DELIVERANCE! In the early Church, Passover was one of the most important times of the year.

However, when Constantine “legalized” Christianity, Passover was forbidden. In Syrian and Greek culture, Passover was not allowed to be incorporated into the worship service. Slowly, the power of His Blood was displaced as the central focus of corporate gatherings.

Passover is our Redemptive Feast linked with crossing over and entering resurrection power through His Blood! God gave us this Feast to help us celebrate that we are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb out of the hands of the enemy!

It’s a joyful time to remember that Jesus died to set us free, so we can enter into every promise! Our Passover Celebration is a time to decree that the Church recognizes HIS BLOOD is active in the world to redeem mankind.

Don’t miss entering into and redeeming the time so you continue in this new season “free” and fully liberated!

The Power of Music and the Effects of Violent Worship!

My life is filled with music. My family loves music. We go to plays, concerts, and musical performances. We attend jazz festivals and outdoor music gatherings. We watch musicals. All of my children are musical. For some, music seems to be their goal. Sound and music play a great part of our lives. The people I minister with are musical. If they are not gifted musicians, they are worshippers. In Heaven, worship and musical sound are one.

Here is an example of music, sound, and violent worship. The Lord said that “the Kingdom is filled with violence, and the violent take it by force.” However, many of us cannot visualize what this looks like.

Wherever I minister, music and sound set the stage for the release of God’s will into the place I have been called.

Last year, I had a team ministering in Paris. Key leaders and influencers from the city were with us. In my heart I had this desire arise to go through the city and “sow joy.” During our worship, I kept hearing the Holy Spirit saying, “The sound of joy is in you!” He kept saying this over and over again.

Then He showed me that we, the people of God, must release the sound of joy!

No matter what our natural circumstances or situations dictate, and no matter what we feel physically, we have a sound of joy to release.

We must employ the law of sowing and reaping, and sow from the joy in us which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. As we release the sound of joy from the earth, He releases His joy from Heaven based on Psalm 16:11, “In His Presence, there is fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

That joy becomes our strength to produce supernatural victory! I knew that I could find the sound in Heaven that would produce joy in the people of Paris as I ministered and visited the city.

Heaven is filled with sound because Heaven is filled with worship. When we enter the Throne Room and come boldly before the Lord, we have access to the same worship sounds of Heaven.

We also have access to the same emotion of Heaven. Sound creates movement. Worship, sound, and music are important. Your conscience is like a window between your soul and spirit. Make sure nothing is clouding your conscience. Sound that leads you into movement and worship will cause your conscience to remain in alignment with God.

The conscience is one of the absolute authorities of our life. When our conscience is aligned and interacting with the Word of God, the “window” remains clean and open. The conscience is the lamp of the body. The conscience is the eye of our spirit that causes us to see into the heavenly realms.

Clean and open your window and receive the sound of the Lord! Let the wind of the Spirit bring the sound that you need through the window of Heaven and into the place where you are standing.

“Weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5, NASB).

Unshakable praise must keep going forth in your life. Unshakable praise plows through the hardest ground. When the ground is hard, when the circumstances are adverse, God’s favor is on the one who will praise.

Fallow ground will break up. Declare the plow of praise will cut through the ungiving earth and make a way for the good seed of the Word to be planted.

The Word of God tells us to submit ourselves to God, draw near to Him and then resist the devil. I believe that as we worship and submit ourselves to a holy God, we can come into intimate contact with Him. Even though we walk here on the Earth in our worshipful submission, we ascend into Heaven. As we individually seek God and ascend into the Throne Room, we can hear the sound of Heaven in our spirit man on Earth.

Prophetic Word Released: Songs and Sounds

Recently in a worship service, LeAnn Squier, an amazing musician and psalmist, began to prophesy. I began to hear and release revelation along with her. The Spirit of God began to speak to us the following:

“I am creating a unique identity in My people. Even in searching for the sound of your sound, your identity is found in the unique sound within you. I am removing from you the noise of the world’s confusion. This noise has made you something that I never intended you to become.

“I am going to begin to pour such a pure stream of sound from Heaven around you that you will hear who you are to become. You won’t sound like any other individual and the place on earth where I have positioned you will not sound like any other location.

You are in My time, so you will not sound like another day, century, or decade. You will have a sound for now. You will have an identity that is unique and unmistakable. There are ten thousands of ten thousands of voices that are going to begin to join with your sound. This sound will be poured from Heaven, but then rise back from the Earth.

“I am tipping My golden chalice from My heavenly palace and disseminating and depositing thousands and thousands of songs and sounds in you, the sanctuary of your dwelling and the land around you.

You will birth words that express and sounds that impart and deliver the voice of what I have done and what I am doing to the societal culture around you. This will not be a sound that has one local expression, but will be linked together with harmonies of others around the world. This sound will produce a joy in the lands of the earth.

“There is a voice. The sound of My voice is going to come in an unmistakable clarity. Begin to look for the new expression. Begin to look for the new words. Begin to look for the new sounds that are going to accurately express the sound of this pouring out of this drink offering that I am delivering. I am giving assignments! Some will sing! Some will orchestrate! Some will create the movement of dance to the sound. You will bind the enemy in chains and break the back of principalities that are controlling and resisting the movement of My Spirit in the earth.

I am reordering your day with sound and the music of Heaven. This day will not sound like nor look like any other day.”

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Email: chuckp@glory-of-zion.org


This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

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