The Obama Deception… the movie the Global Elitists don’t want you to watch!!

The Movie and Information the Global Elitists DO NOT want you not to watch!

Question: are we still a free nation, and do we still have First Amendment Rights?

Answer, not for long, not if certain people within government have their way.

Have a look at this movie while you still can, as there are ongoing efforts now to have it removed from the internet!

This video contains information that elements within our government, from the highest levels, and I mean from within the White House, from people who are actively trying to subvert our U.S. Constitution and rob the American people of our liberties, are trying to censor; and they do not want you to see it!

President John F. Kennedy warned us that Secret Societies would be the death of our freedom:

Here are just some of the secret societies which we ALL have heard of, who are pulling the strings of our politicians and also the media today, who are actively seeking to permanently destroy our U.S. Constitution and rob the American people of all our liberties:

Support The Restore American Plan!!!

If you agree, that our country is worth fighting for and standing up for, then please pass this information along!


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