THE RESTORATION OF AMERICA… a follow-up on God’s urgent call to intercede and pray for America!!!

We are truly One Nation Under God!!!

That is both our heritage and our history as a nation; and it is this piece of parchment, shown in the above picture, called our U.S. Constitution, together with the faith and covenant of our forefathers with God, who wrote it, is ALL that separates us from every other nation in history; and it is for that reason that all the forces of hell today have been unleashed, even within our own government, to bring this contract down, and to undermine permanently what so many have sacrificed and bled for; and to permanently destroy our Constitutional Republic!

The question that God is posing today to us, as Americans is…

Are we going to let them?

America’s only salvation and restoration, as a “Christian Nation,” can come by ONLY one way, and that One Way is through faith in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Please note: the name Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, literally translated from Hebrew, not through Greek, is Joshua, the Messiah—Anointed One)!

It is NOT politicians who have a voice that God listens to; it is not those who are a part of false religions, be it Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Secular Humanists, or whatever name or label by which they may call themselves; and regardless, all of them by the way, the Bible says clearly that they are ALL worshipers of false gods; and none of these people can have access into God’s presence!

It is ONLY those who are in covenant relationship with Messiah Yeshua, whose sins have been washed and forgiven through the redemptive and propitious work of Yeshua on Calvary’s cross… it is ONLY the Bride of Christ (who is the Church of Christ) who have access into God’s Holy of Holies; and it is ONLY through the Blood of Yeshua that any of us have access before God, that our prayers are heard!

America’s future does not depend on the might of our military, though a “Sword” in today’s world is a necessity; but a sword by itself, without the Truth and the Power of the Living God behind it, to back it up, is worthless; and so America’s military might alone will not be enough to save us.

No, at the root of America’s problem is a broken covenant relationship with the God of our forefathers, and until that broken covenant is dealt with, and mended, through individual and national repentance; then America shall remain outside of our rightful position and covering (including blessings and protection) as a nation.

There is ONLY one way home from where we are today… and that is through Yeshua Ha’Mashiach!

Out of all the people alive on planet earth, at the time Abraham was born, the Bible tells us very clearly that father Abraham was chosen by God for only ONE reason, to be the father of our faith and also the progenitor of the linage through which Messiah would come; and that one reason was because God said that Abraham would be a father to his children, and that he would teach them and bring them up in the ways of the Lord God of Israel!!!

The very thing that the Secular Humanists and Progressives of the sixties said was irrelevant and unimportant; and which Christians then exquisite, and allowed the courts of that time to remove prayer and the Bible from our Public Education system; that one thing that was the tie that held our nation’s future intact; and insured our blessing and protection from God… once that was removed there was only one direction that our nation could have gone in… and we are here today because of that fact!

We must understand that all of that which was removed from our classrooms in 1963, through the efforts of just one woman mind you; and all that which we can see that has happened since, to both our society and our culture, is the very thing that put us on this slippery slope, that has caused us to fall further and further away from the God of our forefathers, and of the Bible.

Even in nature a vacuum will not long be tolerated; and so it is also in the spiritual; and so when America decided officially that belief in God was no longer important in the education of our children, and that prayer and the Bible both were to be removed from our classrooms, it was from that point forward that American society was set adrift, to the point that we have even a Muslim today in the White House, who claims he is a Christian; and the Christians can’t tell the difference!

This Urgent Call to Prayer (see below) that was issued by Cindy Jacobs is a sign, I believe, that God is about to move in a different direction; and whether we as Americans will be with Him or against Him, will depend on what we do in this time?

We are called to intercede and to pray; to turn from our wicked ways; and to seek after God’s face, which speaks of personal and intimate relationship; and then God says that He will hear our prayers from Heaven, and that He will heal our land; but again… these are only the prayers of Believers, who are Blood bought and paid for, whose sins are forgiven through the work of Yeshua, only these people have a voice with God!!!

Pray folks, watch and pray; and then be prepared for some serious changes that are to befall our land, and soon!

God is moving on; and we as Americans will be either One Nation under God, or not… and that is the question?

For we will be on one of two sides… either we will be with God, or against Him!


Skip Barland

Cindy Jacobs:

An Urgent Call for Massive Intercession

Dear Believers in Christ,

A few days ago as I watched a news business channel, I received the following word from the Lord. As you can tell, it’s a serious warning. I know the nation is in a delicate condition now, but I believe that I need to send this word out. I ran it by Chuck Pierce and he said that it fits with what he has been hearing, only more specific on the economic side.

This is a wake up and it’s so strong.

A Serious Warning and a Call for Urgent Prayer

A warning received from the Lord on July 17, 2010 in Dallas, Texas:

A few days ago as I watched the financial news, the Lord clearly spoke these words to me, “The nation is teetering!” I then had a vision of the economy of the United States, on what looked like a “scale of justice.” He then went on to show me that we must fast, pray and cry out to the Lord for mercy and solutions that will balance righteousness and justice.

In praying to the Lord for wisdom about this word, I realized what must be done—it is time for the Church in America to stand up and take her place once again in the nation. I mulled over the fact that we have already lost so many of our liberties and this is what I heard, “If the Church doesn’t fast and pray for a faster acceleration of revival and awakening, the iniquitous sin structures in the nation will tip the scale that is teetering and there will be another great depression.”

Of course, this word shook me to the core of my being. Many of you may be aware that the Holy Spirit spoke to me almost a year before the September 2008 economic meltdown, that there would be “no more business as usual.”

The balance of the economy is fragile and depending on the way we fast, pray, and how we cast our votes in the next election will depend on which way the scale tips. We must pray and do. We must pray and act. We must awaken the Church to the state of the nation without fear of pleasing man or fear for our reputation.

God is watching to see which way the die will be cast. If we shift the nation to Biblical values in the arenas of righteousness and justice, the economy will follow. If we continue in our stance of support for Israel, the Stock Market will stabilize and prosper, and that which is fragile will become strong. Supernatural solutions will be sent from Heaven that our natural minds could never reason, nor grasp and they will heal the land.

If we do not heed in this hour there will be a tumbling of our economy and dark days will be ahead to such a degree that our nation will possibly never fully recover from and have the greatness as a nation that God has favored us with for generations.

God have mercy. God send an awakening. God send salvation.

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International


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