[VIDEO] Who is Barry Soetoro?…


Check out this pot smoking “Traitor-in-Chief” wannabe gangster lying fraud of a president in his earlier years; and this is the guy who wants to disarm us…

Listen to this interview with Mia Pope, a former classmate of Barack Obama (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro) in Hawaii, as she talks about his former life as a Gay, Cocaine-Smoking, hustler and male prostitute:

And you want to know why this guy has spent literally over 1.4 million dollars in attorney fees to hide his personal records, from those years?

“Most Americans don’t realize we have elected a president whom we know very little about.”

How is it that Obama’s Social Security number is 042-68-4425 and was issued by Connecticut, a state that he has never lived in? In fact, that number was actually originally issued to a one Harry Bounel, who was born in 1890!

How is it that this president, who campaigned for a more “open government” and “full disclosure” will not unseal his medical records, his school records, his birth records or his passport records.

He will not release his Harvard records, his Columbia College records, or his Occidental College records—he will not even release his Columbia College thesis.

All his legislative records from the Illinois State Senate are missing and he claims his scheduling records during those State Senate years are lost as well.

In addition, no one can find his school records for the elite K-12 college prep school, Punahou School, he attended in Hawaii.

Read more: http://www.westernjournalism.com/exclusive-investigative-reports/the-mystery-of-barack-obama-continues/

Ask yourself how is it that this man, who could not even pass the background security vetting process to get a job as a dishwasher or a cook in the White House, was able to bamboozle his way into the White House and become president?

The answer is that he couldn’t, not without the full cooperation of a corrupt Congress, which at the time was headed by Nancy Pelosi (former Speaker of the House), who was responsible for vetting him.

Just like George W. Bush, before him, as a Yale University “Skull and Bones” fraternity brother, even so Barry Soetoro, from his college years, was groomed to become the president of the Washington D.C. Corporation.

America you need to wake up, because we literally have criminals and traitors at the helm of this country, and they exist on both sides of the aisle, among Republicans and Democrats.

Every corporation on the planet has both shareholders and a Board of Directors, and the Washington D.C. Corporation is no different.

It is the Rothchild and Vatican International Bankster Cartel, who have been the puppet masters behind the D.C. Corporation, since before 1871, and they have over the years corrupted our entire political system, the media and a good many of our politicians, with one ultimate purpose in mind, and that is the establishment of a “New World Order.”


Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior

Ps 150:6
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!

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