Preserving our liberty… Why a vote for either Romney or Obama is a vote for the New World Order

Preserving Our Liberty

Unfortunately it looks like the Conservatives in America (Republicans) and the Liberals in America (Democrats) are given only two choices once again, both of which support the Globalists New World Order agenda, which means the further and ultimate erosion of Republic and our Constitution, which is already being virtually ignored by both parties in both the Congress and in the Obama administration.

Doesn’t anyone ask, or do they even care, why the playing field is always so narrow every election year?

Why don’t people like Ron Paul, who by the way has a very large following and did quite well in several of the primary elections, ever get to compete on a level playing field?

Don’t the American people see that this whole two-party system is a complete sham, and that the Globalist Bankers have both political parties in their pocket, as they do the propaganda mouthpiece for the de facto D.C. Corporation, which is the American media?

Folks, don’t you know that you’re being lied to again, and these same people have been playing the American people like a Stradivarius violin for more than 140 years now?

If we are ever going to save our country, preserve our liberty, restore our only de jure (lawful) Republic, and our Constitution as the highest law in the land again, as the Constitution itself states that it is, then we are going to have to take our country off this de facto merry-go-round that has been the cause of all the problems we are having today.

This two-party system, that is made up of both Democrats and Republicans is what got us into this mess, ever since this de facto system was started over 140 years ago, and do you really believe that after all these years a switch back to a Republican administration is going to change anything?

What did eight years of President George W. Bush do for our country, except further erode our Constitutional rights, with the Patriot Act, and give over 800 Billion of our hard earned tax money to bail out the Bankers, of which 40% of that money still remains unaccounted for?

Before you read further about how a vote for Romney is a vote for the New World Order, and I might add also a vote for Obama takes us to the very same place, please take a look at what Alan Keyes has to say about our voting for the lesser of two evils.

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Once again, the Republican Party is being tempted to vote for “the lesser of two evils”. A lot of Republicans are actually considering voting for Mitt Romney because they have bought the lie that he has “the best chance” of defeating Barack Obama in 2012.

But just because he is the Republican candidate that is most like Barack Obama does not mean that he has the best chance of defeating him. The truth is that no self-respecting Republican should ever vote for Mitt Romney. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the New World Order.

Romney comes from the financial establishment, he is being showered with money from the financial establishment and he supports all of the goals of the financial establishment. This year, millions upon millions of dollars are being funneled into Romney’s campaign and into pro-Romney organizations. The New World Order is literally trying to buy the 2012 election for their dream candidate. Romney would be the ultimate Wall Street puppet, and if you cast a vote for Mitt Romney you are playing right into the hands of the financial elite.

If you do not believe that a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the New World Order, just consider Mitt Romney’s positions on the issues….

#1 The Federal Reserve

To the financial elite, there is no more important financial institution in the United States than the Federal Reserve, and Mitt Romney is a huge supporter of the Federal Reserve.

During one Republican debate, Romney actually tried to explain to all of us why “we need to have a Fed”.

Not only that, Mitt Romney has stated that he is not really concerned about what is going on over at the Federal Reserve. Mitt Romney has publicly stated that he is “not going to take my effort and focus on the Federal Reserve”.

That kind of talk is music to the ears of the financial elite.

Also, Romney fully supported the reappointment of Ben Bernanke as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve despite his absolutely horrific track record.

#2 Money from The Bankers

Mitt Romney is getting far, far, far more money from Wall Street bankers than any other Republican candidate.

In a recent article entitled “The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying To Buy The 2012 Election”, I detailed how numbers compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics show that Mitt Romney is getting more money from the employees of the “too big to fail” Wall Street banks than all of the other Republican candidates combined.

The following is an excerpt from that article that shows how much money employees of those banks (and their spouses) gave to various candidates for president during the first 9 months of 2011….

Mitt Romney: $813,300
Barack Obama: $198,874
Tim Pawlenty: $101,515
Rick Perry: $58,900
Jon Huntsman: $28,250
Ron Paul: $13,104
Herman Cain: $2,715
Michelle Bachmann: $1,500
Newt Gingrich: $1,250

Even though Romney’s poll numbers have been in the mid to low 20s most of the time, employees of the big Wall Street banks gave him $813,300 during the first 9 months of 2011 and they only gave $105,719 to the rest of the Republican candidates that were still in the race at the end of the third quarter combined.

#3 The Wall Street Bailouts

During the last financial crisis, Mitt Romney was a very enthusiastic supporter of the Wall Street bailouts.

Back in 2009, Romney delivered a speech in which he made the following statement about bailing out Wall Street….

“I know we didn’t all agree on TARP. I believe that it was necessary to prevent a cascade of bank collapses. For free markets to work, there has to be a currency and a functioning financial system.”

During the Wall Street bailouts, gigantic mountains of money were transferred from the pockets of U.S. taxpayers into the hands of greedy Wall Street bankers.

Wall Street would definitely like to have someone in the White House who will bail them out once again when the next great financial crisis strikes.

#4 Health Care

Republicans are supposed to be against Obamacare, and yet millions upon millions of them plan to vote for someone that came up with the plan that Obamacare was based upon.

Barack Obama has admitted that much of his health care plan came directly from what Mitt Romney did up in Massachusetts. In fact, a recent MSNBC article brought to light some new information about the relationship between Romneycare and Obamacare….

Newly obtained White House records provide fresh details on how senior Obama administration officials used Mitt Romney’s landmark health-care law in Massachusetts as a model for the new federal law, including recruiting some of Romney’s own health care advisers and experts to help craft the act now derided by Republicans as “Obamacare.”

The records, gleaned from White House visitor logs reviewed by NBC News, show that senior White House officials had a dozen meetings in 2009 with three health-care advisers and experts who helped shape the health care reform law signed by Romney in 2006, when the Republican presidential candidate was governor of Massachusetts.

Conservatives all over the country have been loudly denouncing the individual health insurance mandate in Obamacare, but Mitt Romney has had the gall to claim that the individual health insurance mandate that he signed into law as governor of Massachusetts was based on “conservative principles”.

So how has Romneycare worked out for residents of Massachusetts?

Well, according to the Daily Caller, health care costs and health insurance premiums have gone up dramatically in Massachusetts….

Since the bill became law, the state’s total direct health-care spending has increased by a remarkable 52 percent. Medicaid spending has gone from less than $6 billion a year to more the $9 billion. Many consumers have seen double-digit percentage increases in their premiums.

That doesn’t sound good.

Romney now says that he wants to “repeal” Obamacare, but what he means by repeal may not be what you and I mean by repeal.

Someone should ask Romney what he meant when he stated that he wants “to eliminate some of the differences, repeal the bad, and keep the good” in Obamacare.

#5 Free Trade

One of the key goals of the New World Order is to create a one world economic system. That is why so many of our politicians continue to push “free trade” even though tens of thousands of U.S. businesses and millions of U.S. jobs have gone overseas.

Of course Mitt Romney is a huge advocate of the “free trade” agenda.

The following quote comes directly from the Romney campaign website….

Access to foreign markets is crucial to growing our economy. We must reassert American leadership in international negotiations, follow through on commitments we have already made, and push aggressively for advantageous new agreements.

But the results of this “free trade” agenda have been absolutely nightmarish for the United States. According to U.S. Representative Betty Sutton, America has lost an average of 15 manufacturing facilities a day over the last 10 years. During 2010 it got even worse. That year, an average of 23 manufacturing facilities a day shut down in the United States.

In all, more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States have permanently closed down since 2001.

Globalism is ripping our economy apart a little bit more every day, and if Romney is elected the globalist agenda will only accelerate.

#6 Taxes

The New World Order loves to extract taxes from the American people. It was not a coincidence that the Federal Reserve and the individual income tax came into existence at nearly the exact same time nearly 100 years ago.

During his time as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney significantly raised taxes. The following is an excerpt from a CBS News article….

Mitt Romney’s Harvard MBA and gold-plated resume convinced many business leaders he would follow in the tradition of corporate-friendly Republicans when he was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2002.

Within three years, some had a vastly different opinion, after Romney’s efforts raised the tax bill on businesses by $300 million

That same article also notes that Romney jacked up “fees and fines” on Massachusetts taxpayers substantially during his tenure as governor….

Romney and lawmakers also approved hundreds of millions in higher fees and fines during his four years in office.

Many in the Massachusetts business community were quite disgusted with Romney by the end of his term. Peter Nicholas, the chairman of Boston Science Corporation, says that “tax rates on many corporations almost doubled because of legislation supported by Romney.”

#7 Government Spending

The New World Order loves big government and big government spending.

And let there be no doubt – Mitt Romney is a big spender when it comes to government money.

Government spending in Massachusetts increased significantly under Mitt Romney. This was especially true for the last two budgets passed under Romney. In fiscal year 2006, government spending in Massachusetts increased by 7.6 percent. In fiscal year 2007, government spending in Massachusetts increased by a whopping 10.2 percent.

#8 Global Warming

It turns out that Mitt Romney is a believer in the theory of man-made global warming. In fact, Al Gore recently praised Mitt Romney on his blog. In a post entitled “Good for Mitt Romney — though we’ve long passed the point where weak lip-service is enough on the Climate Crisis”, Al Gore lavished the following praise on the former Massachusetts governor….

“While other Republicans are running from the truth, he is sticking to his guns in the face of the anti-science wing of the Republican Party”

Not only that, it is also very important to remember that while Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts became the very first state to pass a law to regulate carbon emissions.

#9 Cap And Trade

If Mitt Romney becomes president, he is going to cram the radical green agenda right down our throats.

While campaigning for president in 2007, Mitt Romney said that he would fully support a global “cap and trade” carbon tax scheme as long as the entire world goes along with it….

“I support Cap-and-Trade on a global basis but not the USA going alone. I want to do it with other nations involved and on a global scale.”

#10 Illegal Immigration

Mitt Romney is very, very soft on illegal immigration. Back in 2007, Mitt Romney made the following statement….

“But my view is that those 12 million who’ve come here illegally should be given the opportunity to sign up to stay here”

Of course that will only encourage millions more to come here illegally, but Mitt Romney does not seem too concerned about that.

#11 Gun Control

One of the key goals of the New World Order is to disarm the American people, and Mitt Romney has been a huge supporter of gun control laws. When he was running for governor in Massachusetts, he made the following statement….

“We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts- I support them…I believe they help protect us, and provide for our safety.”

#12 Abortion

Mitt Romney has a long record of supporting the population control agenda of the global elite.

He claims that he is “pro-life” now, but Mitt Romney also once claimed that he was more “pro-choice” than Ted Kennedy.

Not only that, Romney once forced Christian hospitals and Massachusetts taxpayers to subsidize abortions in the state of Massachusetts. You can see evidence of this right here.

If he becomes president, Romney will be just like George W. Bush – a president that gives lip service to the pro-life crowd but that does next to nothing to actually stop abortion.

#13 The Pharmaceutical Industry

Just like the banking industry, the pharmaceutical industry is almost completely dominated by the New World Order. And the pharmaceutical industry has been absolutely showering money on Mitt Romney.

According to the CDC, the percentage of Americans that say that they have taken a prescription drug within the last 30 days has risen to almost 50 percent.

If Mitt Romney becomes president, it will be a new “golden age” for the pharmaceutical industry and that number will likely go even higher.

#14 The TSA

It recently came out that very elderly women are being strip-searched by TSA agents at U.S. airports, but Mitt Romney continues to fully support the TSA.

So if Romney becomes president we will continue to have to endure incredibly dehumanizing searches before we are allowed on to our flights.

#15 The Homeland Security Apparatus

Mitt Romney has stated repeatedly that he wants to make “homeland security” even stronger.

I have previously written about how Bush and Obama have turned America into a giant prison where virtually everything we do is watched, monitored, listened to, tracked and recorded in order to keep us all “safe”.

Well, Romney believes that all of this is necessary as part of the “war on terror”, and if Romney becomes president he will almost certainly push the envelope even farther.

#16 Guantanamo Bay

Mitt Romney has publicly stated that he would like to double the number of prisoners in Guantanamo Baby.

Just check out what Romney said during one Republican debate….

Now we’re going to — you said the person’s going to be in Guantanamo. I’m glad they’re at Guantanamo. I don’t want them on our soil. I want them on Guantanamo, where they don’t get the access to lawyers they get when they’re on our soil. I don’t want them in our prisons. I want them there.

Some people have said, we ought to close Guantanamo. My view is, we ought to double Guantanamo.

#17 NDAA

Barack Obama just signed a law which allows the U.S. military to arrest American citizens on U.S. soil, detain them indefinitely and ship them off to Guantanamo Bay for endless “interrogation” sessions. Mitt Romney has not taken a position against this horrible new law.

The truth is that if you look at the history of what he has done (not what he now says), Mitt Romney is virtually a clone of Barack Obama.

If the 2012 election is Romney vs. Obama, it really does not matter which one of them wins. Either one of them would do the bidding of the New World Order.

But millions of Republicans are being fooled. They don’t realize that Romney will say just about anything to get elected.

Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, once made the following statement about her husband….

“He can argue any side of a question. And sometimes you think he’s really believing his argument, but he’s not.”

So how do we know if he is telling the truth now?

The following is an epic video which demonstrates very clearly how dramatically Mitt Romney has flip-flopped over the years….


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6 thoughts on “Preserving our liberty… Why a vote for either Romney or Obama is a vote for the New World Order”

  1. So Skip, what are you saying ? Who are you voting for, Ron Paul ? You know that’s a vote for Oboma. Let us know !!!

    1. Hi Richard, if you read some of my other blogs you will know where I’m coming from. I’ve been a registered Conservative Republican all my adult life, until I discovered truly that both political parties, partisan politics aside, are on the same page, which respect to the “New World Order.” If you will remember it was a Republican president, George H.W. Bush, Sr, who first mentioned it publicly in a speech he gave back in 1991.

      It would also be helpful to study our history. Look up the Act of 1871. This is when the forty first Congress, without due process and the Constitutional right to do so, changed our Republic into a corporation.

      Coming out of the American Civil War we were bankrupt as a nation (1861), and the Globalist International Bankers, who are controlled by only a few very wealthy families, and are headed by the the Rothschild family, have used their power and wealth to control and corrupt our two-party system and our media.

      These secret organizations, which we all know about and read about (CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and etc) are all a part of their agenda, which is to establish a one world government and monetary system, that you can read about in the Bible.

      Skull and Bones, that secret fraternity at Yale, of which three generations of the Bush family have been members, is another extension or arm, and its sole purpose is to select and groom young men to represent this same agenda in business and politics, and Bush senior and Junior are members of that fraternity.

      The fact is BOTH political parties are as two sides of the same coin, and are taking our country to the same place. which is the “New World Order.”

      Also if you study the history, you’ll learn that one of the first things J.P. Morgan did when the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) was forming in the 20’s and 30’s was to find out how much of the Press they would have to own to control it, and was told at that time about 25%, and they have controlled it ever since. The fact is the Media in America is nothing more than the propaganda machine for the New World Order agenda, and that is why our news is so biased and slanted.

      Most Americans are completely unaware of this history, as was I, and I’m going to tell you we have to get off this two party system and re-establish our only lawful (de jure) government, which is a Constitutional Republic.

      Also, even though you always hear our politicians call our form of government a democracy, we are NOT a democracy! That term is not found anywhere in our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, nor our Bill of Rights.

      Our founding fathers purposely avoided making us a democracy, because all democracies in history have always ended up in bondage, controlled by an oligarchy.

      The difference between a democracy and republic is under a democracy the majority always rule, but under a Republic both the government and the people are governed by law, which for us is our U.S. Constitution, which is the highest law in our land.

      An example would be, as has been portrayed so many times in Westerns, you have a lench mob that’s about to hang their victim, until the sheriff shows up and says the “Law” says he’s entitled to a trial, The mob is operating as a democracy, and the sheriff represents the Republic.

      May God help us, because our nation is in trouble. The enemy has done his job well, here, and most people in America are going along with fhe flow, and are not even questioning anything this de facto government does. Both parties do this, they steal our money, give it to the bankers; pass a socialist healthcare system, which the American public said they didn’t want, and they gave it to us anyway.

      As they did with the Bailout, so they did with Obama-care, they just rubber stamped both bills, without any debates, or even reading the bills before they passed them.

      To answer your question about what the alternative is, as of March 30, 2010, the Republic for the united states has been re-inhabited, and are in all 50 states today.

      We the People are already taking back our government, through legal means, by law and the de facto D.C. Corporation is in trouble. They only have power as they maintain their secrecy, and with the advent of the internet that has all changed. They are trying to discredit us, the news media has virtually ignored us, but we are moving forward anyway, and our numbers are growing every day.

      The Republic website is:

      You might want to read this blog:

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    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding know-how so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience.

    Any help would be enormously appreciated!

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