For those tears I died…

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”

Matthew 5:3

What does it mean to be “Poor in spirit?”

You could translate it somewhat literally as spiritually needy or maybe spiritually famished. A modern equivalent might be depressed.

Poor in spirit means you’re all washed up, out of optionsat the end of your rope.

If that sounds like you, Jesus says you’re blessed!

God’s kingdom, with its wonders, its hope, its promise of healing, is right within your reach.

We ALL have had periods of depression where we feel as though all is lost, sometimes even hopeless as though God has abandoned us.

But faith tells us differently. Faith tells us that our God has not abandoned us and the reason we can know this is true is because He has given us His Word that He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us… no not NEVER!

When we are depressed, we don’t have the strength of will to reach out for anything, not even the kingdom of heaven.

And yet, paradoxically, even when we’re feeling so low that there seems to be no way out, those are the very times that God is inviting us to draw in closer and to stretch the roots of our faith deeper into Him.

Depression is something like being caught in quicksand. It comes upon us so slowly, so subtly many times, until we find ourselves overwhelmed; and the more we try to struggle in our own strength, the deeper we sink.

God has a different plan for us. God’s all about making oak trees, not mushrooms!

With and Oak tree there is a deep root systems that can withstand any storm; but it’s our choice whether we want to be a mighty oak, or a mushroom?

The oak tree takes time to grow. Likewise if we are to grow we have to learn to persevere and how to navigate through our problems and difficulties, trials and tribulations, using God’s Instruction Manual, called the Holy Bible.

One of the main pitfalls that we all face from time to time is depression.

Depression sometimes can come upon us like a whirlwind, that seems to be spinning our life out of control; but FAITH tells us that if we are in Christ, nothing is ever out of control, as we know from God’s Word that God Himself has choreographed each and every detail of our life, and that He did so even before He laid the foundation for the earth, before time began… and you don’t have to understand it, just accept it!

The problem is we are own worst enemy!

Maybe it’s our pride, or maybe our stubbornness, or maybe it’s just the life-sapping nature of this disease, called depression that causes to be so self destructive.

Whatever it is, all too often the tendency for many of us is to withdraw from fellowship when we are feeling depressed, to draw deep within our cave; for others they turn to some sort of self medication, be it alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, or worse sometimes street drugs, all in an effort to deaden the pain, or escape for a time from our problems, or maybe even from ourselves.

However, we still find ourselves waking up the next morning with the same problems and even sometimes we may find that we have even worsen our situation through the collateral damage we might have caused the night before with our harsh words and belligerent attitude towards our neighbors, our friends, or our family.

This is especially true when people drink too much alcohol, because it tends to take away all of our inhibitions to where will do and say things we wouldn’t normally. The nasty thing about words is once you let them loose, you can’t call them back!

What a terrible web of bondage we spin for ourselves by not turning to God in these times, and truly by our actions in seeking relief in our flesh, and not our spirit, we only end up gives further place to the enemy in our lives, which gives way to more strongholds that only worsens every problem and situation that we face. May God help us to not do this!

Whatever your situation or circumstances may be today, however impossible things may seem right now, please just know it’s NEVER impossible and it’s never too late to turn back; God loves you and in His longsuffering He just waits for you to notice!!!

This is what Jesus was talking about in His Sermon on the Mount, when He said: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!”

The poor in spirit are those who realize that they need help outside of themselves; and the truth is God created us to have fellowship and intimacy with Him, and without that connection in our lives, and without that Living Water flowing through our lives, and this is true for all of us… we are as fish out of water, flopping along on dry land looking for our way home.

The problem is, nothing satisfies… not the money, nor the power, and certainly not the alcohol or drugs!

You see God has a destiny and a mission for each of His kids, and if He didn’t, you wouldn’t be here!

Nothing and no one was created in this world without a purpose and a destiny, but it is up to each of us to decide whether we will follow Jesus, or whether we will go along with the world and be consumed with our selfish desires, ambitions, and pursuits that only take us further away from God.

But even then, for those who have walked away and have abandoned their faith, God doesn’t give up on them… not easily anyway! He gives us every chance to repent and come home.

Thank God for the Bible because in it we can find our reason to hope.

Remember the Prodigal son who told his father that he didn’t want to wait until his father died to get his inheritance; and so his father granted his wish… and he didn’t try to stop him or talk him out of it!

You see God loves us enough that He doesn’t push His will upon us, but rather He gives us each room to make our own mistakes!

 The Prodigal son is another example of one who became poor in spirit and in that condition he recognized his need for His Father.

Here he had been wiped out financially, his clothes were in rags, he was starving, he was alone, he was wracked by guilt, he had no place even to get out of the rain, and was literally eating with the pigs.

Only then, when everything was at its bleakest did he decide to go home. And there he found his father waiting, ready with healing, hope, and love.

Are you poor in spirit? This is your lucky day! Jesus is standing beside you, ready to give you a hand up and out of miry pit.

Have a blessed day in Jesus!




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