GOD WILL MAKE A WAY… See the Lord raise a baby girl out of a coma on live camera!!!

“All things are possible, if you can believe!!!”

How can you not love a God like this?

Rest assured that God will also make a way for you too…

The Miracle Baby at River Church in Durham, NC
by Jonathan Daoana (videos) – 9:57

This is the story of an 8-month old baby who has been in COMA since she was 2 months. It was caused by a violent shaking of the baby by her babysitter.

Against doctors’ orders her mom took her out of the hospital just to bring her to church on a December day even only for a few hours.

All that her mom had was faith. All the people had to do was believe. All that the baby had to do was be healed.

Watch it and see what God can do even FOR YOU.

~ Jonathan Jay Daoana (Masters Commission GCF Dagupan)

Our God is a God of miracles, and yet how many of His children doubt and are in unbelief.

One of the major signs that the Apostle Paul said would be common in the Last Days, before Jesus returns to earth, he said that Many would have a form of religion and would acknowledge a belief in God, but would nevertheless deny the power!
(see 2 Timothy 3:5)

Times have not changed very much from the days of Christ, where it says that Jesus went unto His own hometown and there He couldn’t do very much in the way of miracles, except that he healed a few sick folks… and why? The Bible says it was because of their unbelief!

Now if the Living Son of God, who is Himself God incarnate (in the flesh) cannot overcome unbelief in His people, I’m sure also that we can’t either.

Folks, it is never a matter that God doesn’t want to perform miracles in our life, for truly what we call the “Supernatural” is very natural and ordinary for God; and it should also be for us.

What we need to do is start acting like we believe the Promises of God’s Word, and start confessing them with our mouth, and finally begin to thank God for answered prayer before there is any tangible evidence of it… all of this is what the Bible instructs us to do, by the way.

It isn’t necessary that we believe in our mind, or our intellect… only in our heart (our spirit man)… as the Bible says: Believe with your heart and confess with your mouth, and you shall be saved! Selah

So whatever needs you are facing today, and I don’t care what it is, if you can find a promise in God’s Word addressing your need, then you can know it’s God’s will for you to have your miracle… and in Jesus Name, believe for your miracle! Selah and Amen


Skip Barland


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