Faith requires us to broaden the limited boundaries of our imagination in order that we may see the unseen…

God’s Word ALONE is a lamp unto our feet!!!

Faith always involves our taking instructions and doing as our Operations Manual (the Bible) tells us to do; and Jesus even said that both He and the Father would gage our love for them by how well we do this!

Let us learn from the Parable of the Wise Builder (1 of 3)

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(3 of 3)

Faith sees and speaks of things that are not, as though they were!

Faith involves our broadening the vistas and boundaries of our natural mental capacities, which is the realm of our imagination, and our being able to see things there that are not yet visible to our natural eye!

For truly, as we look at the definition of FAITH, as it is defined in the Bible, we learn that it is the substance of things hoped for; and the evidence of things that are not yet visible nor felt in the natural.

The question is, how else can we get there and see those things that are not as though they are except by way of a sanctified imagination?

As Jesus said: “All things are possible if ONLY you can believe!

There are therefore things in life that we have to believe first, before we can see them; for when we see from our heart, through eyes of faith and love, we open ourselves up to a world that lies beyond our five senses!

Join in on the adventure… won’t you? Let go and let God!!! Selah

In order for us as Children of the Most High, of those who are created in His likeness and after His image, in order for us to break through our natural resistance coefficient, which is this sin ridden and fallen world that we live in, and in order for us to be able to tap into the supernatural realm of which we so readily can read about in the Bible, it is out of necessity that we must start exercising both our faith and our sanctified imitation.

In Proverbs 28:18 we read: Where there is no vision, the people perish.

In this verse of scripture, the word “vision” has to do with the Word of God, which is the only legal means for us to gain both glimpses and access into the Supernatural realm; and God is also telling us here that where there is no “vision” into God’s supernatural Word, there can be no message of life, and the people perish because of it.

Even Albert Einstein realized this secret, when he said:

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.

If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
~ Albert Einstein

In the Bible we are called the “Sons of God,” and it even says that the angels in heaven bend over in awe and amazement, and we are told also in Romans 8:19 that even nature itself longs in earnest expectation as it awaits to see the manifestation in the earth of the Son’s of God! What do you suppose this means?

I happen to be a “Trekkie” fan, and as such, I’m one of those people who enjoy watching science fiction and the high definition graphics and realism that are provided us in our modern day technology, that brings realism to the silver screen; but I also maintain that we ALL are wired that way, and that we have been since birth!

In fact here is one of my favorite lines from another movie, which I actually believe contains more truth than fiction, in what it conveys. Go ahead and take a listen, click here and listen to what Morpheus is saying to Neo about the world that remains hidden from our eyes!

In fact, whether we realize it or not; we are born for the supernatural; even to the extent the supernatural should actually become natural to us, even as it is to God, who is our heavenly Father and our Creator; and even as we can see it was for Jesus… of whom we are told in Scripture (in John 21:15) that He (Jesus) performed so many miracles that there wouldn’t be room enough in all the books in the world (at least in Paul’s day anyway) to tell of them all.

Here’s my point, folks, when our faith is based upon God’s Word and the promises of God’s Word that is what gives both substance and validity to our faith; which in turn gives substance to our hopes; and therein lies the difference between FAITH and PRESUMPTION!

The term “presumption,” which most people in the world operate in today, means to take or do something, or to perform some act, without the proper leave nor allowance to do so… and this is definitely NOT what faith is!

To follow this path will lead you ultimately into error and into false religious cults; and it can also lead into occult activity; but then again the “Occult” is also nothing more than a perversion of the “Truth;” and by that I mean behind the lies that Satan tells there is always a thread that leads to some truth or some history, that Satan has corrupted and hidden from our view, in an effort to discredit it; and thereby to try and keep it from God’s children.

I maintain, as I’ve even heard Kim Clement say, that it should not be the Psychic’s that are out rendering aid to law enforcement agencies, to aid them in their work; and folks you should know also that the only reason why these agencies will allow these sorts of activities, and will sometimes seek it out, is because there is both verifiable power and accuracy there; and these people have often in the past been able to provide supernatural help in solving certain cases; howbeit, its power source is derived from outside of God’s permission, and therefore it is a counterfeit.

But can we not see all throughout the Old Testament, where it was the Prophets of God who heard the secret plans of Israel’s enemies, plans that were made in their bed chambers; and did his prophets not reveal these plans to the leadership of Israel in advance, in order to aid Israel in their battles?

We can know from this that there is a REAL antithesis to that counterfeit gift, that we find in the world, that is truly available through the POWER of the Holy Spirit, to ALL those who are God’s offspring, who are the Sons of God in the earth. Selah

Oh yeah, here’s one last point, that I shall leave with you as a caution and also a warning, as to what the Apostle Paul said in Scripture (see 2 Timothy 3:5), would be one of the main signs that we are living in the Last Days, that will usher in the return of our Lord, Messiah Yeshua, to earth; in that He said That men would be very religious and have a belief in God; but that they would deny the POWER (meaning the Holy Spirit).”


Skip Barland


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