The power of agreement, through intercessory prayer…

The following message highlights the importance of our learning to pray from God’s perspective and what He is wanting to accomplish…

This is very important, especially as we consider the magnitude of the Demonic evil that has entered into our nation, going back over 150 years (these problems didn’t just start yesterday), in how many Christians during that time abdicated their responsibility to maintain our de jure (lawfull) government, as a Constitutional Republic; and how Satan came in and illegally filled that void with his forces, to compromise, corrupt and took over the politics, our public education system, the colleges and universities of our nation, and the media, with its anti-God humanistic/progressive message, all of which has served to program the American populace and our children into drinking the Kool-aid and accepting and not questioning this fickle – changes with the weather – political correctness nonsense that seems to run our society’s morals today.

Then when you consider the unspeakable and horrendous crimes that have been perpetrated upon the most defenseless of our society (namely our children, both born and unborn) I believe this message below is important, because it gives us some spiritual insight into how we should be praying, from God’s perspective.

by Wanda Alger

In this latest dream, the Lord is highlighting a certain group of people that do not have the capacity to receive some hard truths.

They think they don’t care, but in fact, they are so sensitive to the suffering of others, they don’t know how to handle some of the horrendous crimes being enacted against humanity.

The Lord is telling us to pray for them so that our collective faith will be strong enough to move forward.

What we need most right now is a paradigm shift in our spiritual atmosphere over this nation.

We need to see a grassroots Spiritual Awakening and repentance among the general populace of our nation; and we need to see Revival in the churches across our nation.

Come join the Adventure (starting on our knees) and let’s take back our country!

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This is an open forum where we look into and investigate the Rhema Mysteries of God's Word; and also other issues of importance for our day and time.

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