It is important how our enemies perceive us… and with this administration that perception is not good!

Pay attention United States, and let us learn from history!!!

God’s promise to Father Abraham was…

I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you!

I have spoken before of how our enemies view weakness in this current Obama administration; and whether it is by shear ignorance, or by intention, our failure to understand our enemy’s mindset, and how they view reality puts our nation at risk, and gives our enemies the wrong message.

Here’s a case in point, below is an article that was first published back on June 1st, by DebkaFile, which quotes the chief of the Mossad (Israel’s external security service), as he spoke of the weaken perception the U.S. and Israel now has with our avowed enemies, among the Islamic terrorist organizations and countries; and more specifically Syria and Iran, based upon their perception of this weakened Obama Administration, and its lack of backbone and resolve when it comes to taking a stand against Islamic Terrorism… even to the point today that they don’t even want to acknowledge the word Islam and Terrorism together in the same sentence.

It is called denial folks, and it is not the posture any nation wants to assume when they are at war.

In fact it is the exact posture that was once taken in the late 30’s by the former and infamous Prime Minster of Great Britain, Neville Chamberlain; where in spite of his efforts to avoid war, and to reach a diplomatic agreement with Hitler, he only ended up insuring the inevitability of war; and the same will be true of our nation as well, under Obama, unless there are some serious changes that are made in our present course, and soon.

The core of our problems, here in the U.S., I repeat, are spiritually oriented; in that we have strayed far from our spiritual moorings and landmarks that were once established by our founding fathers; landmarks that were based upon their reverence and fear of God and of His Word.

Our instability as a nation runs right to our very foundation; as we today are seeking to rebuild our nation, not only on a system that has proven itself to be a failure wherever it has been tried before in history, which is a Socialist based system and economy; but we are also building upon a the political corruption and lies of dishonest and corrupt politicians… whose agendas are kept hidden from view; and are very different from most of the American public!

Our situation is critical, and until such time as we have a spiritual change in our country, which I believe must happen at a grassroots level, that will once again bring focus back upon Truth; and upon a biblical perception and basis of how we view Truth, and the difference between what’s right and wrong; then I don’t see that there is any hope nor chance of any improvement within our government, and the current direction our country is taking.

That is the state of our Union as I see it; and it brings front and center the importance and absolute necessity of our having not only a grassroots revival; but also the importance of our having a reestablishment of our Constitutional Republic, as it was originally designed by our founding fathers to be.

Unless We the People take the initiative and are willing to take back our government from it’s current corrupt and dishonest leadership, with their hidden agendas, then the only possible option that we can have is for us to remain on our present course; which will eventually mean a complete loss of all our liberties and rights, as guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution; and ultimately the establishment of dictatorial ruler.

The handwriting is already on the wall, and the history is plain, that we here in America are exactly where pre-Nazi Germany once was; and we are making exactly the same mistakes, by keeping our collective heads in the sand, and by our keeping quite.

Prayer I think is very definitely order… how about you, what’s your opinion on all of this?  I’d like to know?

Need I remind you that the Revolutionary War, and our winning our Independence from Mother England did not happen by the American people remaining quite and passive; and by them accepting the status quo; but rather it came by their direct opposition and absolute refusal to be enslaved by their government! Even as Thomas Pain once said: “Give me liberty or give me death!”


Skip Barland

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Mossad chief: Obama’s perceived military “softness” weakens Israel

Special Report
June 1, 2010, 7:16 PM (GMT+02:00)

Tags:  Mossad Director   US-Israel 

In a rare public expression of concern, Meir Dagan, head of Israel’s Mossad external security service, warned Tuesday, June 1, that the progressive decline of American strength over the past decade and the perception of the Obama administration as “soft on military options for solving disputes” have cut deep into Israel’s military and diplomatic maneuverability and made it fair game for its enemies.

This is reported by debkafile’s intelligence and political sources.
Dagan presented the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee with this evaluation 24 hours after Israeli Navy boarding parties prevented vessels sailing the Mediterranean from achieving their object of breaking the Gaza blockade.

As the UN Security Council’s condemned the loss of life in that raid, the Mossad chief said Barack Obama’s first year as president was a period of “devaluation” for “Israeli and American strategic assets.”

Dagan’s uncharacteristic bluntness was a measure of the anxiety gripping Israel’s security leaders over the slump in US-Israel relations.

He timed his cutting observations for the day Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was to have held talks in White House with President Obama.

Although that meeting was cancelled and Netanyahu cut short his trip to return home and deal with the crisis over the flotilla incident, the Mossad Director decided that what he had to say was important enough to be said and aired without delay.

The Obama-Netanyahu meeting had been scheduled as a high point in President Obama’s charm offensive for mending his ties with Israel and American Jewish leaders, Dagan noted.

By speaking out now, he hoped they would be warned not to be taken in by Obama’s smiles and understand that his attitude toward the Israeli government had not changed in any fundamental way.

America’s ability to generate situation-changing measures in any part of the world was in decline and this weakness reflects directly and negatively on Israel’s strategic situation.

Debkafile notes that by this remark, Dagan indirectly disputed the administration’s National Security Strategy report published in Washington five days ago.

This comment also placed him in the middle of the internal political debate in Israel. Whereas opposition factions maintain the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians and other neighbours is stalled by Netanyahu’s allegedly hard-line positions, the Mossad chief puts it in a different perspective: Whatever the prime minister may do and whichever policy he may pursue, in Dagan’s view he is stuck with the endemic weakness stemming from American weakness and the Obama administration’s waning support for Israel.

He warned the lawmakers that the current US administration is in the process of making of Israel “a liability instead of an asset.” The US president, said the Mossad chief, seriously considered forcing Israel to accept a dictated peace formula.

He only backed off when he saw that this tactic would not produce a peace accord. But that was “only a tactical retreat,” said Dagan.

“Let’s see what steps the Americans take in the future, especially after the midterm congressional elections in November,” he said, because, while an imposed peace is only a last resort and not (the Obama administration’s) preferred option, it is still on the table and a whip he is holding over the heads of both parties.

The Mossad chief concluded by saying: “Such events (a decision to resort to an imposed peace) could career out of control and lead (US-Israel relations) into extreme situations.”


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