Being healed and set free from the sins of our past…


“People will admire you for your success, but they will relate to you because of your pain.”

Anyone who has been abused, emotionally, sexually or physically, as a child, will relate to this video and this testimony…

The Victor Marx Story – When Impossible Is The Only Way Out

“Growing up, I suffered abuse.

I was left in a cooler to die at 5 years old. I was molested. I was tortured by a sadistic stepfather. His methods included suffocating, electrocution, drowning, sleep deprivation and extreme physical pain.

One time he held me under water, and I awoke to him breathing in my mouth to resuscitate me. He looked at me and said, ‘Boy, I am the one who gives you life—don’t ever forget it.’

I started drugs in sixth grade. I attended 14 schools, lived in 17 houses. My grandfather killed his wife and shot himself in public. My mom was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. By the time I was in eighth grade she had married four men.

I never got help as a kid; I was taught to just move forward.

At 18, I joined the Marines to get away. While in the corps I received a letter from my biological dad. He said, I know I was never there for you as a father, and I know you think I am crazy—he’d spent time in a mental hospital for homicidal tendencies—but he said, I’m crazy for Jesus Christ.

The letter was very compelling. I flew to visit him. He invited me to go to church, and I heard a very simple gospel message that changed my life .”

In adulthood, Victor Marx was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness; but, instead of remaining a victim, chained to his horrible past, he embraced new life and hope through Jesus Christ.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, as an adult, unless you have been healed and delivered – by the Lord Jesus Christ – from your past childhood traumas, then that traumatized child is still there, very much alive, living inside of you today.

All those emotional scars, from your past, are still there and when under pressure they will manifest and erupt in your life through unforgiveness, bitterness and fear, which become footholds and strongholds of the enemy (Satan) in your life (Eph 4:26-27), in order that he might further torment you and make your life miserable.

Whether you will admit it or recognize it, all of these negative emotions are still affecting all of your horizontal relationships, with those around you, including your family; and it will remain that way until you are willing to confront all those demons and the fears from your past, acknowledge them and repent before the Lord, and then be set free.

You see what happens today, as an adult, when somebody touches those areas of your life that are still sensitive, there is inveritably an emotional eruption and outburst of anger, and it is that eruption of anger and all the past history that caused it, that God, if you let Him, will heal you of.

And the way you can know that you are free is the same way that you know when you have been healed from an old physical wound.

Many of us today are carrying in our bodies scars from injuries that we have received in the past, that were very painful when they happened, but today all we have is that scar; and even though the memory traces are still there, there is no longer any pain associated with it.

Likewise when you can see your past in that same way, and have someone touch those emotional triggers and find there is no longer any pain associated with them, it is then and only then that you will know that you are healed.

The first step is to be honest with yourself and then to be honest with God.

We have to be willing to admit that we have a problem and that we can’t heal ourselves.

We then have to be willing to admit and confess our faults, and
then through repentance, which means to change the way we think, we allow the Holy Spirit to come in through the washing of God’s Word and rewrite the corrupt programming of our past.

The truth is Jesus Christ is the ONLY one who has the power to change your life and make all things new!


Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior

Ps 150:6
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!

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