The Battle belongs to the Lord…

Getting our mind on right every morning…

Learning to prepare for the battle ahead like a soldier of GOD.

2 Timothy 2:4-7
The Voice (VOICE)

4 Remember that soldiers on active duty don’t get wrapped up in civilian matters because they want to satisfy those who recruited them.

5 Look at it another way: if someone competes as an athlete, he won’t win the race and be crowned with the wreath if he breaks the rules.

6 And the farmer who exhausts himself in the field should be the first to taste his harvest.

7 Think about what I am telling you, and let the Lord give you clarity on all of it.

Saturday, February 27
The Spirit Filled Believer

The Tried Tested & Seasoned Veteran
by Dick Mills

“Let not the one who puts on his armor boast like the one who takes it off.”
— 1 Kings 20:11

The one who takes his armor off is the tried, tested, seasoned veteran who has been in battle and lived to tell about it.

He has learned to survive. He understands his opponent. He knows the stratagems, designs, ruses, and cunning of the enemy.

He has also found from his battle experiences that as tough as his adversary may be, he is vulnerable and can be defeated.

The one taking off the armor has a victory to report.

He has earned the respect of his fellow soldiers by helping the cause of truth to gain new footholds and win new ground.

He could write the manual of fighting and winning.

He also keeps the victory in right perspective. He knows all triumph is a result of teamwork.

A true hero wisely recognizes that victory is always the fruit of combined effort. He takes the armor off as a real winner, humbly grateful to be alive.

The one who puts on the armor (for the time) is a rookie. Inexperienced, untested, unproven, full of enthusiasm, and even a little conceited:

“Let me at ’em; just wait till I get into combat, I’ll show ’em a thing or two.”

These are invariably the words of the one putting on the armor.

Such bravado is rarely heard issuing from the mouth of the veteran. It is typical of the untried youth full of his own eagerness and supposed prowess.

Soon enough his boasting will be replaced by a more sober, mature viewpoint. The one NK takes off the armor has a different attitude from the one who puts it on.

Source: The Spirit-Filled Believer’s Daily Devotional by Dick Mills

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