The Lord is our Shepherd… and He wants to lead us in every area of our life; but as sheep it is for us to follow!

Below, is another excellent devotion from David Wilkerson on this subject of trusting God in any and all situations of our life.

The point was made by David that he was trusting God in some areas, but not in others… and so the message God gave to him was that “God wants it all;” and by “ALL” He means all.

The apostle Peter (in 1 Peter 5:7) tells us to cast the total of our cares upon Him; in other words this means to roll them off of our shoulders, and on to Christ; and it goes on to say we are to do this because Satan roams about to and fro in the earth seeking those whom he can devour.

Now why is that? Why would my carrying burdens make me susceptible to attack by the enemy?

Well I believe the answer is because fear and doubt, when harbored and entertained in the life of a believer, in believing or accepting something as truth that is not, these emotions and feelings when allowed in our life can become a stronghold, and therefore they become a calling card for any demons in the area to get involved in our life

Apprehension and fear work counterproductive to faith, and they are the antitheses of faith; as are also haughtiness, bitterness, and unforgiveness too.

These emotions will light us up like a porch lamp on a warm summer’s night, and all the demons in the area will be attracted to us like a magnet when we are harboring emotions and feelings like these, that are in disobedience to God’s Word in and violation of our covenant.

God created us for intimate fellowship, and that means there is no part of our live that we should keep for ourselves, and say this is for me; and this is for God… God wants it all!!!

However if we insist on keeping our hurts, our anger, our resentments and turn away from God’s invitation to give it all up to Him, then He will just let us go our own way, and sink ourselves deeper in the mire of our life; until such time as we get tired of our stubborn disobedience and we call out to God for help and deliverance.

God is a gentleman and He will not ever force His will upon us; but life, such as it is, has its way of making those corrections for us, and believe me, it is NOT fun!!!

It is much better for us to begin by following the instructions in the Manual (our Bible), right from the get go; and thereby avoid a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

God will not settle for second best in our life, and He won’t be a backseat driver either!

Either we relinquish full control over to Him, through our becoming intimately acquainted with the Holy Spirit, our being filled with His power, and our following His instructions and guidance in our life; or we are on our own… and that is the only two choices we have. Selah

This is a hard lesson to learn, for sure… but it is an important one!


Skip Barland

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by David Wilkerson | July 8, 2010

“Blessed are all they that wait for him…. thou shalt weep no more: he will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry…and thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left…. Ye shall have a song, as in the night…and gladness of heart” (Isaiah 30:18–19, 21, 29).

Isaiah was saying, “If you’ll just wait on the Lord—if you’ll cry out to him again, and return to trusting him—he’ll do for you everything I’ve said and more.”

God can merely speak a word, and the enemy will falter before us: “For through the voice of the Lord shall the Assyrian be beaten down” (Isaiah 30:31).

Beloved, there is no matter our Father can’t solve, no battle he can’t win for us, with a mere word from his lips.

Isaiah says “the breath of the Lord” will consume everything in our way (Isaiah 30:33). Yet, this process of trusting God in all things isn’t easy.

Recently I sought the Lord about a situation concerning our church building here in New York City.

I told God, “I trust you about this, Father. I have sought you about it, and I will be at peace about it.”

Here is how he answered me: “David, I’m amazed that you can trust me with your real estate, finances and other material things. Yet, you still won’t trust me with your physical well-being.”

I’d been very aware of my age. And I’d been overly concerned about what would happen to my family after I’m gone.

Now the Lord’s convicting words hit me like a thunderbolt. I’d put every material concern into his hands, but not the eternal concerns. I realized, “Lord, you want me to trust you with everything, don’t you?”

Yes, dear saint, he wants it all—your health, your family, your future. He wants you to entrust him with every matter. And he wants you to live in quietness, confidence and rest.

So, go to your secret closet and get alone with the Lord. Bring everything to him. He has promised, “You’ll hear my word behind you, telling you which way to go. This is the way—now, walk in it.”

The evidence of faith is rest. Trust faith results in peace of mind. And true faith trusts all things into his hands.


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