Life is all about learning to deal with the impossible!

Life is all about learning to deal with the impossible!

Nothing is impossible with God, and for the Christian, that is where it all begins; with our learning to deal with seemingly impossible situations and circumstances through our faith, our obedience, and our submission to the Holy Spirit, and also to God’s Word!

The Bible tells us that NOTHING is impossible with God; and today’s lesson starts off by telling a story about a bit of history, that was once perceived to be an impossible situation (see below); that later turned out not to be impossible at all.

In life, it would seem, that we are often faced with situations and problems that seem well beyond our control, or ability to manage, or even put up with; and so consequently, during these times we are asked in scripture to trust in God.

Our problem always seems to be that our “believer mechanism” always seems to malfunction; which happens to be that part of us that God has given to each one of us, as a measure of faith, that is in fact, at least in part, how we are created in God’s image and likeness.

Perhaps it is because we have been infected with something called sin, that has skewed our spiritual understanding and perception of true reality, as it exists; and it has also unfortunately (as we know from scripture) severed our connection with our Creator.

Problem is, without that connection intact, we are ALL hopelessly loss and totally unsuited for this life; and owed to our separation from our Source of Life, we all are like fish out of the water, floundering on the beach of life, trying to survive.

So then what is the Solution?

Well for that we have but to consult the Manufacture’s “Owner’s Manual” for life (which is called the Bible) for instructions.

The problem is most people, mostly with guys (I’m sad to say, being one myself), but also women too, we normally don’t like reading instructions; and so therefore we end up at an awful disadvantage, and also we have inadvertently handicapped ourselves more than we know, by trying to figure life out all by ourselves, through trial and error… and mostly error, I might add!

Oh, what needless pain and suffering could be avoided, if only we would first decide to read and apply the owner’s Manual, for instructions in how to navigate through life.

So here we are today, facing another 24 hour opportunity to learn, and for most, unfortunately, it will be wasted; for others it will be a continuation of yesterday’s problems and difficulties; and for still others they can look forward to a brand new set of challenges… but regardless, suffice it to say, we all are dealing with something.

What most don’t understand is that all of life’s problems, in our trials and tribulations, including all those problems we think are so impossible, ALL of it is a setup, folks; a setup that has been designed and choreographed specifically for each one of us, before we were even born, and as the Bible tells us, even before God laid the foundation for the world.

Our lives, whether we realize it or not, were all preplanned; and we all were created and came equipped with a pre-established destiny and purpose, that is specific to who we are; howbeit, the Instruction Manual plainly tells us that it requires our cooperation and faith to implement it… and it will not be implemented without that happening.

That is where we come in, because God has designed our lives, as was illustrated in the life of Jesus, to be an extension of His own, and for us to operate in total unison and sync with God the Holy Spirit; and to the extent we fail to do this, is what the Bible calls sin… and so hence we have a Savior.

So today’s exercise, for all of us, is to cease viewing life solely through the eyes of the world and our limited skewed understanding of it; and begin to push out the outer limits of our preconceived and self-imposed limitations; and begin to see things through the inspiration and revelation of the Spirit, who lives inside of us, that is based not upon our understanding, or lack of same; but rather it is founded upon what God has promised us in His Word.

We need to understand this one point, that the only way any of us will fail to win this race, called life, is if we quit; for the prize that awaits us will not be given for crossing the finish line first, as we are accustom to; but rather it is given for having persevered and having not quit; and having remained in faith.

So that is our assignment today, should we each choose to accept it; to face today’s challenges with new insight and vision, and boldly go where we possible were afraid to go before.

Let us cast our lives completely and totally into hands of the Man from Galilee; who stilled the waters, with but a word; who raised the dead; fed the multitude; and walked on water; who also is our example to follow, in all things having to do with life. Selah


Skip Barland

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May 29, 2010

Never Say “Never”

Immediately he preached the Christ in the synagogues, that He is the Son of God. —Acts 9:20

While a friend and I walked along the path of the former Berlin Wall, he told me, “This is one of those ‘never say never’ places in my life.” He explained that during the years when the Wall divided the city, he had made a dozen trips through Checkpoint Charlie to encourage members of the church living under continuing surveillance and opposition in East Germany. More than once, he had been detained, questioned, and harassed by the border guards.

In 1988, he took his teenage children to West Berlin and told them, “Take a good look at this wall, because someday when you bring your children here, this wall will still be standing.” A year later it was gone.

When Saul of Tarsus began to attack the followers of Jesus, no one could have imagined that he would ever become a disciple of Christ. “Never. Not a chance.” Yet Acts 9:1-9 records the story of Saul’s blinding encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. Within a few days of that life-changing event, Saul was preaching in the synagogues of Damascus that Jesus was the Son of God, to the astonishment of all who heard him (vv.20-21).

When it comes to God’s work in the most difficult people we know, we should never say “never.” —David McCasland

God’s power cannot be confined
To what you think is possible;
So when it comes to changing lives—
Imagine the impossible. —Sper

Never say never when it comes to what God can do.

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  1. Your blog is so refreshing. I pray that God will continue to use you and fill you even the more.
    God bless…

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