The Lord is my Helper…

The Lord is my Helper!!!

Hitherto hath the Lord helped us

1 Samuel 7:12

The word “hitherto” seems like a hand pointing in the direction of the past.

Twenty years or seventy, and yet, “hitherto the Lord has helped!”

Through poverty, through wealth, through sickness, through health, at home, abroad, on the land, on the sea, in honour, in dishonour, in perplexity, in joy, in trial, in triumph, in prayer, in temptation, “hitherto has the Lord helped us!”

We delight to look down a long avenue of trees. It is delightful to gaze from end to end of the long vista, a sort of verdant (lush green) temple, with its branching pillars and its arches of leaves; even so look down the long aisles of your years, at the green boughs (branches) of mercy overhead, and the strong pillars of lovingkindness and faithfulness which bear up your joys.

Are there no birds in yonder branches singing? Surely there must be many, and they all sing of mercy received “hitherto.”

But the word also points forward. For when a man gets up to a certain mark and writes “hitherto,” he is not yet at the end, there is still a distance to be traversed.

More trials, more joys; more temptations, more triumphs; more prayers, more answers; more toils, more strength; more fights, more victories; and then come sickness, old age, disease, death.

Is it over now?

NO! There is more yet-awakening in Jesus’ likeness, thrones, harps, songs, psalms, white raiment, the face of Jesus, the society of saints, the glory of God, the fullness of eternity, the infinity of bliss. O be of good courage, believer, and with grateful confidence raise my “Ebenezer.”

(Reference: 1 Samuel 7:12 — “Samuel took a large stone and placed it between the towns of Mizpah and Jeshanah. He named it Ebenezer—’the stone of help’—for he said, ‘Up to this point the Lord has helped us!'” — The Ebenezer Stone (see right) represented a fresh beginning, a reversal of course for God’s people. It also said something important about God: his mercies are everlasting; his covenant is forever.)

He who hath helped thee hitherto Will help thee all thy journey through.

When read in heaven’s light how glorious and marvelous a prospect will thy “hitherto” unfold to thy grateful eye!

by Charles Spurgeon


One must never come to the Lord thinking that this spiritual life, which we are now supposed to live by faith, as born-again covenant children of God, is a quid pro quo relationship; that somehow since we have committed ourselves to God, that He now owes us!

Anyone who would give that impression to a new believer, that by becoming a Christian life is going to be easier, is really doing them a disservice and is setting them up to fail.

The truth is, life in general, as we ALL are living it now in this fallen world, is a challenge for everyone; and even more so after you have become a Christian, because you now have a target on your back, placed there by Satan (the Devil).

You can be sure that Satan is going to do everything that he can to challenge your decision to follow and serve Christ, because your success as a Christian means a definite loss of ground for him in his kingdom.

As it turns out, from God’s point of view anyway as we can learn from reading our Operations Manual (the Bible), this life that we are living, as Christians, is a training ground for eternity; and it is in this life that we are to learn how to apply God’s promises, His spiritual tools, and His power to overcome life’s difficulties.

Check it out and come join the adventure with us!

Listen to what King David had to say about this… 

Your problems come not to defeat you,

but to make you strong!

The only thing we have to do in order to win this race is don’t quit!!!


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