What’s going on with with Kim Jong Un?

Amos 3:7 tells us that, “Certainly the Sovereign Lord does NOTHING without first revealing His plan to His servants the prophets”…

So what is going on with Kim Jong Un, in North Korea?

Ever since Donald Trump began to surge forth as a candidate in 2016, Christians have been pointing to the book of Isaiah and comparing Donald Trump with the ancient Persian king Cyrus, whom God had named 150 years before he was born, and call him his servant.

Isaiah 44:28
Who says of Cyrus, ‘He is My servant,
And he shall perform all My pleasure,
Saying to Jerusalem, “You shall be built,”
And to the temple, “Your foundation shall be laid.” ’

There have been several modern day prophets, on the subject of Donald Trump, who have claimed that God has revealed to them that He will use Donald Trump for the good of America, just as He used Cyrus for the good of the Jewish people.

Long before Donald Trump was even on the radar to become president, Kim Clement had already prophecied his election to office.

From 2007 to 2014 a series of prophecies were given by Kim Clement.

When Clement first named that Donald Trump would be President in 2007, it was a little hard to take seriously.

Trump was on no one’s radar. He was just a real estate mogul and reality tv star.

Although he had been in the public eye his entire career, and at various times flirted with the idea of running for the office, no one really took it seriously.

Over the course of seven years, Kim Clement made 7 major prophecies about Trump. Six of which have already come to pass.
They are as follows:

1. Donald Trump by name
2. his hot blooded nature
3. the mockery of mainstream media
4. Impeachment
5. Trump’s desire to protect America
6. Trump’s successful economy

All six of these prophecies are powerful on their own, but when combined, they demand to be noticed.

They could have been about any person or six separate individuals, but Clement specifically gave these prophecies concerning Donald Trump.

The seventh prophetic point that is yet to come to pass is

7. Trumps second term.

America is now at a crossroads of decision, in that God, through this modern day “Cyrus” – Donald Trump, is given our nation an opportunity to repent.

This is all happening as our world is fast approaching this event on the prophetic stage, as the second coming of our Lord approaches:

Revelation 11:15
Then the seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and loud voices called out in heaven: “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, and He will reign forever and ever.”

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