Check this out… an angel was caught on video tape!!!

Angels are ministering spirits that are sent

to serve those who will inherit salvation?

(Hebrews 1:14)

I first saw this video on Patricia King’s website. This is pretty exciting to actually catch an angel on video.

This footage was taken of Christians around a campfire in Puerto Rico, and you can actually see the angel dancing around the fire. Very cool.

I hope it blesses you as it did me.

It is not every day you see something like this. I’ve always known about angels; but to my knowledge, except for the possibility I’ve entertained one or two unawares, as it says happens in Hebrews 13, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen an angel before, and certainly not in person.

Anyway, I thought I’d pass this along because I actually think it is very cool.

Bless you,

Skip Barland


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4 thoughts on “Check this out… an angel was caught on video tape!!!”

  1. Notice how it moves with the camera…?

    It’s not an angel – it’s a reflection of the firelight on the camera lens. That’s why it moves in contrary motion to the movement of the camera. If it was moving while the camera stayed still, I might be convinced…

    But the Cross never moves! It’s there always and forever.


  2. First off, I appreciate your response and your opinion, however I don’t think I agree with your explanation.

    Here is the video interview, which I referenced in the blog, where Patricia King actually interviews one of the students in Puerto Rico who was present and saw this first hand, and not just on camera.

    Signs and wonders are happening all over in these last days, especially overseas in third world countries; but the hindrance to these things happening among Believers in the U.S., I believe, is because of unbelief; where because of our education and the fact that even in the church people are very skeptical of anything supernatural, we don’t experience miracles very often because many people in the Westernized cultures don’t expect them; and when they happen they still don’t believe.

    Whereas I agree with you that we should not just naively accept whatever comes down the pike, and everything should be proven and verified as much as possible, when it comes to supernatural phenomena, and that should happen first by whether or not there is Scriptural precedent either for it, or against it in the Bible; but getting back to my original point, a major hindrance here in the West to miracles happening as they do overseas, I repeat is unbelief.

    Not unlike what Jesus encountered when the Scriptures say that He came to His own (into his own hometown) and there He could not do very much in the way of miracles, except that He healed a few sick folks… all because of their unbelief.

    As one example of the difference in the paradigm that typically exists in third world countries, when it comes to the supernatural, as compared to here in the U.S., I had the privilege a few years ago, on a trip to Cambodia with my church, to meet a man who had been raised from the dead, who had actually been dead for 12 hours, and was known to have died by everyone in his neighborhood, in the village where he lived, and also at the church where his wife attended.

    His wife was a brand new believer, only two weeks old in the Lord, and had only read in the Bible where Jesus raised the dead, and so when her husband (an unbeliever himself) died, she and a friend from church immediately started supplicating and praying for a miracle; and after 12 hours of uninterrupted praying she saw her husband get up and walk.

    Obviously this was a grand miracle and it caused upwards of over 100 people accepting the Lord as a result; but my point is, how many in our skeptical culture here in the West would even think to do what this woman did, let alone do it?

    I’m sad to say, I don’t think very many would.


  3. I agree with James. This is a reflection of the firelight on the lens of the camera. As the camera moves, either to the right or left, or down or up, the reflection moves in coresponding but opposite way. Like what was the big rage a year or two ago: round balls of light in a photo were called angels, but they never showed up in a daylight photo because they were reflections from all the overhead lights in an auditorium. People, I believe in angels, but use some discernment.

    1. C’est la vie…

      Thanks Scott for your comments, but I maintain in the absence of having been there myself, that what you hear in the testimony given in the Patricia King interview, is accurate; in that the phenomena was actually witness first hand by several people, and not just what was recorded on camera.

      Thanks anyway for sharing your view,


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