INFORMATION and NEWS on our re-inhabited Republic for the united states of America…

This is a radio interview with James Timothy Turner, the interim President of the Republic for the united states of America

(This interview runs about 90 minutes)

Our nation has been in a state of dysfunctional turmoil for many many years now; and our problems did not just begin a few years ago.

What we see today has been planned and managed for years, and today we are coming to the end of an era, where one of two things will happen.

  1. Our nation’s economy and the USD will default under this de facto U.S. CORPORATION, and in the midst of the resulting turmoil and civil unrest that will ensue, martial law will be declared; and our constitution and all of our freedoms will be a thing of the past; or
  2. “We the People” will not allow that to happen and we will take back our government and re-inhabit our de jure (lawful) Constitutional Republic.

Whichever one of the two choices that happens will depend on what you and I, and the rest of America does over the next several months.

If we fail to do this folks, then our future and the future of our children and all future generations for that matter, will be forever changed into something that is not very pretty; and in fact it will make what happened in Nazi Germany look like child’s play; and that’s according to what the Bible says will happen in the last days, under the Antichrist Kingdom.

Understand this, that this upcoming “One World Government” that is prophesied about in the Bible, will be the ultimate result of the “New World Order”, which was first announced publically by former President George H.W. Bush back in 1991.

What he did not tell us, however, was that this New World Order would be a totalitarian government, where these bankers and all those whom have joined their elite team, who have been bought and paid for by these people, they will be the masters and everyone else will be their slaves.

If you don’t think that can happen here in our country, then you need to take a look at history; and then understand that not only can it happen, it is already happening right now, right before our eyes… and it will continue to its completion, as planned, unless we stop it!

Do you want more evidence that what I am saying is true, then please just look around you.

No business operates continually in the negative, and expects to stay in business for very long; and no family operates that way either for long; so what is it with U.S. CORP that makes a difference? Has anyone taken a look at our National Debt lately?

The difference is, and the reason for this dysfunction is really by design. You see our nation has been bankrupt ever since the Civil War; and whereas this is something that is not taught in our schools, nevertheless anyone who wants to bother to look and do their own research will find out that this is true. It’s a matter that has been talked about in the Congressional record.

You see, subsequent to our bankruptcy after the Civil War, and on demand from the Rothschild’s International Banking Cartel, our politicians, under the 41st Congress, back in 1871, without the knowledge of the American people and without their approval; and also without the constitutional authority to do so, they collateralize every American man, woman, and child against the national debt of the Corporation.

All of this has been done through adhesion contracts, such as your birth certificate, your social security card, your marriage license, your driver’s license, and the list goes. And by the way, an “adhesion contract” is illegal, for the simple reason that all the benefits go to the other side… which in this case is the Corporation

If you think I’m kidding then for once read the fine print on these contracts that we all have been blindly signing for all these years, and see what it is we are agreeing to.

Take your driver’s license for instance, read the fine print on the bottom and on the back of that piece of paper; and then go and look up the thousands of pages of U.S. Code that is being referenced in the fine print of that contract, only by number; and see what it is that you have signed, and what you have just given away and have agreed to!

I can tell you, you are not going to like it; and if it doesn’t make you angry that this is your own government that is taking such advantage of you, then I don’t know what more to say… just go back to sleep and I’m sorry for disturbing you!

Folks, all of this started with the Act of 1871 that formed the District of Columbia.

The only reason that this was done was to form the UNITED STATES CORPORATION; and mind you, I’ll say it again, this was done without either the knowledge nor the consent of the American people; and also without the Constitutional authority to do so; and subsequent to that, both our U.S. Constitution and our Republic have been in moth balls, ever since.

Take a look at this graph:

Then ask yourself what person or business would ever tolerate these results, and allow this sort of mismanagement and malfeasance to continue for even one year, let alone over 97 years; which is when the Federal Reserve Act was first passed, in 1913.

It was in that year that our country came under the influence and controlled of foreign interests, through this PRIVATELY held corporation called The Federal Reserve Bank, and it is these men, most of whom (70%, 7 out of the 10 who sit on the board of directors) are not even U.S. citizens, but are foreign nationals, and it is these men who have literally been running our economy and our U.S. Dollar right into the ground, from the first day they took over.

Ask yourself for what other reason would we have a president in office, who was never vetted by Congress, and from all the available evidence, that is accumulating against him by the minute, he is not even a U.S. Citizen, let alone is he natural born.

The reason why this has been allowed and has been over looked is because our government is not a government at all, but we are (since 1871) a CORPORATION; and as such our elected officials, even though they are elected to office by the American people, they are nevertheless operating as officers of the corporation; and as such (as is the case with every corporation) their first loyalty is to the stock holders of the corporation, who in this case are these same International Bankers; and so obviously even from what we can see in the graph (above), they never have been operating in our interest at all… or else they never would have allowed this fraud on the American people to continue for so long, or even happen in the first place.

The question is why are they doing this? Are these people crazy, are they out of their minds; or are they operating with another agenda in mind?

I mean let’s be real, there is no person in their right mind, who has any kind of common sense, who would ever do what this UNITED STATES CORPORATION has done constantly, over the last 140 years, where each year they have spent more than they have taken in, to the point we have to date accumulated a 14 Trillion Dollar national debt!

There is one thing about accounting and that is the books have to always balance in the end… and so how pray tell is that going to happen, with a national debt so high. Didn’t anybody ever think about this… duhh?

I mean these same guys are the ones who recently and blindly passed over 700+ Billion Dollars of bail out/stimulus money, and none of our elected officials even bothered to read what was being voted on… but rather they just rubber stamped whatever was put in front of them, leaving it to us to pay the bill. I mean is this the behavior of sane men? I don’t think so, or is there something else that is going on, that isn’t being told… is there another agenda? The answer is, there most certainly is!

This sort of behavior has been going on for a very long time; and our elected officials, our politicians, have always chosen, rather than to have a balanced budget, they have instead chosen rather to pass this financial burden on to future generations; and for many of them they have been more interested in their own financial welfare and political job security; and have sought to curry favor with special interest groups and large corporations, and have gotten rich in the process no less… these full time “Civil Servants”… go figure!

Hey folks, this same malarkey is continuing today; as was evident in the latest State of the Union message that was given last night, where as is always the case anymore, these days, in most all of our political speeches, the people are just told what they want to hear, with no accountability whatsoever; and no one ever bothers to ask the question anymore why none of those promises that are given never happen?

Folks this is OUR country, and if you are happy with the way it is being run, then just keep on doing as you are, and keep your head in the sand; but if you truly want to preserve our liberty for your children and for future generations, then stand up and be counted, and come join the rest of us in taking back our nation. We have already formed our de jure government and we have re-inhabited our Constitutional Republic.

It is already done folks… all that is left is for you to come on board and lend your support!

These guys that are the true power brokers in Washington DC, who are controlling and pulling the strings of this de facto U.S. Corp are operating out of sight and in the dark, just as their father the Devil does.

They are not going to just roll over and give up without a fight; but they can’t fight a whole nation of people; and the only reason they have been able to maintain power for this long is because we didn’t know… well that has finally changed!

You won’t ever again be able to say that you didn’t know.

Besides, we are only talking about something around 5,000 men and women, who are at the head of this oligarchy, who want to control the world.

Please, if you haven’t already sign up today, please do so today, at:, and last but not least… please pray for our nation; pray for the leadership of the Republic, for our Republic President, Timothy Turner, and for all those who are working so hard behind the scenes, risking their lives to make this possible; and pray also that as much as is possible, that we have a smooth and peaceful, nonviolent, transition of power.

Shalom and may God bless America,

Skip Barland


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