Prayer is having communion with God; and it is an investment of our time that pays major dividends.

Prayer is having communion with God; and it is an investment of our time that pays major dividends…

The fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom;

and knowledge of the Holy One results in good judgment.” (Proverbs 9:10)

Below is an inspiring message that contains some wise advice, for anyone who wants to succeed in life, and do better than they have in the past.

It is on the subject of prayer.

What most don’t understand is that prayer is an investment of our time that returns major dividends in many different forms.

George Mueller once said of his prayer life that he got more accomplished in four hours of work that was preceded with one hour of prayer then he ever could have accomplished in the five hours of work, without the prayer.

In other words, he found that just that one hour spent with God, preceding his work, that it paid back major dividends in bringing more wisdom, direction, and decrement to Mueller’s efforts.

I suppose it would be like having your favorite iconic hero, say some successful businessman that you really respected, that was of world renown and reputation, what if he were to call you on the phone and tell you that he had taken an interest in your life and your career, and was sending his personal jet to pick you up, and was erasing his entire calendar just to spend time with you, to help you and mentor you that you could have good success in everything you do in your life and in your business? How valuable would that be to you?

Now what do you suppose your response would be?

Truly if this is someone you knew could be of immense help to you, and save you untold time, work, and money just by showing you the ropes and sharing his wisdom and experience with you; and if you knew that any time at all spent with him, having him mentor you like this would just change your life totally for the better, would you even give it a second thought? I think not.

And yet that is exactly the offer God has given to each of us; and yet how many give Him the response they are too busy, or have too many other important things and obligations?

How dumb is that?!!

So before you elect to turn this offer down, just think for a moment about your past, in how much wasted time and efforts you have made; and had poor discernment on people and business deals you have gotten involved with; or had to go back and redo some job or project again, because it was done incorrectly?

How much money do you suppose all that wasted time and effort, and materials cost you?

Do you think that if you had the advice of someone who is all-knowing, and all-powerful, who sees the future and can give you His wisdom, input and discernment, do you think that would be valuable?

Of course it would be; and all of this comes as a part of the deal, and is a part of our inheritance and reward for being in relationship with our Creator, our Heavenly Father, who is also our God… and for being a part of His heavenly family!

His name is Jesus Christ… Don’t leave home without Him!!!


Skip Barland

Let us pray often in the Holy Spirit…

1 Corinthians 14:4 says,

“He that speaks [or prays] in an unknown tongue edifies himself…”

Please note that our praying in the spirit (in tongues) edifies us, even though we are not conscious of the prayer’s content.

From: Two Listeners
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2010 2:06 AM
Subject: GC – June 18 – Wait

God Calling


The world has always seen service for Me to be activity.

Only those near to Me have seen that a life apart, of prayer, may, and does so often, accomplish more than all the service man can offer Me.

If man lived apart with Me and only went out to serve at My direct command, My spirit could operate more and accomplish truly mighty things.

And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place … his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray. Luke 11:1


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2 thoughts on “Prayer is having communion with God; and it is an investment of our time that pays major dividends.”

  1. Thank you…

    That’s very kind, and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers very much.

    God bless…

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