By Faith Alone…

Our acceptance by God is based entirely upon FAITH (Eph 2:8-9); and even though this acceptance (our forgiveness & reconciliation) back into God’s family is “not of ourselves” (it’s a gift from God & not by works of anything we can do to earn it), nevertheless FAITH, by its very definition (Heb 11:1), requires action based upon our obedience to Gods Word.

Hebrews 10:38

“Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.”

Hebrew 11:6

“Without faith it is impossible to please God: for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.”

Faith is the medium of exchange between heaven and earth (the means by which we may appropriate heaven’s resources); and by its very nature, it requires our casting our very lives, our bodies and the entirety of our life circumstances upon the reliability and trustworthiness of both God and His Word.

Proverbs 3:6
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean NOT unto your own understanding.”

So based upon these scriptures, our acceptance by God and our appropriation of heaven’s resources have NOTHING to do with our righteous acts, nor our performance of anything we can do to earn it; but rather it’s ALL based entirely upon our resting in ALL that Christ accomplish for us on Calvary’s cross.

Hebrew for Christians

“And he believed the LORD, and he counted it to him as righteousness” (Gen. 15:6). 

Here note the distinction between the promise of God and the commandments of God. 

The promise of God is rooted in God’s heart – his desire and will, his character and passion – but the commandments of God are rooted in man’s heart, in his desire and will to obey (or not). 

Receiving God’s love is not based on imperative and the language of conditional acceptance, but is based on the promise of love and grace. 

The “work of faith” (מַעֲשֶׂה הָאֱמוּנָה) is to believe that God accepts you despite your unacceptability, and that you are esteemed righteous for believing the truth of God’s heart. 

Faith justifies the ungodly because faith accepts the promise, just as Abraham was justified because he trusted in the promise of the seed to come. 

Therefore, as Rabbi Paul taught, we maintain that a person is justified apart from the law (Rom. 3:28), which is to affirm that eternal life is found exclusively in the grace and promises of God. 

This is the Torah of “faith, hope, and love,” and it is a lifelong discipline to know it in the truth. 

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” (Matt. 5:6).


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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining… 

For every covenant child of God, there is a rhyme and a reason for everything that happens in their life. 
God promises to enter into every situation (the good, the bad and the ugly) and cause it to work together for our good, for everyone who loves Him and is called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28).

There are many examples of this that we may read all throughout the Bible. 

The reason for why God allows trials and tribulations is beauses it’s the only way our faith muscles may grow. 

Saturday, September 03, 2016
This Evening’s Meditation

C. H. Spurgeon

The Lord trieth the righteous.

—Psalm 11:5.

ALL events are under the control of Providence; consequently all the trials of our outward life are traceable at once to the great First Cause. 

Out of the golden gate of God’s ordinance the armies of trial march forth in array, clad in their iron armour, and armed with weapons of war. 

All providences are doors to trial. Even our mercies, like roses, have their thorns. 

Men may be drowned in seas of prosperity as well as in rivers of affliction. Our mountains are not too high, and our valleys are not too low for temptations: trials lurk on all roads. 

Everywhere, above and beneath, we are beset and surrounded with dangers. Yet no shower falls unpermitted from the threatening cloud; every drop has its order ere it hastens to the earth. 

The trials which come from God are sent to prove and strengthen our graces, and so at once to illustrate the power of divine grace, to test the genuineness of our virtues, and to add to their energy. 

Our Lord in His infinite wisdom and superabundant love, sets so high a value upon His people’s faith that He will not screen them from those trials by which faith is strengthened. 

You would never have possessed the precious faith which now supports you if the trial of your faith had not been like unto fire. 

You are a tree that never would have rooted so well if the wind had not rocked you to and fro, and made you take firm hold upon the precious truths of the covenant grace. 

Worldly ease is a great foe to faith; it loosens the joints of holy valour, and snaps the sinews of sacred courage. 

The balloon never rises until the cords are cut; affliction doth this sharp service for believing souls. 

While the wheat sleeps comfortably in the husk it is useless to man, it must be threshed out of its resting place before its value can be known. Thus it is well that Jehovah trieth the righteous, for it causeth them to grow rich towards God.

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Let us call upon the Lord in our time of trouble… 

The Torah states that the LORD is close to us… 

“in all our calling to Him” (Deut. 7:7). 

He listens to all of our heart’s cry – our yearning, our lament, as well as our praise, and attends to our daily needs. 

Our part is to turn to God for help in all that we do: we are to “know Him in all our ways” (בְּכָל־דְּרָכֶיךָ דָעֵהוּ) by trusting in his nearness (Prov. 3:5-6). 

The Torah states that the LORD is close to us “in all our calling to Him” (Deut. 7:7). He listens to all of our heart’s cry – our yearning, our lament, as well as our praise, and attends to our daily needs. 

Our part is to turn to God for help in all that we do: we are to “know Him in all our ways” (בְּכָל־דְּרָכֶיךָ דָעֵהוּ) by trusting in his nearness (Prov. 3:5-6). 

Even if we feel our prayer is unanswered, we trust despite our temporary darkness, believing that God sees our need and knows what is best for us. 

God is close “in all our calling to Him” (בְּכָּל־קָרְאֵנוּ אֵלָיו), and therefore we are often brought to a place of need. 

We can endure suffering and find acceptance as we call upon God for help in all that we do, then if we feel our prayer is unanswered, we trust despite our temporary darkness, believing that God sees our need and knows what is best for us. 

God is close “in all our calling to Him” (בְּכָּל־קָרְאֵנוּ אֵלָיו), and therefore we are often brought to a place of need. We can endure suffering and find acceptance as we call upon God for help in all that we do. 

[Hebrew for Christians] 

Psychology Profile on the 12 Disciples… 

The Twelve Disciples: Were they management potential?




Dear Sir:

Thank you for submitting the resumes of the 12 men you have picked for management positions in your new organization. All of them have now taken our battery of tests; we have not only run the results through our computer, but also arranged personal interviews for each of them with our psychologist and vocational aptitude consultant.

It is the staff opinion that most of your nominees are lacking in background, education, and vocational aptitude for the type of enterprise you are undertaking. They do not have the team concept. We would recommend that you continue your search for persons of experience in managerial ability and proven capability.

Simon Peter is emotionally unstable and given to fits of temper. Andrew has absolutely no qualities of leadership. The two brothers, James and John, the sons of Zebedee, place personal interest above company loyalty. Thomas demonstrates a questioning attitude that would tend to undermine morale.

We feel that it is our duty to tell you that Matthew has been blacklisted by the Greater Jerusalem Better Business Bureau. James, the son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus definitely have radical leanings, and they both registered a high score on the manic depressive scale.

One of the candidates, however, shows great potential. He is a man of ability and resourcefulness, meets people well, has a keen business mind and has contacts in high places. He is highly motivated, ambitious, and responsible. We recommend Judas Iscariot as your controller and right-hand man. All of the other profiles are self-explanatory.

We wish you every success in your new venture.

Sincerely yours, 
Jordan Management Consultants

[From: “Transforming Discipleship: Making Disciples a Few at a Time” by Greg Ogden – printed in SoJo Mail for 30 October 2003.] 

Getting our head around the fact that God’s ways and thoughts are truly not the ways of man or of this world. 

Jesus instructed His disciples to come to Him and learn of Him, and we are told in the Bible that the wisdom of this world is far different from the wisdom of God, and so by the spirit we are to operate with the mind of Christ. 





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Breaking through the Wall… 

Breaking through the obstacles and resistance of life… 

Success in life for the Christian means reaching  your destiny and fulfilling God’s purpose in your life. 

Jesus said that he came that we may have life and that we may have it more abundantly (John 10:10).

Are we not all intuitively looking for that Abundant Life, something to give our life meaning and purpose, to rock our world and give us a sense of completeness and fullness? 

Who better to determine how to give us that sense a completeness and purpose, than the One who authored and gave us our life to begin with?

This is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible:

Psalm 139:13-18

Living Bible (TLB)

13 You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit them together in my mother’s womb. 14 Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! It is amazing to think about. Your workmanship is marvelous—and how well I know it. 15 You were there while I was being formed in utter seclusion! 16 You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe. Every day was recorded in your book!

17-18 How precious it is, Lord, to realize that you are thinking about me constantly! I can’t even count how many times a day your thoughts turn toward me.<span data-fn="#fen-TLB-14038a" class="footnote" data-link="[a]” style=”box-sizing: border-box; font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; position: relative; vertical-align: top; top: 0px;”>[a] And when I waken in the morning, you are still thinking of me!

God has created each of us with a god-sized void inside of us, that can only be filled with Himself! 

So if we’re going to learn to be successful at life, the way God wants us to be, the way he has intended for us to be, then we’re going to have to learn to cooperate with Him, and put on the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5-11). 

God’s ways are not ours, and if we’re going to comply with the plan God has predestined for us, then we’re going to have to learn His ways and forsake our own. 

This is true in every part of our life and particularly in spiritual warfare. 

2 Corinthians 10:3-6

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 

casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 

and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.

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Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior

Ps 150:6

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! 

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Break Through the Wall

By Kenneth Copeland

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. – Philippians 4:13

You’re running the race set before you, moving full speed ahead with God’s blessing overtaking you at every step.

Then suddenly, wham! You hit the wall. It may be a wall of sickness or financial trouble, of spiritual failure or family problems. But, regardless of the form it takes, the effect of “the wall” is always the same. It stops you cold.

The question is, once you hit a wall like that, what will you do?

You’ll be tempted to quit, to turn back in defeat. But don’t do it. Because God will enable you to break through that wall and keep right on going.

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy. The truth is, it’s tough. But you have to push on through the tough times if you’re ever going to have a breakthrough.

Ask any athlete. He’ll tell you that! Because if he’s a winner, he’s been there. He’s pushed his body to what seems to be the maximum. His side has hurt. His lungs have ached. He’s had cramps in his legs and thighs. And just when he felt like he couldn’t go on, he’s heard some coach yell, “Come on! Move it!”

Athletes call that “hitting the wall.” It’s a time when the body says, “That’s it. That’s all I can do. I can’t go any further. I can’t go any faster. I quit.”

But the seasoned athlete knows that “the wall” isn’t the end. It’s a signal that he’s on the verge of a breakthrough. If he’ll toughen up and push himself a little more, he’ll get a second wind. Suddenly, he’ll go faster than before. He’ll reach a level of excellence he couldn’t have reached any other way.

When you feel the worst, when failure is breathing down your neck, press into the Word as never before. 

You may meditate on a particular scripture for days and even weeks sometimes, trying to get a revelation of it, seemingly without success.

Then suddenly, like the dawn of the morning, light will come pouring in. You’ll see the way to break through. 

All you have to do is punch one little hole in that wall of problems, dig one tiny hole in it with your faith and with the Word of God.

Then keep tearing away at that hole. Don’t quit! And, before long, the forces of God will come bursting through, demolishing every obstacle in their path!

Once that happens you’ll never be the same again. You’ll be hooked. It will only take one breakthrough like that to make a never-dying, never-quitting champion out of you.

[VIDEO] A prophetic word about Donald Trump…


Amos 3:7
JPS Tanakh 1917

For the Lord GOD will do nothing, But He revealeth His counsel unto His servants the prophets.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-21

19 Do not quench the Spirit. 20 Do not despise prophecies, 21 but test everything; hold fast what is good.

Trump Chosen by God To Stop America’s Destruction – Astounding 2011 Prophecy

Published on Apr 21, 2016… Rick Wiles interviews retired firefighter Mark Taylor who was given this prophetic revelation in 2011.

God’s Man: Firefighter shares 2011 vision of President Trump

(TRUNEWS) Retired firefighter Mark Taylor says God showed him in 2011 that Donald Trump would become President of the United States.

Taylor’s statements were made during an exclusive interview with Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS on Monday, April 18th, 2016, while sharing his prophetic visions publicly for the first time.

Taylor said he received God’s word about Donald Trump on April 28th 2011, while watching an interview featuring the New York billionaire.

While Trump was speaking Taylor heard the Lord say to him that he was listening to a President.

At the time, Trump was considering a presidential run and was also campaigning strongly for the release of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Though he ultimately decided against running for the GOP nomination in 2012, Taylor believes his appearance in the 2016 campaign is God ordained.

On April 28th, 2011 Trump gave a speech in Las Vegas to a gathering organized by the Clark County Nevada Republican Party.

In the speech he spoke directly about the present —and future— potential of him making a run for president.

Below is a copy of the message Mark Taylor says God shared with him:

Commander in Chief

The Spirit of God says, I have chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this.

For as Benjamin Netanyahu is to Israel, so shall this man be to the United States of America!

For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America.

America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, (other than Israel).

The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.

The Spirit of God says, the enemy will quake and shake and fear this man I have anointed.

They will even quake and shake when he announces he is running for president, it will be like the shot heard across the world.

The enemy will say what shall we do now? This man knows all our tricks and schemes. We have been robbing America for decades, what shall we do to stop this?

The Spirit says HA! No one shall stop this that l have started! For the enemy has stolen from America for decades and it stops now!

For I will use this man to reap the harvest that the United States has sown for and plunder from the enemy what he has stolen and return it 7 fold back to the United States.

The enemy will say Israel, Israel, what about Israel? For Israel will be protected by America once again.

The spirit says yes! America will once again stand hand and hand with Israel, and the two shall be as one. For the ties between Israel and America will be stronger than ever, and Israel will flourish like never before.

The Spirit of God says, I will protect America and Israel, for this next president will be a man of his word, when he speaks the world will listen and know that there is something greater in him than all the others before him.

This man’s word is his bond and the world and America will know this and the enemy will fear this, for this man will be fearless. The Spirit says, when the financial harvest begins so shall it parallel in the spiritual for America.

The Spirit of God says, in this next election they will spend billions to keep this president in; it will be like flushing their money down the toilet.

Let them waste their money, for it comes from and it is being used by evil forces at work, but they will not succeed, for this next election will be a clean sweep for the man I have chosen.

They will say things about this man (the enemy), but it will not affect him, and they shall say it rolls off of him like the duck, for as the feathers of a duck protect it, so shall my feathers protect this next president.

Even mainstream news media will be captivated by this man and the abilities that I have gifted him with, and they will even begin to agree with him says the Spirit of God.

[Note: Mr. Taylor thought the fulfillment of this prophecy was to happen in the 2012 election, and he thought he had missed it.]

Mr. Taylor originally wrote this amazing prophecy back in 2011, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come and why all who attack Mr. Trump will fall by the wayside.

What’s amazing is that this revelation has gone forth to thousands. The wrath of God has come not for the people of America but for the leaders of the establishment. The hour of judgment is upon them. The light has begun to shine and the darkness of evil will prevail no more.

[

Please keep Donald Trump in your prayers!

[Click here to read the history behind this corrupt DC Corporation that most Americans don’t even know about]

Down with the Bankster controlled Washington DC Corporation and the corrupt politicians that have sold our country out; and up with our organic US Constitution and the already inhabited Republic for the United States of America!

What comes to my mind is how the Bible says,

Isaiah 59:19

“So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

This is why we pray!



Son of

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There is a crisis unfolding right before your eyes…


Please note in the above graph the consistent devaluation of buying power in the United States, ever since the Federal Reserve came into existence, in 1913…

What you see happening today has been by design; and the truth is, this pending economic crisis, which we are experiencing, is the result of the biggest ponzi scheme ever perpetrated on any people in the history of the world.

It is an effort by the power elite, the international bankster families of the world, to bring about the collapse of the Western Central Banking systems, a system which they own and control, in order to introduce their solution to this problem that they have caused, and that is a fascist controlled “New World Order” and a one world monetary system.

What follows is a secular voice, that is one voice among many today, that are warning us of an impending correction and implosion of our entire credit based economic system.

Please keep in mind that our entire economy and monetary system, under this unconstitutional and de facto U.S. Corporation, is fiat based – meaning it has no intrinsic value whatsoever.

In fact the US dollar today has on its face the label “Federal Reserve Note,” meaning that it is not money at all, but it is an instrument of debt.

Whereas pursuant to our organic US Constitution, the ONLY legal tender that is allowed in America is either gold or silver.

Article I, Section 10 of the U. S. Constitution explicitly forbids the states from issuing “bills of credit” (promissory notes) or making anything but gold and silver coin legal “tender.”

God’s word also warns us that we are not to owe any man anything, except a debt of love (Rom 13:8); and yet in violation of these commands, the United States, over the last hundred years, has gone from being the chief creditor nation of the world, to become the chief debtor nation of the world.

Mind you all of this started when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, and our nation’s Banking and monetary system was put into the hands of private International Bankers.

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Who Owns The Federal Reserve? Hidden Secrets of Money

Now here’s a secular voice saying the same thing:

New Law Cracks Down on Right to Use Cash: Recently, the U.S. government passed a law that restricts your access to cash. But not for the reason you think.

According to newly found evidence, it’s much, much worse. Watch the video in the link below to find out more.

I want to make one thing very clear, and that owed to these unstable times that we are living in, all of which have been warned about in the Bible, that would precede the second coming of our Lord, that the ONLY “Ark of Safety” is Jesus Christ!

And this “Ark” is now boarding.

Come join the Adventure!



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