Enough is enough, the handwriting is already on the wall… and we who are Christians must take back our nation!!!

The following article should upset you to no end, at least for all of us who are believers, who call ourselves Christian!


Wednesday, January 05, 2011
WorldNetDaily Exclusive

For real! U.S. court says Christian cross is unconstitutional …
Ninth Circuit ignores Supreme precedent in Mojave case

Posted: January 04, 2011
8:16 pm Eastern

By Brian Fitzpatrick


Mt. Soledad memorial cross

A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has decided a memorial cross on federal land on Mt. Soledad, Calif., violates the U.S. Constitution.

In a 3-0 ruling in the Jewish War Veterans v. City of San Diego case, the panel decided that the 29-foot concrete cross, which has stood for 57 years, constitutes a government endorsement of religion and therefore violates the First Amendment’s establishment clause.

“The question, then, is whether the entirety of the Mount Soledad Memorial, when understood against the background of its particular history and setting, projects a government endorsement of Christianity. We conclude it does,” wrote Circuit Judge M. Margaret McKeown, a Clinton appointee.

“The decision represents a judicial slap in the face to the countless military veterans honored by this memorial,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, which filed an amicus brief in the case on behalf of 25 members of Congress. “This flawed decision not only strikes at the heart of honoring our military veterans, it reaches a faulty conclusion that this iconic memorial – part of the historic landscape of San Diego – is unconstitutional. We believe the appeals court got this decision wrong and we look forward to the case going to the Supreme Court where we’re confident this decision will be overturned.”

Why are crosses being ruled unconstitutional? Read America’s War on Christianity: In God We Trust – autographed!

“Unfortunately, the decision does not surprise me based on the philosophical beliefs and records of the judges on the panel. The decision was more likely than not,” said Alliance Defense Fund Senior Counsel Joe Infranco. ADF filed an amicus brief in the case on behalf of the American Legion.

“The panel has an extreme view of the establishment clause that amounts to hostility to religion,” Infranco explained. “The Constitution requires that religious views and expressions be accommodated. There’s a kind of disconnect in the way certain judges look at the establishment clause, and it becomes a vehicle for hostility to religious expression.

“If the case had come up in a different federal circuit, there likely would have been a different result,” said Infranco. The Ninth Circuit, infamous for its activist decisions, is the most-reversed of America’s circuit courts.

“The veterans are outraged over these cases. All the plaintiffs do is find a few individuals who claim to be offended by that cross at the site, and the premise of this lawsuit is the offense of a few individuals trumps the way veterans choose to honor fallen veterans. Veterans should be allowed to honor heroes, many of whom gave their lives for this nation, in the manner they choose,” Infranco added.

“Certainly we’re upset with the decision,” confirmed Joe March, national director of public relations for the American Legion, the nation’s largest veterans organization. “We believe it will finally get corrected once and for all when it gets to the Supreme Court. We had filed an amicus curiae and we intend to do so once again. When the government appeals to the Supreme Court, the American Legion will be there again. It’s the right thing to do.”

The American Legion has already called officially on Attorney General Eric Holder to appeal the case, which was argued by Justice Department attorneys on behalf of the Department of Defense.

“I am asking Attorney General Holder to appeal this regrettable decision to the Supreme Court,” said Jimmie L. Foster, national commander of the American Legion, in a news release. “The sanctity of this cross is about the right to honor our nation’s veterans in a manner which the overwhelming majority supports. The American Legion strongly believes the public has a right to protect its memorials.”

The ACLU, which brought the suit on behalf of the Jewish War Veterans, did not return a request for comment.

Infranco accused the Ninth Circuit judges of ignoring the precedent set by the Supreme Court in a similar case involving a memorial cross erected by the Veterans of Foreign Wars in the Mojave National Preserve.

“I think their decision was inconsistent with the Mojave decision. The Mojave decision [Salazar v. Buono] did not rule directly on the cross because there was another issue that resolved the case more easily, but Justice Kennedy, who wrote the majority decision, left a hint the size of a barn door that crosses that memorialize the dead … do not violate the Constitution. In my view the court failed to take the very clear hint from the Supreme Court. We’re hoping the Supreme Court will agree to hear this case and reverse this awful decision.”

The first cross was erected on Mt. Soledad in 1913, and the large concrete cross was erected in 1954 to replace a cross blown down by heavy winds in 1952. According to the Ninth Circuit decision, the 1954 cross was dedicated, “as a reminder of God’s promise to man of everlasting life and of those persons who gave their lives for our freedom.”

“Litigation over the cross began in 1989. Veterans responded in the 1990s by adding plaques, bollards and flags intended to honor veterans, and by holding regular memorial services at the site.


This is but another victory for Satan’s camp, that is but a long line of victories that have occurred over the last 100 or more years, where Christians have reacted to the enemy’s advancements by retreating, while all the while our constitutional rights have been compromised and our history as a Christian nation rewritten; and the only response most Christians have had is to back up in retreat, and drawing another line in the sand.

Certainly we have not been doing as our Lord has commanded us to do, when He said for us to charge the gates of hell, but on the contrary we’ve been running away!

It is about time that we start putting Satan and his troops on notice, and put them on the defensive for a change… don’t you think?

Especially since he has already been defeated at Calvary by our Lord, Yeshua (Jesus)!

There is nothing more that our Lord must do in order to win us our victory, for His job has long ago been finished, as He defeated Satan at the cross!

It is for us to take up our individual crosses (which is but a symbol of our consecration and death) and follow the example of Yeshua (Jesus) as he laid it down for us in His Word, particularly in the Book of Acts!

Certainly it is not this modern day “seeker friendly church mentality,” with its Madison Avenue styled marketing techniques that will defeat the enemy and win our country and our world for Christ; but it’s only in the Gospel Message of the Kingdom of Heaven that has the power to do that; but ONLY when it is delivered with all signs and wonders, as we read happened in the first century church, in the Book of Acts.

Make no mistake, but that this is the ONLY thing that scares the enemy… when he sees that we as the church are moving out in faith, in God’s power, and in Jesus name!

God has not changed, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever… but unfortunately it is “WE” in the church who have changed!

We are no longer following God’s instructions, as Messiah Jesus said to do, and as He led by example in His life and ministry on the earth; and what’s worst, some have even said that the miracles and signs and wonders that we read about in the Bible, that they all died out with the death of the last of the 12 Apostles, centuries ago; but how can that be when the job is not done?!!!

If they needed the power of God to accomplish the work in the first century church, then certainly we need it today!

We are no longer charging the gates of hell anymore, at least not here in America; but rather we have been in retreat for a very long time; so long in fact that God is today sending missionaries back to us, from those third world countries that we have sown seed in for years, to call Christians in our country to repentance.

Too long have we been running from the enemy, in retreat, and we have allowed him to take too much of our ground, here in our country!

The problem is today our nation and we as Christians have our backs up against the wall, and we have no further space to retreat to.

Whether our nation is to survive very long after this generation, as a free people, will depend on what we as Believers do today!

This is not only important for our sakes, that we act, but it’s important for the sake of our children and for all future generations!

It is imperative that we not follow the usual response of retreating in these days; but that we actually start resisting this evil, by resisting the Devil, and that we start retaking the lost ground, and that we take back our nation, by re-inhabiting our Constitutional Republic!

The enemy over the years has patiently laid the ground work for what we see happening today in our society, and this leaven has over the years been propagated and spread through our public schools, and through our media and culture.

This “political correctness” doctrine has been forced down our throats by politicians, who in spite of their oath to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution they have and are instead eroding away our Constitutional rights… and this is coming right from the White House and from our Congress!

Being that this deception has literally been going on now for over 140 years, in our country alone, there is today a very strong spirit of deception, as the enemy has gained influence and control over many of our politicians, and our judges; as he has gained control of much of the media and our public education system; and it is through this same false and evil doctrine of political correctness that this has happened, and continues to happen.

That’s not the worst of it, however, because the enemy has also slowly but surely lulled many in our society to sleep, as there is a very strong spiritual malaise that has settled upon our culture and our society, that has been spawned directly from the pit of hell, and it has affected many of our brothers and sisters, who call themselves Christians, but who are nevertheless fast asleep, as Rome burns.

What America needs more than anything right now is a Spiritual Awakening and Revival!

There is a glimmer of light and all is not lost, not by a long shot, as there are  Christians today, all across our land (in all 50 states, now called re-inhabited republics) who have banned together to do exactly as our Declaration of Independence declares that we have the right to do:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

These men and women are today doing exactly as our forefather’s once did against mother England, in winning our liberty, and in forming our Constitutional Republic, that only lasted for only a short while; and was stolen from us through the Act of 1871, that saw the formation of the District of Columbia; and the formation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION (click on the link to learn about our history).

For information on how you can join this ongoing effort, already in progress, where we have already re-inhabited our Constitutional Republic; and as the word is spreading across the land, and as more people are learning and becoming aware, that not only has our Constitutional Republic been restored; but we are also once again becoming “One Nation Under God.”

For more information on how you can contribute and become apart of history, in our re-inhabited Republic, and join in and help, just click on the following link and sign up at the Republic website, and receive regular updates.

Join in and listen to the weekly conference calls:

Open Republic Call
Republic Call is Open to Public
Wednesday –
6:00 P.S.T. / 9:00 E.S.T.
Conf #:  (323) 843-0075
Code:  819054

Prayer Call
Prayer is Open to all the Republic
Monday at 5:30 P.S.T. / 8:30 E.S.T.
Click Here for: Prayer Requests
Conf #:  (712) 432-0075
Code:  359789

Lastly, but certainly NOT least… please pray for our nation and pray for a smooth transition from this fraudulent de facto U.S. CORPORATION back into our de jure (lawful) Constitutional Republic, as it was always intended by our founding fathers!


Skip Barland


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