God Still Speaks to us in dreams , even today…

God gives His beloved sleep…

Solomon instructs that God must build and bless the house and city,
and that any activity attempted without the Lord is launched in vain.

Psalm 127:1-2
A song of Solomon for those journeying to worship.

[Psalm 127 is attributed to Solomon, underscoring the futility of human endeavor apart from God. It is similar in tone and theme to other wisdom literature.]

1 Unless the Lord builds a house,
its builders labor over it in vain;
unless the Lord watches over a city,
the watchman stays alert in vain.

2 In vain you get up early and stay up late,
working hard to have enough food—
yes, he gives sleep to the one he loves.

Job 33:15-17

15 In a dream, in a vision of the night,
When deep sleep falls upon men,
While slumbering on their beds,

16 Then He opens the ears of men,
And seals their instruction.

17 In order to turn man from his deed,
And conceal pride from man,

How God Programs Your Mind While You Sleep!

God speaking:
“I do not waste the time I have given my children upon this earthly realm.”

Please note, this article will be prophetic in nature, yet will require your physical activation to manifest the results in your life.

If applied with faith and a conscious awareness, I truly believe it can be one of the greatest assets in your spiritual walk.

As I approached my bedside table to lay my phone on the wireless charging mat, I noticed a little red notification light.

After picking the phone up again, I tapped the notification.

“Your system will be updated tonight at midnight.”

Imagine what it would be like to approach your sleep with a positive sense of anticipation.

You look forward to enjoying God’s Presence in the night hours.

You feel safe, at peace, and secure.

You believe that God will impart to you Divine blueprints, strategies and creative ideas as you sleep.

You anticipate encountering the Holy Spirit through prophetic dreams and songs in the night.

You know that you will wake up rested to begin your new day with God.

So I rested the phone back on the charger, and could only imagine that somewhere in silicon valley, a group of programmers had developed a series of code that would be sent to my phone and without me understanding ANY of it – the device will work better and will work in synchronicity with all of the apps I have installed, as well as the other telephones in the world.

The CODE – the update, is the key to turning this glob of metal and glass into the powerful machine that it is.

But, only if the phone is UPDATED.

When a man sleeps the Lord seals instruction.

The Lord does not waste time, and while we are sleeping He redeems that time for us to be instructed and protected.

The Lord does not only instruct – He seals – which means He implants the teaching in protection.

Why? To protect you from your own pride, your own deeds, and to protect you from the pit.

Why in the night?

Allow me to explain the extraordinary way that the mind works and how wonderful God is in that creation.

Now, there are a number of reasons that the Lord speaks in the night during our rest, I am going to cover just one reason I believe he chose this method.

When you are faced with any instruction or insight in the world, from a conscious place of awareness, your mind will often negate or distort the thought.

Negate means to remove the thought – to dismiss the thought.

To distort a thought, is to simply change the instruction or idea to make it ‘fit’ within your normal range of belief.

Now, understand the distortion or negation occurs within fractions of a second on an unconscious level.

We hear the truth many times throughout our day, yet our mind will quickly distort the thought, or simply ignore/delete the idea.

Yet, when a thought enters the unconscious mind, it bypasses the conscious awareness filters, and allows the instruction from God to be accepted and activated in our life!

Now without going into a deep teaching on neurology, I simply want you to understand that when asleep we receive information without conscious filters.

This is why many of your dreams seem as though they are real life, and you can even wake up excited, scared, or angry at someone because of a dream.

We see in scripture many times that an angel would come and instruct, while the person was asleep… This is one way God chooses to seal up instruction in our mind.

However, many times, in fact most of the time, He will not send a blazing angel before you in your dreams.

Often it will be symbolism, emotions, and yes even those dreams that you do not remember.

This prevents our conscious filter from distorting or negating the important instructions!

I truly believe that most of the time the instruction is not even in a dream that you will remember, but just as a phone can be updated by code throughout the evening, I believe the Lord speaks into our mind and aligns our walk with His.

What if you could wake up in the morning, with absolute conviction that the Lord has sealed up instruction, and that you would begin to walk in the will of God, not as a robot… but as one who has surrendered to the instruction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

I ask you to take time today and read Job 33, and then as you rest this evening, pray that the Lord would give you instruction in the night… This is a place of surrender that allows the Holy Spirit to form and transform your life!

I would like to say that since I began to actively pray this, that is the activation, I have had many prophetic dreams and insights.

More importantly I believe there is a much deeper level of instruction in guidance that I may never consciously be aware of, but I trust my creator to re-create and transform my life.

“Lord, I surrender my mind in the night as well as the day, and I ask you to seal up instruction and guidance as I sleep.

Open the realms of prophetic insight and align my mind and my daily walk with your Kingdom and the purpose you hold for my life.

I surrender to your perfect will and divine instruction in Jesus’ holy name.”

(Written by Wayne Sutton – a prophetic counselor)

SELAH (let us pause and calmly think about these things)

Come join the Adventure!

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