Posted Marathon Conference Call for the RESTORED Republic of USA – Recorded 10/30/10

Your reinhabited Constitutional Republic has been formed…


The GOOD NEWS is that the restored Republic of the united states of America is growing and moving forward; but there are still things that need to happen and be expedited at the State and local levels, which are discussed in this conference call!

On the other side the news is not so good for U.S. CORP; and the silence in the U.S. News media so far on this subject is deafening, as the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, according to investment people across the world, including bankers, and people inside the international intelligence community, are all saying the same thing, as even the Congressional Budget Office has recently reported, and that is this house of cards, called our American economy is about to collapse.

This collapse is owed to the fact that U.S. CORP is both bankrupt and insolvent; it has no capitol, no cash, no collateral, and no longer does it have the credibility and confidence of the international community.

So consequently U.S. CORP is about to collapse under the weight of its now over 13.7 Trillion Dollar debt, as the U.S. CORPORATION continues its deficit spending now at the rate of over 4.16 Billion Dollars of additional debt which is being added to this negative ledger every single day!

What will follow if we are not able to show that we have a structured government in place when U.S. CORP defaults, the United Nations, which is nothing but another arm of the Globalist Intentional Bankers, will come in and take over by military force and martial law will be declared in our country!

So either we get the pillow of our already restored Constitutional Republic, or we get the boot and bayonet of martial law and the “New World Order!”

Now I ask you, which do you want for your children?

What follows is a 5 ½ hour marathon conference call where interim President of the restored Republic of the united states of America, Timothy Turner, answers a lot of questions and explains where we are and the whats and whys of why the individual states of the union now need to expedite the completion of their State Republic System, in time to be ready to take over, and return our government to our original de jure Constitutional Republic, when the present corporate system collapses.

(Click on above link to hear conference call)

The call is long, but contains relevant and important information.

Also, please note that it will automatically advance consecutively through each segment to the next; or you can manually advance forward, which ever you prefer.

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This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

5 thoughts on “Posted Marathon Conference Call for the RESTORED Republic of USA – Recorded 10/30/10”

    1. This was the latest Republic Conference Call that I have uploaded to Youtube. It was recorded back on October 30th; and there will be more to follow.


      1. Yes I see that…..did you just start this blog though??? I gather you are a TT supporter…..which republic are you from???

  1. Skip….have you seen this…..I saw it at another blog…….

    Bonnie in Michigan | November 11, 2010 at 11:56 am | Reply

    My husband just sent this off to the Republic:
    Dear President Tim Turner,

    We have been following your progress and was wondering when you / military plan to formally announce to the public about the new Republic? We also wonder when the new metal backed dollars announcement will be taking place so the farm claims settlement can be fulfilled.

    Based on the election results, the people are ready to hear and SEE positive change. One of these changes would be to announce the return to the constitutional government and give the people back their taxes paid in for 2010 immediately for those who register under the new Republic.

    We thought perhaps the Nov 3rd speech by De facto President Obama would be the introduction of the De Jure administration.

    There were slight indications, if you listen, you did hear and outline of topics that would point to the new Republic if you know what is coming. With election done, time is of the essences to move foward with the announcement.

    We hear that De Facto President is taking a number of planes and folks to India, while Clinton and other cabinet or government officials are in Asia right now. We hear that some of the wealthiest American elites are on their way or have arrived in the Asian realm. We continue to hear about other wealthy American elites pledging their wealth to do some humanitarian outreach when we know they are pledging their dollars to the De facto cause.

    When will this stop?

    We have heard that the Federal Reserve has been foreclosed upon by China, all assets confiscated and returned to China including the plates to print money. We have heard that Federal Reserve Banks have been shut down (bankrupted) and restored into US Treasury banks supporting Basil II or III. We hear that the US Treasury Banks has the new metal backed dollars and a few folks have even seen the new US Treasury dollars.

    When will we announce?

    If I could speak for the people who have been supporting the process, we are extremely frustrated, probably not as much as yourself, with all the stop / starts. We understand your original plan was years not months to convert. We understand that many road blocks have been put in your / our way but you / we have overcome. Right now, the announcement, should be seen as a great step forward by the people as a reflection of the new election.

    Mr. President, when are we moving on?

    We understand that the Federal Judges have cleared their dockets in late October to early November.

    We understand that the Federal Judges are meeting to discuss on how to use Common Law in their courts.

    We watched Glen Beck for the last few nights on describing the puppet master behind the collapse of the American economy.

    We also understand that the week of Nov 8-12 will be big announcements.

    So, when will there be an announcement?

    If I could say a pray at this time, it would be:

    Father God, In the Name of Jesus, please send Archangels Michael and Gabriel with their angles to lead and clear the pathway immediately for De jure President Turner & our Military to make the announcements for returning to a Republic Nation following the Constitution, using Common Law, Metal backed Dollars, the release of funds to the farm claims, the Trustees of the different prosperity programs, and to the people for the rebuilding of our nation and its infrastructure while all wars & false wars are stopped so peace reigns on Earth.

    Lord, we bind the enemys efforts to delay, their tongues from speaking falseness and preventing them from manifesting in any form against our plans. We also pray a hedge of protection around De jure Government, our Military and all those who are supporting the De jure government and the intercessors. Lord, we call forth the announcements now in Jesus Name to set your people free both from De facto law and finances. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

    Timing is everything, we know, but your supporters are waning similar to the book of Revelation when God reduces the time Satan is to reign on Earth. We also need time to fix the infrastructure before the end of 2011 / beginning of 2012 Solar Flare cycle. The longer you allow delays, the less time we have to repair / replace infrastructure and the greater the risk we will lose Sovereigns.

    So, Mr. President Turner, when will we move to the announcements?

    Bob Hoyer

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