America in Crisis… the lights are on, but it doesn’t appear as though anyone’s home!

These are our Founding Documents…

question is has anybody in our government bothered to read them lately?

In case you haven’t noticed, America has been hijacked by an anti Republic and anti constitutional private group, who in their perverted ideology see our country and the world as belonging to them; we in their eyes are but “Useless Eaters,” and their one purpose is to subjugate the entire world under one global government and one monetary system, and not as a free people either, but as a totalitarian society, called the “New World Order.”

Whether we want to admit it or not, America has been a beacon of light for the rest of the world; and the Strength of America has always been found in our original form of Government, which is NOT a democracy, and nor is it a Corporation, as it exists today; but rather we were created and founded by our Founding Fathers to be a Constitutional Republic.

Our government is to operate under a contract with the American people, which contract is that paper barrier we call our U.S. Constitution; and it (the government) is to operate by permission of “We the People,” according to our original (organic) Constitution, in its original form, as One Nation Under God, that is of the People, by the People, and for the People.

Has anyone noticed, that this is definitely NOT the sort of government we have today?

Our Republic was built upon the Philosophy of people like Thomas Payne, John Locke, Louise Bastiat, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, who at that time our Republic was forming had studied every historical form of government up to 1787; and clearly they understood that the proper role of government had to be limited.

Today under this de facto corporation, at the behest and direction of a corrupt international private banking system that is controlled by a handful of families, this corporate fiction called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC has far over reached its constitutionally stated powers and is purposefully today causing the demise of our great nation.

Whereas I’m sure that many will find this comment from Ben Stein humorous, and will get a few chuckles out of it; but the sad thing is that this is the reality that we ALL are faced with today; and the truth is that our government is way out of control, and our politicians (both Republican and Democrat) are the Problem!

Certainly they are no longer representing the best interest of “We the People,” but rather they have long ago sold our interest out in favor of the interests of private bankers and of mega corporations.

We were warned:

 “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Thomas Jefferson

In fact, for me anyway, the logic behind anything this de facto government does today, be it at the Federal level or the local and state levels, it pretty much all escapes me; but this obviously is the caliber of people that we have voted into office, who are running things today.

Question is, do you really think they are that dumb, or is there a different agenda afoot, that is leading our nation into absolute and utter bankruptcy and default.

I mean just think about it, this D.C. Corporation hasn’t operated with a balanced budget for more than a 140 years now; and each year the way we are kept afloat is because the FED, which is itself a private corporation that is controlled by these same international bankers, prints more fiat (worthless) money every year to cover the de facto’s operating expenses that keeps us afloat, but which also drives up inflation, thereby undermining our economy, with the result that everyone’s 401 K and other retirement investment accounts are depleted and are growing of lesser and lesser in value each year, if in fact they still even exist.

No one would ever dream of operating a business or even their own affairs this way, where you are always operating in the red, where each and every year you get deeper and deeper into debt; but that is exactly the way our government has run for more than 140 years.

Not only is our Federal government operating this way, but also most of our local municipalities and state governments are also on this deficit spending program, which by the way these local and state governments are also no longer operating as Republics, but have been changed into Corporations as well.

I’m just asking a question here, has anyone bothered to read our founding documents anytime during the last 140 years, certainly our politicians haven’t, on the contrary they have been working overtime to ignore it; nor have most of our judges; and certainly it appears that most of our citizenry hasn’t read them either.

Now what sort of logic causes this Congress to pass BILLIONS of dollars in legislation without even reading the Bills before they vote them through, let alone debating them prior to passing them; as Obama promised would happen when he was campaigning in 2008.

Then to add insult to injury, of the more than $700 Billion that was spent to bailout the bankers, under a Republican President, ,George W. Bush, we still have 40% of that money which is still unaccounted for. Now I ask you, where’s the logic here folks? 

How come none of these bankers or politicians who were responsible for this fraud are being prosecuted today? After all, these guys make Bernie Madoff look like a choirboy.

You need to ask yourself are these politicians really that dumb or is there another agenda afoot here?

Actually the answer is no they aren’t that dumb, but they certainly think that we, the American people, are because every four years we keep this two-party merry-go-round spinning; and we keep reelecting the same caliber of people to represent us, under this Corporate umbrella; and still most haven’t yet caught on that this whole political machine has been rigged to fail!

Not only that, it is totally corrupt from the top down, and that corruption starts with the people who regulate and control all of our banking and monetary policies, which by the way 70% of the men who sit on the board of the FED are themselves foreign nationals.

Yet by law they operate with complete autonomy without any oversight or accountability to ANY elected official!

The Federal Reserve is in fact a privately owned for-profit corporation, and the natural question would be who OWNS this company?

Peter Kershaw provides the answer in “Economic Solutions” where he lists the ten primary shareholders in the Federal Reserve banking system.

1) The Rothschild Family – London

2) The Rothschild Family – Berlin

3) The Lazard Brothers – Paris

4) Israel Seiff – Italy

5) Kuhn-Loeb Company – Germany

6) The Warburgs – Amsterdam

7) The Warburgs – Hamburg

8 ) Lehman Brothers – New York

9) Goldman & Sachs – New York

10) The Rockefeller Family – New York

Now I”m going to show you the results of their management over our banking and monetary system for the last 99 years?

Now I ask you, what is wrong with this picture?

What’s worse is that most of the America people are still putting up with this nonsense and are still hoping that by electing another Republican to office that they will get some kind of change in direction for our country, and are hoping against hope that somehow a new Republic administration will save our country from this downward spiral that we are in.

Well I can tell you it’s not going to happen because these same bankers and the mega corporations who are in bed with them are the ones financing and propping up this D.C.Corporation, with worthless (fiat) Federal Reserve Notes; and they won’t allow it to happen; and what’s worse, the man you hope will be the “savour” of our nation, because he is a successful businessman, is also (as Bush was before him) working for these same bankers!

Sure there are partisan issues that are bantered back and forth, and are hotly debated, between Right and Left; but don’t you see that all of this is by design, in order to distract your attention away from what is really going on, in this Globalist Agenda?

These people, with Satan as their instructor and master, are playing us like a Stradivarius violin; and while most of the citizenry are consecrating on partisan issues, they remain oblivious to what is really going on financially, behind the scenes, from both sides of the political spectrum (both Democrats and Republicans), that is in fact destroying our country.

Folks, this is the result of a de facto Washington DC corporation that has taken over ALL the states of the union, and they have done so at the behest of these same international (foreign) bankers.

If you were to read our Declaration of Independence and our U.S. Constitution, you would learn that we were NEVER created to be a Democracy, by our Founding Fathers; and nor were we created to be a Corporation either, and yet that is what we are today; and it is also what these de facto politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, call us under this de facto Corporation.

The reason is under a Corporation the power flow is from the top down, as we have it today; but under a Republic the power flows from “We the People.”

Obviously the powers that be, these Globalist Bankers, cannot implement their Globalist agenda and their “New World Order” while we are still under a Republic form of government, that is tied to our U.S. Constitution; and that’s also why our politicians, whose strings are being pulled by them, are to a man (and woman) traitors to our Republic.


Our form of government is NEVER referred to as a democracy anywhere in any of our founding documents.

That fact alone should tell you that something is not quite right with this de facto Corporation, call UNITED STATES, INC!

The short version of what the difference is between a Democracy and a Republic is, under a democracy, as we’ve seen many times in countless westerns that we all have watched, where you have a lynch mob that is about to hang a man, where they have all voted to take that action; that is a democracy.

Then you have the sheriff show up, who says “NO,” the law says that this man is entitled to a trail by jury; that is a Republic.

The reason our founding father didn’t create us to be a democracy is because they saw that all throughout history, every nation that was a democracy always ended up in the end controlled by an oligarchy, that happened when politicians began to bribe the people to vote for them by offering them free gifts from the public treasury.

That is exactly what has happened here in America, and because it has been going on for so long, with all the welfare benefits and entitlements that have been implemented by this de facto corporation, the people who are benefiting from these  “free gifts” just don’t want to let go.

That’s especially true with things getting so bad in our economy for everyone, that more and more people are looking to government to be their savour, instead of looking to God and being responsible themselves!

How much better it would be to have a welfare system that’s designed to bring people to the point they don’t need a government handout; where they now can stand by themselves and be self supporting and independent?

The sad thing is that under this de facto system the people who manage these bureaucracies can only maintain their power and their job by keeping the public dependent on them, and so it goes.

The result will be that when everything collapses, owed to all the fiscal irresponsibility and mismanagement of the public’s funds, from the public treasury, that is when this evil oligarch, these Globalist Bankers, with the aid of elected politicians in Congress and the White House, who are also in bed with them, will attempt to take over; and that day can’t be very far off, because they are now running out of both time and money themselves!

My point is this, we cannot continue this deficit spending year after year, indefinitely (as we have been doing for more than 140 years), to where today our national debt is now over $16.2 TRILLION in the red, and think that somehow the laws of economics won’t apply to us!

It’s not going to happen folks, there are no big secrets here and there is no magic that will keep this gigantic house of cards, called the American economy, from eventually collapsing, sending our nation into default.

It has to happen sooner or later, and it is inevitable that it will happen, and sooner than most think! Our nation’s economy is nothing but a house of cards and it is just on the verge of collapsing right now; and when that happens, and you then have civil unrest all across our nation, with rioting and looting in the streets, when people can no longer buy food, then martial law will be implemented and then there goes our Constitution and our Republic for good… that is if these evil people have their way.

No these people aren’t stupid, because they have successfully pulled the wool over most American’s eyes after all these years, and they have successful perpetrated the largest fraud ever on the American people; and yet still today most are still following them, like sheep to the slaughter, in spite of all their endless maleficence and mismanagement. 

Didn’t our Lord Jesus warned us to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves?

It seems to me that I remember also that it is written in the Bible that we are NOT to borrow; that we are to owe no man except a debt of love, because it says that the debtor becomes the slave to the lender.

Hasn’t anybody read the history of what happened in pre-Nazi Germany, or in Russia, prior to Lenin’s takeover during the Bolshevik Communist Revolution; or what happened that led up to Mao Tse-tung’s takeover of what is today Communist Red China?

Folks, it ALL comes out of the same playbook that is being used on the American people today by these Globalist Bankers; and as the old adage says, “if we don’t learn from history, we are destined to repeat it!”

Please listen to this former Hitler Youth, who is today a whistle blower, who is warning us here in America of what our future will be, if we aren’t careful:

Oh that the American public would wake up!!!

May God help us because we cannot last very much longer with these sort of people, controlled by a de facto private corporation, at the helm of our Federal,  state, and our local governments.

Anyway that is my soapbox speech for today, and if I stepped on anyone’s toes I am NOT sorry.

Sincerely from a concerned American who loves his country,


“In God we trust,” 

and in God I trust through 

Yahshua Ha Mashiach my Lord!

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