Looking Behind the “Matrix”


Bankster fraud is being exposed…

BREAKING NEWS: Bankers Arrested In Iceland, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, India, France, Russia, Austria:

Praise the Lord!

If this is true, then this is another answer to prayer, because these Banksters, and I’m talking about the ones at the very top, starting with the Rothschilds and Vatican Bank, through their central-bank ponzi scheme and worthless fiat currency, have been ripping us off, here in America, for over 150 years (and longer in Europe).

America’s history:

How this corrupt “Central Bank” banking system works:

Who it’s in control:

Who are the Rothschilds:

These Banksters have been in control of this de facto United States Corporation for over 144 years, and have been using both Democrats and Republicans, who are bought and paid for, in order to bring about their “New World Order,” a fascist controlled (Antichrist) – One World Government – that is spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

I personally believe “Plan A” was Satan’s attempt to make this happen through the European Union and the D.C. CORPORATION, but God said “NO,” which I believe is happening in no small part to our prayers and the ongoing repentance of Christians in America (as per 2 Chronicles 7:14); and so now the “Turkey” (Satan) is begin forced to move over to “Plan B,” which is to have his dastardly NWO plan unfold in the middle east, as the Bible indicated all along it was going to happen.

We are told in the Bible that when Jesus returns there will be both “sheep nations” and “goat nations” (see Mat 25:31-46); and it will be the sheep nations who are battling against the Antichrist.

Question: who are these sheep nations,  who we read are battling against him in the last days – nations who would not bow to his authority?

Here’s another perspective to consider:

I pray this is a sign that this rein of corruption, at least in Europe and America, is unraveling, and that these criminals are being exposed.

This de facto and unconstitutional Washington D.C. Corporation, with the Bankster puppet masters who control it, has to end, and our already reinhabited du jure (lawful) Republic reinstated to power, before we can have our Constitutional Law restored.

Republic for the united states of America website:


May God help the American people to wake up, finally, to what is going on, and the absolute corruption that comes out of Washington D.C., of which the Bush family, the Clintons and Obama are only the tip of the iceberg!

Keep praying!



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This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

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