The De Facto Corporate fraud called THE UNITED STATES, INC… taking back our country!

Our only lawful (de jure) form of government in the united states of America, as per our founding fathers and our U.S. Constitution, is a Republic.

That being said, then why do our politicians, our presidents, and the media always refer to us as being a Democracy?

The word “Democracy” is NOT found anywhere in our U.S. Constitution, nor our Declaration of Independence, nor our Bill of Rights… check it out!

Don’t you ever wonder what is wrong with our government today, and why our politicians aren’t listening anymore to what We the People want?

They seem to be on their own track doing their own thing… and the truth is, most of them (at least among those who hold the power in Washington DC), they are on a different track!

The truth is there is something very wrong with this whole system, as it currently is, and the fact is we the people of these united states of America are in serious trouble, because the people who pull the strings over our government, our politics, and our media, are lying to us and are perpetrating the largest fraud ever on the American people.

What you don’t know and what you aren’t being told is that there is a very small, but very wealthy and powerful elitist group of people, most of whom are not even American citizens, who are the true puppet masters of our political system, the FED, and the media, who are vying to take over our nation and also the world, and establish for themselves what they call the “New World Order.”