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Saturday, January 14, 2023

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This week we will finish…

1 Samuel 1:19-28 and start chapter 2

1:19-23: Hannah Praises God for Samuel’s birth.

1:24-28: Hannah fulfills her vow to dedicate Samuel to the Lord.

1 Samuel 2:1-36
Prayer and Prophecy

Summary of Chapter 2

1 Samuel chapter 2 begins with a prayer from Hannah.

The wife of Elkanah prayed a prayer of thanksgiving as she rejoiced in the LORD and in His salvation.

It was an excellent prayer, she declared God a God of knowledge who weighed the actions of men.

She reiterated something written by Moses years prior.

Hannah said it is the LORD who kills and the LORD who makes alive (Deut 32:39)!

She declared God was in control of everything!

God would give strength to His King and exalt the horn of His Anointed.

It was a great prayer. Samuel, the son of Elkanah and Hannah, served the LORD in the priest or LORD’s house.

From there the chapter transitiones to Eli and his sons.

Eli’s sons were evil, sons of Belial, as it is stated, who did not know the God of Israel.

How do they serve in God’s house but not know God?

They do their own thing, which included enlisting heavy burdens on the people.

They did evil while representing God, and made people hate the offering of the LORD.

As Elkanah and Hannah came up yearly for the sacrifice, they would bring Samuel clothing and gifts.

Eli blessed them to have more children for their gift of Samuel to the LORD.

Hannah and Elkanah had three more sons and two daughters.

Back to Eli and his sons. He learned the true reports of how evil his sons were.

They would steal from the people’s sacrifice and sleep with the women and do all kinds of things.

Eli tried to rebuke them but they wouldn’t listen.

They didn’t listen because God had them as HE had Pharaoh, the LORD hardened their heart so they would not repent and thus be killed.

God confronted Eli because he condoned his son’s behavior.

One of the consequences Eli had to suffer was fatal for his offspring.

The LORD cut off long life in Eli’s house forever (I pray we are not of his descendant).

The lesson is that we must Honor God before men!


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