Just give me JESUS…

The time is NOW, the place is WHEREVER YOU ARE…

Just give me JESUS!

Isaiah 55:1-7
New Century Version (NCV)

God Gives What Is Good
1 The Lord says, “All you who are thirsty,
come and drink.
Those of you who do not have money,
come, buy and eat!

Come buy wine and milk
without money and without cost.

2 Why spend your money on something that is not real food?
Why work for something that doesn’t really satisfy you?

Listen closely to me, and you will eat what is good;
your soul will enjoy the rich food that satisfies.

3 Come to me and listen;
listen to me so you may live.

I will make an agreement with you that will last forever.
I will give you the blessings I promised to David.

4 I made David a witness of my power for all nations,
a ruler and commander of many nations.

5 You will call for nations that you don’t yet know.
And these nations that do not know you will run to you
because of the Lord your God,
because of the Holy One of Israel who honors you.”

6 So you should look for the Lord before it is too late;
you should call to him while he is near.

7 The wicked should stop doing wrong,
and they should stop their evil thoughts.

They should return to the Lord so he may have mercy on them.
They should come to our God, because he will freely forgive them.

God’s Word to you today…

The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled
by Jonathan Cahn

“Now,” he said. “Never another time. Never tomorrow.

You can only come to Him when the time is now. No other time is real. So the only one who can come is you . . . the only place is here . . . and the only time is now.

“And so the voice of God would now call to the one who is here and now and to each one who would hear His voice wherever and whenever they are . . . The voice of God would say to you this . . . I have known you from the beginning, from before you took your first step, before you breathed your first breath, before you were even conceived.

I have seen all your tears and have known all your sorrows and wounds and pains, all your longings and hopes, all your fears, your dreams and heartbreaks, your burdens and weariness, your times of asking Me why, your cries of loneliness and emptiness, your times of separation, your mourning for what was lost, your weaknesses and failings, your wanderings, your sins and shame . . . And I have still loved you with an everlasting love . . . And now I call you to leave the darkness and all that is passed and all that I never willed or purposed for your life . . . that the days of your separation would come to an end. It is time now to return. It is time to come home . . . to enter the inheritance of blessing you never knew but were born to enter. It is time for your Jubilee.

Come to Me. And I will not turn you away but will receive you. And I will wipe away all your tears. I will forgive all your sins. I will heal all your wounds. And I will turn all your sorrows into joy.

And you will forget your days of darkness and wandering, the days of your separation.

And I will make all things new. And I will bring you into a land where the crippled walk, where deserts bloom, where the blind see, where the defiled become pure, and where that which was lost is found again.

I will bring you to a place you have never known and yet have always longed to be, to your Promised Land.

And I will never leave you. And you will never again know what it is to be lost. For in that day, you will have come home. You will be Mine, and I will be yours . . . forever.”

“He didn’t say a word after that. Nor did I. I couldn’t. It was enough to just take it all in.

And there was nothing I could think of to say that wouldn’t have sounded inappropriate or inadequate in the wake of what had been spoken.

There was nothing else to say. “So we just sat there in silence as the wind swept over the mountaintop and as the light of the rising sun broke through the cloud beneath us.”

(from The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled – pages 269 – 270)

Come join the Adventure!

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