Let us ALL weigh the cost of what it is that is at stake… and this video that you are about to see I think says it all!!!

A Hero’s Welcome Home…

I think you will like this video, and also this is something for all Americans to think about in that the cost of our liberty, though it is taken for granted by so many, and is currently being undermined by our government, as is our Constitution; but nevertheless these are the men and women who pay the price to protect it!!!

I believe this video says it all, and when you weigh the awesome cost that so many of our men and women in uniform, both in the past and presently today, have paid and are paying even at this present moment, in literally laying down their lives and putting themselves in harm’s way, it brings to mind the reason why this is so important, for us to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitutional rights and liberties, because we are doing so in order to preserve these same liberties for our children, and for ALL future generations that will follow after us!

The question is, how in the world do we, as American citizens, line up the self-less sacrifices of all these brave men and women, with the self-serving hypocrisy and constant lying, and corruption of so many of our politicians today?

Folks, we cannot afford to let this continue!

We have a history, here in our country, that most Americans aren’t even aware of, and are completely ignorant of; in that we have two Constitutions today, and the one we are operating under today is illegal and is a CORPORATE CONSTITUTION, and it is not the one that our founding fathers wrote.


Also we have a two-party political system, here in America today, that has been corrupted from the top down, by a very small, but very powerful group of men, who both own and control our Federal Reserve System, and the international banking and monetary policies of the world, of which the Rothschild family is at the top; and these families have over the years used their power to whittle away at both our U.S. Constitution and our Republic, with one intention and objective in mind, and that is to bring our nation under their One World Government and monetary system that they will both own and control.

Those of us who are Christian can read about this in our Bible; but even that should be no excuse for us to allow it to happen in our government; not as long as we still have our Constitution and our Bill of Rights; and we still get to choose who represents us through our vote!

We need to educate ourselves and not be so naive; and stop believing this constant stream of lies that we are getting from our liberal media, and from these corrupt politicians.

We need to fire these bums in Washington, and take back our government… and actually that process is now under way, I might add, and is actually being implemented right now, in this move to restore our Constitutional Republic.

For information and sign up page click here:


It saddens me to have to say this, but things have gotten so bad today, here in America, that it matters not who sits in the White House, or in Congress, because whether we have a Republican or Democrat, at least among the hierarchy and leadership of both parties, partisan politics not withstanding, at least among the leadership of both parties, they are mostly on board with the Globalist agenda, which you’d think would be obvious from the way our government is being run; and this is especially true among some of these career politicians, as they have even been groomed since their college days (just like the Bushs, the Clintons, and Obama) to betray our U.S. Constitution.

I know I’ve said this before in other blogs, but we need to understand that we have a situation today where regardless of whether we have a Republican or Democratic administration, as far as the ultimate objectives are concerned, they both represent two sides of the same coin, in that the ultimate objective of both parties from the top down, is to take us into a New World Order; which if you will remember, this is a concept that was first introduced by a Republican President, in George H.W. Bush, back in 1991, when he first talked about a “New World Order,” which he said would be inevitable. But what he didn’t say is that it will in fact be a totalitarian One World Government!

As with most forms of corruption, to find the source all you have to do is follow the money; and it is exactly this self-serving greed and personal ambition that has corrupted so many our politicians over the years; and I believe today that all stops are being removed, under this current Obama Administration, to implement this New World Order system as soon as possible; and they are doing so by using this massive spending and the printing of more fiat money, to undermine and eventually to bankrupt our economy; and they are doing this to bring our country to its knees to cause us to capitulate and accept their New World Order, along with their monetary system, that Bible says will eventfully be a mark in either the forehead, or on the back of the right hand.

Folks the laws of economics are still in place, and Obama doesn’t have any kind of magical wand that will cause that fact to change!

You can never multiply anything through division; and the books have to always balance in the end.

I might also add here, that this is also true in a spiritual sense; as the books in heaven will have to balance as well, and the ONLY balancing factor that will be in eternity, comes only through Jesus Christ, as we accept His atonement and His sacrifice to balance our books before God!

All of this that we see happening today should be raising all kinds of red flags, among the citizens; and it should be obvious to everyone what is going on, as these politicians, especially in recent years and months, over the objections of so many of our citizens, they have nevertheless proceeded to pass legislation that is costing us 100s of billions of dollars, all in fiat (meaning worthless) money, which only serves to drive up inflation and increases unemployment; and also mind you that all of what they are doing exceeds their Constitutionally mandated authority, and therefore it is all illegal; and yet all the while the American people just sit by and most are doing nothing.

Let us be very clear, these men in Washington today, to the extent that they have violated their oath of office, and have failed to preserve, protect, and defend our U.S. Constitution, and are today passing laws and are implementing policies that go against our U.S. Constitution, they are all traitors and are criminals; and they need to be exposed for what they are, and tried before a court of law as such… but that won’t happen unless the people in our country care enough to take our country back!

By the way, let me say again and remind you that this process to restore our Republic is being implemented at this very moment, though the liberal media isn’t talking about it, it nevertheless is moving forward… and we who are Christians need to be praying for its success.

Also let me remind you that a lot of what Obama is doing today began under George W. Bush’s Administration; and this happened as he first began to sign into law, through Executive Orders, policies and laws that are today being implemented by Obama.

Mind you also that most of these laws are totally unconstitutional, and yet still Congress and our Supreme Court, thus far, have done nothing to stop them; and the reason is that John Q. Public is either otherwise occupied, or they don’t care!

I know that I said this before, but I think it is so important that we understand how deep and how long this corruption has been going on, in that for many of these people, who are in leadership roles within our government today, among those who have bought into this Globalist (New World Order) agenda, and this is certainly true with the Bushs, the Clintons and Obama, they have been prepared and have been groomed for this betrayal ever since their college days, and they are today representing an unconstitutional and illegal agenda, as it totally violates and exceeds their Constitutional athority and what they are doiong exceeds their limits of power, as mandated in ourConstitution..

The fact is, this has been true of many of our past presidents; and in truth there are only a couple presidents in our history who objected and actually tried to take us out from under these International Bankers, and those being Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, and it cost both of these men their lives.

Let me say it again, this New World Order will be totally totalitarian in nature; and please understand also that they will not be able to implement this change, and it cannot happen, without they first strip us of all our Constitutional rights, and they permanently undermine and disable our Constitutional Republic; a process which by the way actually began back in 1871.

So you can know by this that this process has been going on for a really long time; for well over 100 years, in our country alone; but it goes back even further, even back to the Garden of Eden and the Tower of Babel; and that is because these whole Globalist agenda is nothing but Satan’s agenda; and all of it is being implemented in order to bring his Antichrist into power!

It is absolutely criminal how we have allowed these Globalist International Bankers, over these many years, to corrupt and undermine our media, our politicians, and our public education system; until most Americans today, Christians and non-Christians alike, don’t even have a clue and they really don’t know, or aren’t paying attention, to what all is happening today in Washington DC.

If this is allowed to continue with this current leadership, make no mistake but that these policies will not only permanently undermine and bankrupt our country; but it will also destroy both our Constitution and our Republic; but what’s worse it will insure that our children and ALL future generations that follow will have to live under the rule of some pretty evil and godless men.

This is how far we have fallen as a nation, in that what used to be the purview of the church to be the gatekeepers of morality and honesty, has today been taken over by a bunch of godless people in the media, a media by the way that is also bought and paid for by these same evil people who have corrupted so many of our politicians.

In fact things have gotten so bad, it is as if there is a spiritual malaise that has settled over our society, and over our entire country, until unless the media says that we have a problem, for most of our citizens today, this is true, that they won’t even believe there is a problem, because the media tells them what to believe and how to think!

Let us make one thing very clear, that none of what I am speaking about here will ever change, unless We the People care enough to take action and stop it!

I would suggest if you haven’t already done so, that you look into and get on board with this Restore American Moment, and let us restore our Constitutional Republic, as it was originally intended to operate; where We the People are the Sovereigns and not our government!

Let us all continue to watch and pray per 2 Chronicles 7:14, because unless God moves and does a miracle, our days as a free Republic are numbered!


Skip Barland


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2 thoughts on “Let us ALL weigh the cost of what it is that is at stake… and this video that you are about to see I think says it all!!!”

  1. Tears, so many tears! Tears of Joy and tears of sadness. Gob bless His children fighting for their Country. We, the saved, will be with our Lord and Savior for ever. Spread the Word, Salvation through Jesus Christ the Son 0f God! Only by Him shall we be saved! Amen!!! What ever happened to ” One Nation Under GOD”?!

  2. Tears, so many tears! Tears of Joy and tears of sadness. God bless His children fighting for their Country. We, the saved, will be with our Lord and Savior for ever. Spread the Word, Salvation through Jesus Christ the Son 0f God! Only by Him shall we be saved! Amen!!! What ever happened to ” One Nation Under GOD”?!

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