The Lord reigns over His creation…

And He reigns also over each one of our lives…

Read Psalm 33

This psalm of declarative praise calls the godly to praise the LORD for His dependable Word and His righteous works, specifically His creative activities in nature and human history.

The psalmist also assured the readers that He will be faithful to those who trust in Him.

“If the purest form of a hymn is praise to God for what He is and does, this is a fine example.

The body of the psalm is occupied with the LORD as Creator, Sovereign, Judge and Saviour, while the beginning and end express two elements of worship: an offering of praise, doing honour to so great a King, and a declaration of trust, made in humble expectation.”

The Hebrew text does not identify the writer of this psalm, though the Septuagint translators believed he was David.

Perhaps they concluded this because other psalms that David composed surround this one (cf. Ps. 72:20).

The occasion of writing appears to have been a national victory.

A person’s words are measured by the quality of his or her character.

If your friends trust what you say, it is because they trust you.

If you trust what God says, it is because you trust Him to be the God He claims to be.

If you doubt His words, you doubt the integrity of God Himself.

If you believe God is truly God, then believe what He says in His Word!

The Bible is reliable because, unlike people, God does not lie, forget, change His words, or leave His promises unfulfilled.

We can trust the Bible because it contains the words of a holy, trustworthy, and unchangeable God.

Psalm 33 contains a poetic summary of the creation story found in the first chapter of Genesis.

God is not just the coordinator of natural forces; He is the Lord of creation, the almighty God.

Because He is all-powerful, we should revere Him in all we do.

“The LORD’s plans stand firm forever.”

Are you frustrated by inconsistencies you see in others, or even in yourself?

God is completely trustworthy—His intentions never change.

The Bible promises that good and perfect gifts come to us from the Creator who never changes (James 1:17).

When you wonder if there is anyone you can trust, remember that God is completely consistent.

Let Him counsel you, and then rely on His plans for your life (see Jer 29:11).

Selah (let us pause and calmly think about these things)

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