The House Church Revival in China…

Did you know that China is now the world’s #1 publisher of Bibles, even though private printing and distribution of bibles and underground house churches remain illegal, and many Chinese Christians and pastors remain jailed for their faith?

The Light on the Silk Road

Jesus tells us that He will return once there is a witness for the gospel in all nations:
“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:14

The old Silk Road spans across China and the Middle East

In the first century AD until about 500 AD the spread of Christianity traveled from the Middle East to most areas throughout the Roman Empire. By the time Islam was established in Mecca (sometime after Muhammad’s death in 632 AD), Christianity had already reached the western and northern territories of Europe. During the Middle Ages (approximately 500 AD until about the 15th century), Europe became the center for Christianity. And by the end of the 18th century, Christianity dominated the entire western world, reaching as far as the Americas. It was during this time that Western missionaries began their work as ambassadors for Christ to the un-evangelized continent of Africa and countries to the far-east, such as India and China.

As Christianity continued to grow, Islam had also spread to various areas of the world. Starting from Saudi Arabia, it encroached upon the already Christianized areas of the Middle East, then traveled throughout North Africa, upwards to Russia, east through Central Asia via the Silk Road, and finally into the northwestern region of China.

One such missionary was Dr. Robert Finley, who went to China nearly 60 years ago. At that time, he found there were fewer than one million Chinese who called themselves Christian – and of those, less than half were truly born-again believers. Then, in 1949 the communists took over, and all foreign missionaries were expelled from the country.

But just about the same time as Dr. Finley’s departure from China 60 years ago, and unbeknownst to Finley or any other Western missionary, Chinese indigenous missionaries had already begun a very long walk. Traveling along the Silk Road from eastern China, they walked over 1,000 miles before reaching the western province of Xinjiang (meaning “new frontier”). It was the original homeland of Turks who were driven westward by the Mongolians in the 13th century. This area is populated with the Uyghur people who speak a Turkic language, common along the Silk Road extending as far as modern day Turkey. These dedicated Chinese Christians evangelized with passion, as they risked their lives under communism, spreading the gospel light along this part of the Silk Road.

The harvest is ripe in the marketplace along the Silk Road in Central Asia.

Because of the fervor of indigenous missionaries like these, and
their establishment of
underground “house churches,” Christianity is spreading throughout all Asia and now (60 years later) it is estimated that there are over 100 million Christians in China alone.

For the past ten years Christian Aid has assisted these indigenous missionaries in their outreach to Chinese Muslim Turks in Xingiang. Many Christians believe that in God’s time the gospel light will move back to Jerusalem via the Silk Road.

»Support native missionary work among the underground churches in China.

Christian Aid seeks to establish a witness for our Lord Jesus among unreached people groups by assisting highly effective native missionaries who already know the languages and culture and are getting the job done for less cost.

Below is an invitation given by a friend and sister in the lord, who heads a Messianic group of believers who meet in Laguna Woods, here in Southern California.

What God is doing in the House Church Movement/Revival on Mainland China is nothing short of amazing!

I once heard a man from missionary organization that there were more Christians meeting in the underground House Church Movement in China, than in all the churches in Western Europe and the United States combined… Wow, how awesome is that!!!

Then I heard of this movement where Chinese Christian are planning to take the Gospel to Jerusalem, preaching the Gospel to all they pass along the way, using the same ancient road that was once used by silk traders; and this means they will also be evangelizing in all the Islamic nations they pass along the way as well.

Below is an invite to all of you in Southern California to attend a Messianic Meeting, where some Chinese brothers and sisters from a group called “Melody of My Heart” will be worshiping the Lord singing and praising the God of Israel through Hebrew songs, and Davidic dance.

Tuesday, July 6th at 2:00

Clubhouse 3, Dining Room 2

23822 Avenida Sevilla, Laguna Woods, CA 92637

Important note: Bring this flyer to the gate

Messianic Club July Flyer

If you’d like to attend make a copy of the flyer (above) to get in, past the guard gate.


Skip Barland

From: wendy cohen []
Sent: Sunday, June 20, 2010 3:07 PM
To: Wendy
Subject: Silk Road to Jerusalem: Messianic Club July Meeting

Dear Friends,

A few months ago, I was invited to a unique weekly gathering.  Dozens of Chinese people, mostly speaking Mandarin, were singing and praising the God of Israel through Hebrew songs, with Davidic dance.  They were praising the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and praying for the safety of Israel.  Strange and wonderful, I found out they support the building of bomb shelters in the north of Israel, they are closely aligned with a Messianic Congregation in Haifa, and they participate in an international prayer ministry for Israel.  They are on-fire for Adonai.  And they honor the One who gave them breath by honoring His first born children, the Israelites.

They are a part of a large ground swell of Chinese Christians who support Israel.  Their ministry is called “Melody of My Heart.”  Started twelve years ago by Pastors Francy and Paul Yeh as a Chinese music ministry, it changed radically six years ago, when God grabbed them, took them to Israel and opened their hearts to Messianic worship.  Now, they create music that combines Messianic melodies and harmonies with some Chinese influences.  They blow shofars, teach each other about Jewish customs, discuss the feasts, celebrate Shabbat, pray about current events that affect Israel, and financially support Messianic Israeli ministries.  Now, Melody of My Heart has exploded into an international ministry, with prayer/worship centers in China, US and Israel, incorporating people around the world into their prayers for Israel.

We are honored that some of their representatives will speak at our Messianic Club Meeting on July 6th(Flyer attached.  Remember to bring it with you as your Gate Entrance Ticket if you don’t live in Laguna Woods.)


A number of people have been requesting that I send out the notes each week from our weekly Torah study.  As the notes are very extensive, I have decided, instead, to send out the highlights as often as I can.  Called “Golden Nuggets,” they will be easy to identify.  But if you do not want to receive them, please let me know.  They will be posted as well at

God bless you all always … forever and ever … amen and amen … and especially THIS DAY!  Hope to see you on July 6th at 2:00.

Shalom!  Shalom!



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