God made something beautiful out of my life!

Keeping our eye on the ball, and remaining focused on the what is the true meaning of Life…

His name is Jesus Christ!!!

Only He can make something beautiful out of our life!

Steve Apirana – Singer/Songwriter
Steve Apirana is one of the finest Christian musicians currently working in Australasia (this is a region of Oceania: and includes Australia, New Zealand, the island of New Guinea, and other neighboring islands in the South Pacific).

He is a gifted communicator, highly skilled guitarist and vocalist with an extraordinary sense of humor.

As a musician, Steve specializes in blues and gospel. His pedigree reaches back into the seventies, having played support for such luminaries as Daddy Cool, Black Sabbath, Split Ends, and Dragon.

He was a member of the seventies band Butler and as well as doing much solo work he was involved with The Velvettes, a sixties spoof rock band. Equally at home with acoustic guitar or his trademark Fender Strat, Steve’s playing is matched by his rich bluesy voice.

Steve captivates audiences in a way that very few can. When performing, it’s not long before his charm, honesty, self – depreciating humour and excellent musicianship has audiences totally absorbed.

A former street kid, Steve found faith in Jesus Christ, graduated as a social worker, and then returned to the same streets, working with the Anglican City Mission to reach out to people in need. Steve’s life and experiences have been a perfect grounding for a style of communication that doesn’t threaten but dares to be honest.

I haven’t heard this song in a long time; and reading an old book today, I ran across the CD stuck in between the pages.

As it happens, I really like both the message and the song; and so I thought to share it with you.

I hope you like it too, and that it blesses your day!


Skip Barland


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