What are we to do regarding this very real threat of Islam in our country?

In a Constitutional Republic ALL citizens are treated

equally under the Law, which law is our U.S. Constitution!

The following was forwarded to me today by a friend, and I really believe we need to adopt this, or an equally wise approach, in dealing with this very real and dangerous Islamic problem that we have today; but we need to do so without compromising or infringing upon the First Amendment Rights of anyone, who is a LEGAL U.S. Citizen.

Interesting point of view from a Texas friend of mine.  Could this work in Murfeesboro, TN?  Jim

One of the key things I see, is not the legality or constitutionality of whether or not they have a legal right to build the Islamic Victory Monument at the site of their victory on 9-11.

It is purely the absolute nastiness and ugliness of the Muslims in general as being neighbors.

Every country they have immigrated Islam into, they have begun subverting the culture, and as their numbers grow, they become more confrontational and aggressive.

A particularly nasty group of Muslims wanted to build such an Islamic Cultural Center in Katy, TX in the Houston suburbs.

They bought the land in the semi-rural area where livestock was still permitted.

They had barely broken ground when they started complaining about the cattle and horses on the property next to theirs.

They picked on the WRONG man, who was a Vietnam Era Vet and had an attitude.  He countered with complaining to them about their proposed sound system that broadcasted the Islamic Call to Prayer 5 times a day, and said since he was a Christian, that it offended him, and he demanded they eliminate it from their plans or at least keep the volume low so it wouldn’t violate his property!

They left in a huff and returned a few days later with a lawyer.

He did a little more zoning research and found that he could raise PIGS on his property, legally!

He then decided that he would follow their Islamic calendar and on every holiday, would hold public Pig Races and a good pork BBQ event!!!

Perfectly LEGAL, but he only returned the neighborliness that was extended to him by the Muslims.

Daniel, a good friend, and fellow Southern troublemaker, and I were going to sponsor a pig that would be trained to race.

The Pig Races are a Texas State Fair tradition and are very entertaining. But alas, it seems that the Warriors of Islam had a change of heart about the location of their Islamic Cultural Center!

I would LOVE to see the Southern Pork BBQ Hall of Fame and Cultural Center in NYC across the street from the Cordoba House Islamic Victory Monument!

It could be the very Embassy of the South with the magnificent African-American BBQ pit Masters guest cooking in the restaurant and holding seminars on the finer points of BBQ’ing the noble and beloved Swine!

BTW…  did you know the significance of the name Cordoba House?

Cordoba, Spain was conquered by the Muslims in the 1200’s and the Catholic Cathedral was reduced to rubble and a Mosque was built on the ruins of the cathedral!!

Interesting, isn’t it?  Muslims have a thing about building on top of conquered nations’ symbolic places.

Know what the Dome of the Rock is sitting on?

Solomon’s Temple and the former home of the Ark of the Covenant among other Christian and Jewish relics.

Hey, folks, it’s all legal!

The moral of this story is that we need more real Texans weighing in on this mess!

We’ll straighten out these misguided individuals, post haste!


No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Islam technically is not a religion, but rather it is a very narrow minded and radical ideology, one that denies people who are ruled by it their basic rights and freedom of choice; it is also very repressive, as it persecutes and often times murders all those who disagree with it.

With that being said, pursuant to our First Amendment Rights under our U.S. Constitution, ALL legitimate and legally recognized religions and faiths, by law (meaning according to our U.S. Constitution) must be treated equally, and that would even include the church of satan; because in a free society you cannot deny equal rights and protection to one, and not to the other, without subverting and endangering the rights to all.

That’s the difference between operation under a democracy and a constitutional republic.

Under a democracy the majority who votes rules, and the majority can deny those rights to any one minority they wish; but when you have that paper barrier called our U.S. Constitution as the highest law of the land, all must bow to it, and conform; and be treated equally under the law.

This protects the rights of the minority against the tyranny and discrimination from the majority; which was the intent of our founding fathers.

After all the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment reads as follows:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Today if it happens to be a cult who is being denied their First Amendment rights, there will inevitably be many in the church who would cheer such a thing; however I believe it is a mistake to do so, because tomorrow it could be a Christian Church that is being denied their First Amendment Rights; as truly many are today under this repressive and anti-Christian and anti-Constitutional political environment in which we live.

I believe something like this (as this guy from Texas did) or something similar would actually work, if only we would do it; and something like this could be done without denying anyone’s Constitutional Rights.

The only other alternative, in my view as a way to handle this radical Islamification movement in the U.S., would be to have it declared through legislation and through our courts, not as a religion, but rather as an anti-American and anti-Constitutional, subversive movement, which I totally believe that it is; and treat it as any other political movement, such as the American Communist Party.

The ONLY exceptions that has been allowed in the past, prior to this current liberal and so called “Progressive” attitude/movement that is today so prevalent in our legislature and in our courts today, which would allow any sort of compromise on our Constitutional rights, has only happened when such action has been shown to be in the best interest of the public good and/or safety; or in the event of national security.

For instance freedom of speech stops and no longer applies when one shouts “fire” in a crowded public theater, where no fire exists; or in times of war, where freedom of press has been curtailed in order to prevent news papers from printing the travel schedules of the various shipping lines.

I believe as with all things in life, we have but to turn to the Bible for examples and ideas, as to how we are to handle problems, even one such as this. I truly think that Elijah had the right idea.

As you can see in the above video, I believe in applying Elijah’s approach to this Islamic problem, as he displayed on Mt. Carmel, before the eyes of Israel, against the Priest of Baal, who by the way are the predecessors of what we call today, Islam.

The worship of Allah is not the worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at all; but Allah is a demonic entity, known also as the “Moon God”, ergo the crescent moon in their symbol, and this was also what Baal worship was all about… and both are tied to the same demon god, which is a false god!

Personally, I don’t believe we ever have to be fearful of these sorts of demonic movements in a free society, as long as the truth is told and ideals and doctrines, or ideologies, are honestly aired and debated openly in a public forum.

This will always work in a free society where truth is allowed to prevail and be expressed; because all you have to do every time you are confronted by a subversive group and its idealolgy, such as with Islam, is expose them in the light of day, and put their stuff out in the open for all to see, including their long history of murder and mayhem; their radical and narrow-minded agenda, and beliefs; and just let everyone see the truth for what it is… and by so doing just turn on the Light, and the darkness dissipates every time.

Besides, as Elijah said, in the Skip paraphrase version of the Bible: “If Allah be God then let Allah show his stuff!!!”

Anyway, that’s my opinion.


Skip Barland


This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

2 thoughts on “What are we to do regarding this very real threat of Islam in our country?”

  1. Great article, Skip! I am still laughing at the Texan’s ingenuity. Perhaps our government could use a little more ingenuity in its dealings with the encroachment of Islam in this nation.

    1. Thanks Pat, and yeah I know the Texas story was funny and the solution to the problem was also very simple.

      Honestly, I think the only constructive changes that we will see will only happen after our Constitutional Republic takes over the reins of our government.

      As per usual with this corrupt and illegal U.S. CORPORATION and the evil oligarchy who controls the purse stings in the U.S. CORPORATION, who also own and control the Federal Reserve Bank, who also have corrupted both our political system and our media for the last 100 years, and all of whom are corrupt as the day is long, they won’t allow those politicians who are in their pocket to act (and I mean both Republican and Democrat), unless they absolutely have to.

      All you have to do is look at their long history, because our politicians only take action when they have to, and then typically it is only to serve the Globalist One World Order agenda, not ours; and so as per their long and established track record, that won’t happen until after we have another national emergency.

      Make no mistake, but that the goal of these people, who are the puppet masters and the true power brokers, is to collapse and destroy both our U.S. Constitution and our government, just as they did in pre-Nazi Germany.

      They will do so by creating enough internal havoc and public unrest and fear, to allow them to declare martial law; and then the next stop will be the New World Order, and the loss of ALL our liberties and our country!

      This is what will happen unless “We the People” wise up and restore our Constitutional Republic, as our forefathers intended; and that can’t happen unless we start by repairing the corrupt foundation of our government.

      If we stay on this present course, with this two-party system merry-go-round that we have been on for the last 139 years, all of which is controlled and manipulated totally by these outside and foreign banking interests, then all we are going to have is more of the same, of what we have seen for the last 139 years, in that nothing of any substance will ever change, that will correct any of our problems, which goes to the very foundation of our government; and that is because the people who are pulling the strings and also the politicians they control, who are setting our course and making our laws, they are the problem!!!

      I recommend if you haven’t already done so, please go to http://republicoftheunitedstates.org/, and sign up and let’s clean house and get rid of all the corruption; and let’s take back our Constitutional Republic.

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