The Savior came to be born of man, and yet there was no room for Him at the Inn…

Gospel of Luke Chapter 2:1-21…

The Savior’s Earthly Birth…

God works through history-making governments and anonymous people like shepherds to accomplish His saving purposes.

Joseph, barely introduced in 1:27, enters center stage.

Taxation followed his lineage, so he obediently traveled the ninety miles to Bethlehem, David’s home, where the Scriptures said Messiah would be born (Mic. 5:2).

Finally, we see Joseph, too, can trace his family tree to David.

Joseph did not make the trip alone.

Mary, still only engaged, not married but pregnant, joined him.

Perhaps, she, too, like Syrian women over age 12, had to register for the census and pay taxes.

Luke surprises us with his next statement, just as the event must have surprised Mary and Joseph.

Jesus’ appearance time had come.

Simply, Luke reports, she gave birth to her firstborn, a son.

Following the practice of her day, Mary wrapped the baby in strips of cloth to keep his arms and legs straight.

Jesus’ first crib had usually served as a dining table for animals.

Where they had eaten, he now slept.

Why? Because all normal lodging places were full. Or perhaps because Joseph found a small one-room house with just enough room for him and his wife.

The only available space for the child was in the animal trough attached to the wall that their room shared with the animals’ quarters.

The promised king came to His people but did not have enough power to secure a resting place for His birth.

The descendants of David descended to a stable to find a place to lay the head of the King of kings.

This is how God used earth’s lowest to bring salvation from heaven’s highest.

Medley: No Room & Have You Any Room for Jesus?

SELAH (let us pause and calmly think about these things)

Saturday, December 17
Anchor Devotional


“And she gave birth to her firstborn a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”
— Luke 2:7

When Mary and Joseph entered into God’s plan, they likely didn’t think this would involve a 90-mile journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

And they certainly weren’t expecting there to be no room to physically give birth to the promised Christ child.

But here they were.

Though the Bible doesn’t mention an innkeeper, we have to figure that there was someone present who let Joseph and Mary know that there was no room at this inn.

And of all the travelers who came through that night, this ordinary couple is the one history would remember as they bore not just another Jewish baby, but the very Son of God.

We do learn from this character whose name and even whose presence are not expressly written into the Christmas story, this innkeeper we’ve imagined.

We learn that where we least expect to find God, He comes most fully.

He invades our lives; He goes where there is no room so we might find a home in Him.

The One who had no home is making a home for us (John 14:3).

The One who had no place to lay His head is our rest, our comfort, our joy.

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