This is OBAMACARE… the sort of “CHANGE” we ALL could do without!!!

Obama change soupline

Soup Lines and utter dependency of the populous…

upon BIG government is what they want! 

by Skip Barland

How does this happen, where our country gets to the state it is in today?

First you create an atmosphere of desperation and fear in a volatile economy through inflation, fiat (worthless) currency, and unemployment, all of which has been manufactured by these bureaucratic agencies that are created and controlled by the very same oligarchy that controls and owns the political leadership of both political parties in our nation (Republican and Democrat), as well as the media and our public education systems across our land, and then you have the formula for a “New World Order,” where the populous (and that be us folks) becomes the slaves of the oligarchy that controls them.

They create the problem in order to bring about their solution… which is a “New World Order!

Now mind you this is the same strategy and it comes right out of the same evil playbook that saw Hitler’s Nazism take over in Germany in the 1930’s,.

You first have a divided people (the German citizens), who where so busy fighting among themselves, between Right and Left political faction (so that the people failed to notice what was going on behind the scenes); then you have an ever mounting atmosphere of fear and discontent which is always fueled by a controlled media; add to that an economy that was on a slippery slide downward towards depression, due to a worthless fiat currency and hyperinflation; then you add various false flag operations and terrorist activities that were also initiated and brought about by this same oligarchy who was behind Hitler, in order to strip away the last vestages of their constitutional rights, and then gain control of the German people through martial law, and you have exactly what is happening here in American today!

It’s the playbook from Hell and it is controlled by the very same people who today control the purse strings of the world, howbeit today (as they have always done in the past) they mostly have masked themselves and their activities through secret societies and fraternal organizations, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and Skull and Bones from Yale University, just to name a few.

This is what is going on in our country today and this is the strategy of the people behind the scenes, the powers that be, who make up the stock holders and board of directors of this de facto UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, who tell our Presidents, our Congressmen, and even our media what to do… and that means the Clintons, when they were in the White House, the Bush family (in both father and son–both are members of Skull and Bones), and now Obama.

It also includes most every president for the last 141 years, since the Act of 1871 was signed into law, with the exception of one, and that was President John F. Kennedy  (click here to hear speech), who was not in their pocket, and who was actively trying to extricate us from this economic enslavement, and it cost him his life.

DrBenCarsonA few weeks ago we had a wonderful speech that was given by Dr. Ben Carson (see picture left), who is the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, that struck a chord with many Americans across our nation, when he delivered a devastating critique of Obamacare at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this month, with President and Mrs. Obama seated only a few feet away.

I did a blog on this just after it happened, but on the chance that some of you who are reading this didn’t hear what Dr. Carson had to say, I’m going to post it again.

Subsequent to Dr. Carson’s speech Media Matters (a Left Wing Publication) said the following (from a WorldNetDaily article):

Media Matters has posted  a “research article” claiming Dr. Benjamin Carson is just “the latest in a long line of black conservatives – from Clarence Thomas to Herman Cain – relentlessly promoted and propped up by right-wing voices in the media.”

Once again more controversy is being stirred up in the media, by the media and consequently by the very same people who control the media, in order to keep the people divided, so as not to see the motive and agenda behind it all!

Who are these people?

There is a Proverb in the Bible that I was reading the other day that I think applies here:

Proverbs 16:16-23; 27-30

16 How much better to get wisdom than gold!

And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.

17 The highway of the upright is to depart from evil;
He who keeps his way preserves his soul.

18 Pride goes before destruction,
And a haughty spirit before a fall.
19 Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly,
Than to divide the spoil with the proud.

20 He who heeds the word wisely will find good,
And whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he.

21 The wise in heart will be called prudent,
And sweetness of the lips increases learning.

22 Understanding is a wellspring of life to him who has it.
But the correction of fools is folly.

23 The heart of the wise teaches his mouth,
And adds learning to his lips.

27 An ungodly man digs up evil,
And it is on his lips like a burning fire.
28 A perverse man sows strife,
And a whisperer separates the best of friends.
29 A violent man entices his neighbor,
And leads him in a way that is not good.
30 He winks his eye to devise perverse things;
He purses his lips and brings about evil.

It occurs to me that wise and godly council knows no race, nationality, nor any one ethnic group, but it is found among ALL people, mostly among people who serve God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who have taken the time to learn from His Word.

On the other hand foolish council and stupidity seems to transcend all boundaries of race and ethnicity, and is common to all people.

People who divide for the purpose of tearing down, in order that they can gain an advantage, are evil; and on the subject of race or ethnicity, everyone deserves to be liked or disliked on the bases of the color of their character, or as the Bible would put it based on the sort of fruit their life produces, but never on the amount of pigmentation in their skin.

To judge anyone based on their nationality or ethnicity is just stupid; and yet this sort of discrimination also comes from all sides and is also common among all people.

God on the other hand, who is the creator of all the diversity and variety that we see all throughout our world, feels otherwise, and I think this sentiment is amply described in the words of a song:

“Jesus loves the little children
All the little children of the world
Red and yellow, black and white
They are precious in his sight…
Jesus loves the little children of the world”

Obviously the folks who run this D.C. Corporation have a very different view of things.

They foster things like genocide through Abortion, and eventually Euthanasia through Socialized Medicine, or Obamacare as it is being called.

They also foster the manipulation and dumbing down and programming of our society and also of our children through its so called “Political Correct” agenda/philosophy, as it is today being taught to our children in the public school system and in many of our colleges and universities.

These people have certainly not gotten their direction from the Bible, as most of what they are putting forth is an anathema to the Bible and the Laws of God; but rather they have a whole different agenda and path that they follow, and that agenda is to enslave the entire world under their power.

Speaking as one who, until recently, has been a registered Republican for all of my adult life, who came from a family of mostly Democrats, I pray for these people on both sides of the political aisle, all of them (even Obama); and I ask God every day to either change them or remove them from office, before they can do any more harm to this great country that I love!!!

Will you please join me in the following prayer to preserve our land, our freedom, and our nation?

II Chronicles 7:14


Would you also take it one step further and take back our government?

First off, our main problem as a nation is NOT economic, as many in the media and among these de facto politicians would like you to believe… no, our main problem is spiritual, in that we have forsaken the covenant our Founding Fathers made with God!

Next, even Common Sense teaches us that you cannot erect a superstructure on a cracked foundation, and expect that it will last… it won’t happen!

Neither can we expect to keep doing the same thing the same way, electing the same people, the same politicians, to office under this corrupt and unconstitutional Corporate System, and expect different results from the ones we are getting, that is bankrupting our nation morally and economically, and at the same time robbing us of our liberty.

We have to first repair the foundation, which was never to be a corporation, and nor are we a democracy, as it is always called by those who control this de facto system (as the word democracy is not found anywhere in any of our founding documents), but rather we were always to be a Constitutional Republic, and we must be that again before we can even begin with reparing the superstructure.

Our Founding Fathers laid the foundation of our Republic form of government upon faith in God and the Holy Bible, and that is why our nation among all the nations in history and in the world has been so blessed; and likewise we need to return to those same moorings if we are to continue! 

Does that not make sense?

For those who would challenge that statement about the faith of our Founding Fathers, I recommend you watch this series of short videos:

Let us once again make our government  a government that is of the People, by the People, and  for the People, by re-inhabiting our only de jure (lawful) government, which is a Constitutional Republic.

Let’s take our government back, out of the hands of corrupt and dishonest politicians…

Come along and join the the rest of us, in our already re-inhabited Republic?


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“Granted, it’s a hard concept to swallow. It’s also crucial to understanding why the big banks present such a threat to the global economy.

Let’s start with a bit of background. Banks have a powerful incentive to get big and unwieldy. The larger they are, the more disastrous their failure would be and the more certain they can be of a government bailout in an emergency. The result is an implicit subsidy: The banks that are potentially the most dangerous can borrow at lower rates, because creditors perceive them as too big to fail.”

Certainly the Banks would rather we didn’t understand how they operate, for in any other industry the day to day practices of these banks, through such things as “Factional Reserve Banking,” for anyone else in any other industry would land them in jail!

To understand just how corrupt the Federal Reserve System is (which by the way is Federal in name only — and is in fact a privately held corporation), here is an excellent video (see below) regarding the history of money and how private bankers have corrupted our banking system and monetary policies over the years.

Owed to the fact that our nation was bankrupt coming out of the Civil War, and still is today in a state of bankruptcy, these private bankers, headed up by the Rothschild International Banking Cartel, are the oligarchy that makes up the stock holders and board of directors who both own and control this de facto UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION (that is registered in the state of Delaware, file No. 2193946).

This corporation is broke both economically and morally, and as the American people are about to find out, we are today on the verge of failure, thanks to their unbridled spending over these last 140 years (since the Act of 1871 was passed, that formed the Corporation) and thanks also to this ever mounting deficit that we have accumulated in that time, which now surpasses over  $16,500,000,000 (Trillion).

The truth is you cannot continue to spend more than you take in, as this UNITED STATES CORPORATION has been doing for the last 140 years, without the Laws of Economics eventually kicking in.

Consequently our nation is in for a rude awakening, and soon, as this house of cards that is built on nothing more than hot air, is about to default, in order to usher in the de facto’s solution to this problem which they created, which is a “New World Order!”

It has to and to think or act otherwise, as this de facto corporate entity is doing is just plain madness!

It is through this corporation that we who are its citizens, unknowingly through adhesion contracts which we all have signed (in Social Security Cards, drivers licenses, marriage licenses and the like),  have agreed that we and our children, through our combined sweat equity, are the collateral for the national debt. This is certainly not what our Founding Fathers envisioned for us, and they even warned us to guard against it.

As illustrated in this graph, we can plainly see to what extent these bankers have  undermined and have virtually destroyed the buying power of our currency, through inflation and deflation over the years; and in its place they have created a worthless fiat Federal Reserve Note (that is not even a a lawful currency, because it is not backed by anything but air, and as is printed on its face it is a “Note,” meaning a certificate of debt, that is backed by the over $16.5 Trillion deficit of this D.C. Corporation.

Thanks to these people our money today is not even worth the paper it is printed on; and yet these are the very people who are still in control of this de facto D.C. Corporation.


Here are a few things you didn’t know about the Mortgage industry and how it is defrauding the American people:

The Constitution for the united states of America is the Supreme Law of the Land, Article VI, paragraph 2. All statutes and laws enacted by Congress must be in harmony with the Constitution.

  • Any statute or law enacted by Congress that is in contradiction or disharmony with the Constitution is null and void from the beginning. It creates no duties, creates no rights, imposes no obligations or duties upon any Citizen of the united States of America. It is as if it never existed. Marbury v. Madison, U.S. Supreme Court decision, 1801.
  • “…all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution”, Article VI, paragraph 3. When we refer to the Preamble of the Constitution we find this statement, “…do ordain and establish this Constitution for the united States of America, italics for emphasis only.

By slight of hand, this statement gets converted to, “the Constitution of the United States”. The term “United States” has a specific meaning. Title 28, USC, section 3002, defines “United States” as a Federal corporation.

So then all executive and judicial officers who take the oath to the “United States” are working for the corporation identified as the “United States”. They do not take an Oath to the original Constitution.

By trickery and deceit, the government has converted all executive and judicial officers into corporate officers working for the corporate United States for the benefit of the corporation and not for the benefit of “We the People”. That is the current dilemma. We cannot get the corporate officers to listen to “We the People”. Look at what just happened with the so-called Health Care Bill. Simply rammed down the throats of the American People.

Question is this: Who owns the “federal corporation” known as the “United States”?  Very simple.  The Federal Reserve  Banking System.

All corporations have one goal, to maximize profits no matter what the human cost, or the environmental cost.

This oath to the “Corporation” creates quite a legal conundrum. The minute that “all executive and judicial Officers” take an oath to this mother lode “Corporation”, they have engaged in an act of treason against the People of the united States of America.

However, it the nature of criminals to protect themselves, and their actions against prosecution for their crimes. Especially when they are the ones writing the so-called statutes and laws. To wit, Title 18, USC, section 2381 defines “Treason” as “levying war against the United States”.

So then “Treason” is clearly defined as levying war against the corporation known as the United States, not as engaging in act of Treason against the People of the united States of America.

Thus “all executive and judicial Officers” are free to betray us and engage in all sorts of belligerent and unlawful, actions against American Citizens with total impunity.

Hence, we come to the central point of the mortgage foreclosure planned fiasco. Within the four walls of the courtroom, the judge is acting in the capacity of corporate officer interested in protecting the revenue of the corporation.

He is not adjudicating law. He is simply a revenue officer. A little known fact is that the judge makes a commission on each and every judgment that goes through his courtroom. The amount of commission is in dispute, could be as high as ten percent or more.

Keep in mind, the judge sits on the “bench”.  In French, “banc” means bank, and also means “bench”.  So then, the judge sits in for the “bank” as a corporate officer protecting the interests of the “banc”.  A simple but very clever method of deceiving the sheeple of the united states of America.

One other thing, the word “America”, when reduced to its Latin pre-fix, root word and suffix,  means this.  The prefix “A” means no,  the root word “merci” means mercy, and the suffix “ca” means sheep.  Therefore, the word, “America” means in Latin, No mercy for the sheep.  So now you know.

Continuing with the mortgage foreclosure fiasco. Courts with real judges, hard to believe, but there are some judges with a sense of moral imperative, all over the country have set forth stringent lawful requirements that a bank or mortgage company must meet before a foreclosure suit can be initiated and proceed.

First, the lending institution must enter into the court record, the original “Note” and the original “Mortgage” document as of the date the Complaint was filed.

The problem is that the lending institution does not have the originals anymore. Immediately after completing the closing, the lending institution sold the “Note” and the “Mortgage” to a group of investors and turned over the original “Note” and “Mortgage” to the investor group.

The original lending institution no longer has any capital at risk. Based on this requirement, the foreclosure suit cannot go forward. However, the revenue officer, the so-called judge counts on the abysmal ignorance of the Citizen losing their home and the judge proceeds to steal the property.

Another thing that is happening is this. The banks are using fraudulent securities. The banks enter copies of the note and mortgage that measure 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Pursuant to 18 USC, these full size copies are fraudulent securities. Copies can only measure 75% of the original or 150% of the original. This would clearly give notice that these are copies. However, the banks are entering 100% copies, these are fraudulent securities.

Second, the lending institution must file an affidavit of ownership, which clearly identifies the Plaintiff as the “Real Party in Interest” with all of the attending rights, title and interest in the “Mortgage”. When the lending institution sold the “Note” and the “Mortgage”, they stopped being the “Real Party in Interest”. Hence, the lending institution has no “Standing” to sue on the property.

New Mexico does not even have any mortgage foreclosure statutes, so all of the mortgage foreclosures in New Mexico are conducted under the Rules of Civil Prodecure.  READ that again, no mortgage foreclosure statutes in New Mexico.  The whole mortgage foreclosure business in New Mexico is conducted under the Rules of Plunder of War, the spoils of War, Prize and Booty.

Third, “Standing” is an absolute pre-requisite to filing a lawsuit. There are are three lawful requirements for “Standing”.

  1. Injury in fact-not a hypothetical injury.
  2. Causality-that the actions of the borrower created the injury in fact.
  3. Redressability-that the judgment will make the injured party whole.

Three things can be proven beyond a doubt:

1) There is no injury in fact to the bank or mortgage company.

2) There is no causality-the bank is the cause of the damage to the mortgagor.

3) There is no redress ability for the bank since it is the bank that caused the injury and damage to the mortgagor.

The revenue officer, the so-called judge, on the case will not require that his corporate buddies, the lending institutions, prove standing in the courtroom. Thus, without “Standing” the lawsuit cannot go forward.

Fourth, in order for a contract to be valid and binding, there must be “Consideration”. “Consideration” means “something of value”.

The Citizen borrowing Federal Reserve Notes, brings his real estate, “something of value”, to the table in exchange for worthless paper called Federal Reserve Notes.

So then, one must ask a few basic questions in regards to this transaction.

When the bank loaned the borrower Federal Reserve Notes, did the bank go to the vault and take Federal Reserve Notes on deposit and loan those to the borrower?

Ask any banker friend and he will tell you that “No”, they do not loan out their deposits.

So then, how are the Federal Reserve Notes “produced?”

The bank goes to their computer and by the use of their “magical, Hollywood wand,” and with a few keystrokes, they produce out of thin air, say $100,000.00 Federal Reserve Notes, to loan you.

This is where “Credit” comes from. One second before, these Federal Reserve Notes did not exist. Now, by magic, the bank has $100,000.00 worth of Federal Reserve Notes to lend you.

So if creating “something of value” out of thin air is real, then it is easy for me to convince you that the Easter Bunny lays different colored eggs once a year.

All mortgage contracts and notes are null and void for fraud; the bank never brought any “consideration” to the table.

Also, the contract is void for lack of disclosure which a violation of TILA, Truth in Lending Act.

In the following sentences you can take the red pill or the blue pill. You must choose.

If you decide to read the above article titled “Memorandum of Law-Bank Fraud”, you will discover that the banks, by federal law, are not allowed to lend their credit nor depositors money in the form of Federal Reserve Notes.  So the only thing the bank can loan you is your own money.  Good Reading.

There is a caveat here at this point. Before the bank or mortgage company creates “credit,” also known as Federal Reserve Notes, it needs to have on hand some collateral.

You signed two major documents at the “closing,” the “Note” and “Mortgage” or “Deed of Trust”.

Most Americans do not realize how valuable their signature on these documents are.

The Mortgage document serves as the collateral needed by the bank (from this line forward, when I say bank, I also mean mortgage company).

When you sign the “Note,” the bank turns it into “money” and deposits it into a special, secret account set up in your name, that is to say, an all capitals name “nom de guerre” also known as “The Enemy of the STATE”.

By the magic of “banking”, your signature is needed to “monetize” the “Note”. To the bank, the “Note” document is actual “money”.

If you don’t believe me, request a copy of your “Note” and “Mortgage/Deed of Trust”. Examine the Mortgage documents and you should be able to find a stamp on the document that says, “Pay to the Order of, without prejudice ABC Mortgage Company/ABC Bank.”

Now we just hit the mother Lode. Follow the money.

Under 18 USC, the “Note” becomes a negotiable instrument, also known as a “Security”. Hence, you, the borrower, by your signature, created a “Security” for the bank. Which in turn, the bank, converts into “money”.

Now here is where it gets fun. Now that the bank has “money” that it deposited into your secret, undisclosed account, it can loan you your own “money” back at interest.

The bank then must balance its books, so the bank writes a “hot check” against the “money” in your secret account to “pay off” your debtor. Then your bank demands that the bank receiving their “hot check” pay them back with Federal Reserve Notes. Now the bank turns to you and says, “Now that we loaned this money, you owe us for the next thirty years”.

The bank very conveniently ignores the “money” that you created by your signature and then they deposit that “money” into a secret, undisclosed account.

By the fact that you abandoned this secret account, the bank considers this “money” a gift from you.

See, under the law, you cannot reclaim a gift that you made. Of course, the bank defrauded you when they took the “money” that you knew nothing about. Wow! What a system!

However, the “money deposited into your secret, undisclosed bank account”, is still there.

The bank considers this secret, undisclosed account abandoned. Thus, they lay claim to this “money”.

However, this theft of your property is a second degree felony called “Conversion of property”.

However, the banking system has little to fear, because we as Americans have been dumbed down to the point of illiteracy by our indoctrination system. Oops, did I say indoctrination; I meant to say “education”.

Here is the crux of the above three paragraphs.  You, the mortgagor are a depositor and the bank owes you the amount of money of the Note.

How is that for fraud.  You should be suing the bank for fraud and extortion.  The bank counts on the stupidity of the American people and gets to steal homes at their leisure.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole a little more.

When the bank deposits your “Note money” into your special, secret account, you owned your home free and clear. The bank neglects to inform you of this little tidbit of information. Pretty convenient and self serving isn’t it?

I believe that it was Henry Ford that said, “If the American people understood the banking, monetary system, they would hang us by morning”.

You would think that the bank would be satisfied with this transaction. After all, it has risked nothing, got your home for free and enslaved you for the next thirty years.

No sir! The bank knows no limit on their avarice and greed. The bank lusts for your property and money in a satanic and demonic machination.

The bank then turns around and sells your “Mortgage” to Wall Street through groups of investors, for full value. Now this is coming to full fruition. The bank has now gotten paid twice on your signature on the “Note” document.

Now class, pay attention. This will be on your test of Life.

1. You created the “credit” for the bank, which the bank treated as “Money”

2. The bank monetized the “Note” document through your signature

3. The “Note” document is a negotiable instrument

4. The “Note” document is a “Security” under 18 USC

5. This “Note money” is deposited into a secret, undisclosed account at the bank in YOUR NAME.

6. The bank turns around and writes a “hot check” against this “Note  money” to pay off your debtor.

7. The bank demands and is paid by the receiving bank in Federal Reserve Notes.

8. The bank considers the “Note money” in your secret, undisclosed bank account, abandoned, and lays claim to it.

9. Thus the bank steals your money in your secret, undisclosed account

10. The payments that you make into this secret account are also considered abandoned, and the bank lays claim to them.

11. The bank turns around and sells your “Note and Mortgage” to Wall Street investors, who in turn sell these as “Mortgage Backed Securities” back to the public.

12. The bank has risked nothing in this entire transaction

13. You, the borrower, have voluntarily given your home or ranch to the bank for free.

14. You, the borrower, are enslaved for the next thirty years to the bank because of your own ignorance.  In the old Testament, in Isaiah and Hosea  it is stated, “My people are enslaved for    lack of knowledge.”

15. You, the mortgagor are in truth the depositor and the bank owes you the amount of the Note.

It has been said that “Truth is stranger than fiction”. This is a wet dream for the Federal Reserve Banking system.

The Federal Reserve Banking system is a SATANICALLY inspired system of SLAVERY AND DOMINATION of the productive people of America and the entire world.

The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) are bloodsucking parasites and leeches that have never worked a day in their miserable lives while destroying the productivity of the American people and the world.

The Federal Reserve Banking system is a RICO organization. RICO stands for racketeer influenced corruption organization.

Everything that a bank does is fraud, extortion, wire fraud, mail fraud, the list of crimes is endless. But then, it is nice to have friends, in the form of treacherous senators and representatives, in high places, who are passing “legislation” to protect the Federal Reserve.

Fifth, I saved the best for last. In the first paragraph of this article it was established that this Constitution for the united states of America is the Supreme Law of the Land. Any statute or law out of harmony with this Constitution is null and void from the beginning. Any court decision that is out of harmony with this Constitution is null and void.

The Bill of Rights clarified for the government, that the rights enumerated therein, are God-given rights, not rights given to men by other men or governments, and that these rights are Sacred and untouchable.

They cannot be removed or abrogated by any government or any man or any corporation, under any circumstance.

The Fourth Amendment guarantees the right of the People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.

The Fifth Amendment guarantees that a Citizen accused of a crime cannot be deprived of his three most sacred possessions, life, liberty and property without a trial by jury.

The Seventh Amendment guarantees the right of trial by jury in any controversy where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars.

Here is where it gets tricky. A “dollar” is defined as “a gold or silver coin” of a specific weight.

Federal Reserve Notes are paper created out of thin air with no value whatsoever.

Federal Reserve Notes have been denominated in increments of “dollars”, to make them appear to be dollars, but cannot by law, be dollars.

Federal Reserve Notes have been decreed to be “legal tender” by the corporation known as the United States.

“We the People” have been tricked into accepting Federal Reserve Notes as “money”.

Here is the caveat, since Federal Reserve Notes are not, and cannot, ever be dollars, in any matter dealing with Federal Reserve Notes, no American Citizen gets a trial by jury.

The judges and the “liaryers” (aka lawyers) of the United States are the secret, Gestapo police for the banks, doing the will of the banks.

Keep in mind, a judge sits on the “bench”. In French, bench is “banc”, which also means bank.

So a judge sits in for the bank, and protects the banks’ interests.

Going through three years of law school is simply a hypocritical farce that fools only the greatest fools in the world, the American sheeple.

Again, back to the mortgage fiasco. When the revenue officer, the so-called judge, on the case, does not provide the borrower being sued, the protection of the Fourth, the Fifth and the Seventh Amendments, he knows that he is not adjudicating law, but simply acting as a revenue officer protecting and enhancing the revenue of the corporate, United States.

In fact, he can ignore all requests by the Defendant for a trial by jury because he knows the Citizen being sued has no idea of what jurisdiction he is being sued in.

In this particular case, the Defendant in a mortgage action is being sued in Admiralty/Maritime court, also known as the “Kings’ Court” with privileges granted to him/her by the King.

When the revenue officer, the so-called judge, issues a judgment against the borrower for defaulting on the “Note” and “Mortgage” without a “Trial by Jury”, he knows that he has betrayed the confidence of the American people, but he is doing the will of his master, the corporate United States.

His betrayal of the American People is not legally Treason.

Treason can only occur if he goes against his master, the corporate United States.

The so-called judge is simply being a good “Nazi”, just following orders.

However, the revenue officer, the so-called judge, also knows that he is violating the protections of the Fourth, the Fifth, and the Seventh Amendments afforded to the American Citizen.

In New Mexico even under the military rule of General Kearney during the 1850s, the right of a trial by jury in all matters dealing with life, liberty and property remained protected by military law.

Subsequently, during the time that New Mexico was a territory, for about 60 years, the right of trial by jury was preserved to all Citizens.

When New Mexico became a state in 1912, in article II, section 12, the right of trial by jury was guaranteed to remain inviolate as it had heretofore existed.

Thus the New Mexico Constitution deferred to the Supremacy of the pre-existing condition as stated in the Organic Act establishing the Territory of New Mexico.

So then, the banks, the judges and the lawyers are the new “Mafia”, extorting and defrauding the American Citizenry for lucre, due to our abysmal legal ignorance.

The banks, the judges and the “liaryers” are the modern day “Ghengis Khan”, raping, pillaging and plundering the landscape simply because they can.

Fact is, most of us are “legal idiots”. This is by design and with the specific purpose to keep us enslaved to the “Legal system and its “Liaryers.”

Most “liaryers” and judges have sold out their birthright as Americans for “thirty pieces of silver”, or more specifically, for a few hundred worthless, Federal Reserve Notes.

Judges are no more than ambulance chasing “liaryers” who put on a little black dress and love to be called “Your Honor” by their ass-kissing fans, the “liaryers.”

A prime example of the psychopathic arrogance that this ambulance chasing group of men engage in, is the fact that in order to cover up their own crimes, these so-called judges have given themselves “judicial immunity”.

Don’t believe me, when is the last time you tried to sue a “judge”?

However, “We the People” live under “this Constitution for the united States of America” and thus have the protections of the Fourth, the Fifth, and the Seventh Amendments in all matters dealing with life, liberty and property.

My analysis: The healthiest thing for this country would be for all homeowners to stop paying their mortgages immediately.

Stop paying all credit card debt, stop paying your so called Federal “Income Tax”, stop paying your State “income tax” and finally stop paying your property taxes.

This would accomplish the following objectives:

1. This would stop the humiliation of the American Citizens.

2. This would stop the physical and psychological displacement of the American Citizens.

3. This would stop the grotesquely, immoral ransacking against the American Citizens that the banks are committing.

4. The banks would be forced to return to “honest banking” and return the owership of homes and ranches to the rightful owners, the American Citizens.

5. Every homeowner would own their home clear and free for the first time since 1933.

6. The banks would be forced to stop all of their fraudulent activities that have enslaved the American Citizens for the last 77 years.

7. The economy would rebound to its healthiest level in 100 years. This would be true economic development.

8. This would effectively break the Federal Reserve Beast.

9. Let the American People be the first to starve the “Mammon” Beast known as the Federal Reserve Bank.

I encourage every American homeowner with a mortgage on their home to engage in an act of Civil Disobedience by refusing to make any more payments to the criminal banks.

This act alone would destroy the Federal Banking System, the stated goal of Ron Paul.

This is where I will declare a Moratorium on all Mortgage Foreclosure lawsuits and evictions until the banks and mortgage companies meet all five stringent lawful requirements as stated above.

No family will be evicted from their home or family homestead, as a result of a mortgage foreclosure suit, without a trial by jury and meeting the other four lawful requirements.

When the Citizens of San Miguel County elect me as their next Sheriff, before any Citizen in San Miguel loses their homestead unlawfully and unconstitutionally, I swear on the Altar of Almighty God, I will arrest the presiding judge on the case and the Special Master assigned to sell the property.

– Rico S. Giron, Future Sheriff of San Miguel County


This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

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