God’s power trumps all the power of the enemy…

God’s power trumps every power and principality of the enemy, in every circumstance of life…

God’s Word promises that no weapon (no strategy or plan) that’s formed against us (who are His covenant children) will prosper (see Isaiah 54:17)!

Jesus in Matthew 28:18-19 tells us that ALL authority (all power) in heaven and earth has been granted to Him so that we can go out, in His name, and do the job He is calling us to do, which is to preach the gospel and disciple nations.

Fri, June 4
Today in the Word

By Dr Ryan Cook

Investment advisors often use the phrase “Past performance is no guarantee of future result.”

The phrase serves as a kind of disclaimer. Just because a particular company has performed well in the past, there is no guarantee it will do so in the future.

While it may not be a sound way to make financial investments, it is a good way to judge someone’s character.

It is why we ask for references on job applications or ask about their work history.

In today’s reading, the Psalmist applies this logic to his relationship with God.

He celebrates God as awesome and powerful. God has taken up His residence in Jerusalem and from there He has defended it by breaking “shields and the swords, the weapons of war” (v. 3).

We do not know what specific victory is being celebrated, but the point is powerfully made.

At God’s rebuke, “both horse and chariot lie still” (v. 6).

The horse and chariot were the most feared weapons of the ancient world. It would be like saying: “At God’s rebuke, aircraft carriers and nuclear warheads are powerless.”

God’s power is endless.

The Psalmist asks in awestruck wonder, “Who can stand before you when you are angry?” (v. 7).

God’s ability to defeat His enemies in the past serves as the basis of hope for the future.

This psalm looks forward to the day when people from all nations will pay homage to God (v. 11).

This theme comes to its fulfillment in the book of Revelation where rebellious powers and nations are decisively defeated (Rev. 19:11–21).

The New Jerusalem descends from heaven, and “God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them” (Rev 21:3).

As believers, you and I can know our future is secure because we serve an all-powerful God who has pledged Himself to it.

No earthly ruler can stand against God who offers us endless security and certain hope.

We rejoice in the security of knowing that You are with us now and forever! We extol You, our all-powerful God. Your wisdom knows no bounds and Your mercy is everlasting. Amen

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